What a tragic day for Texas families.

While I am not at liberty to discuss due to the judge’s orders, here is what I can say about what transpired from my personal experience as a medically complex parent, advocate, and concerned citizen of the State of Texas.

These types of cases could be entirely preventable if the legislature did its job. It’s time to LISTEN TO THE PARENTS. Enough already.

Worse for me personally? Remember my impromptu testimony against the horrific “Munchausen by proxy” bill that got called for a hearing one random, late night? Well, it pretty much played out right before my eyes today, much as I predicted and outlined it could potentially do.

To say my heart is shattered is an understatement.

MY daughter could be the next victim. Your child could be the next victim of this run-amuck agency and government that believes their degree and book-knowledge outweigh and substitute YOUR first-hand experience, love, and judgment as a parent.

So much on my heart. My broken heart. So much to say.

I will close on this: the war for our children is real, and if you fit anywhere outside what is considered societal norms: watch out, they are coming for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Jackie Schlegel

Jackie Schlegel is the executive director of Texans For Vaccine Choice.


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