There is a decent chance that anyone graduating college with an education degree these days has been indoctrinated as a leftist. But as per usual at the University of North Texas, this has been taken to the extreme. UNT currently offers a pre-kindergarten program called the Center for Young Children (CYC), previously called the “UNT Child Development Laboratory.”

As the old name suggests, the program is a research lab. Parents can pay for their children to go to the CYC while they work, and UNT students watch over the kids. In other words, parents are paying for their childcare but are also subjecting their children to being used as guinea pigs in lab studies and training programs for UNT College of Education students.

A mother reached out to my organization, Protect Texas Kids, to tell us about her experience with the program. The mother said that her daughter was part of the program for a short period of time until she came home asking the meaning of “nonbinary.”

I looked into the curriculum section on the website and found that the program is heavily forcing far-left ideologies onto children as young as 3 years old. The CYC boasts that they are “anti-bias/anti-racism”, which is the newest, most woke version of critical race theory and teaches that there is an oppressor race and oppressed races, with a heavy focus on policing “microaggressions” and other forms of bias.

The CYC also focuses heavily on pushing gender ideology onto children. Many of the program instructors and student volunteers identify as something other than normal, meaning that the children are expected to refer to the college students as they/them and anything else that these adults demand. According to the mother who reached out to me, the instructors also have inappropriate conversations with the children and encourage them to talk about what gender they “feel” like.

What I found most concerning about the program is that these student instructors are about to become actual teachers around DFW and the rest of the state—and parents likely have no idea. These are the teachers who will convince their students that they are trans and that they should not trust their parents, as we’ve seen in recent times.

They will put up pride flags in their classrooms and try to sneak in explicit books to their class libraries. They will develop inappropriate relationships with students and groom them. We know this because it’s already happening, and it will only get worse as these teachers graduate and move on.

What can parents do to stop these types of teachers—from UNT and elsewhere—from teaching their kids?

Pay close attention to who is on a student’s list of teachers. Many parents blindly trust whomever the district hires, and they don’t understand that many new teachers have an agenda outside and are not focused on giving students a quality academic education. Parental involvement needs to be increased across the board, but paying attention to who is teaching is one of the most important things a parent can do; information such as where the teacher went to college, their teaching history, and the content of their social media accounts are great places to start.

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Kelly Neidert

Kelly is chairman of the University of North Texas chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas.