While watching the dialogue on social media, it is interesting to see that the very people who told the grassroots that “the Austin bubble could easily swallow you up” … have been swallowed up.

To those elected and the staffers working so hard to defend the 86th Legislative Session: Stop for a minute, and realize it is you against the grassroots right now.

Other than your mom or your spouse, I have not heard any grassroots share the excitement you have in your votes—be it over Senate Bill 11, regarding mental health; House Bill 1, the budget which grew government spending; or doing the bare minimum with property tax relief in House Bill 3.

It is time for some reflection and a reality check. Wash that Austin out of your clothes and hair and start hearing, really hearing us again.

We are not happy with most of your votes. The sooner you accept that and quit arguing with us, the better. We have 2020 to figure out now. Are you going to help us or continue the mutual admiration society celebration?

We still love you guys and will move on from this (some sooner than others), but get a clue or it’s going to be more painful than it already has been.

Oh, but do not think the chastising of your votes is over. That will continue because we will continue feeling the consequences of them.

There is my tough love speech. Now, #Onward.

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Joel Starnes

Joel Starnes is the executive director and founder of the Organization for American Values and a co-owner of Campaign Engineering Strategies.


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