Last week, the Texas House unanimously adopted a package of resolutions – including one retroactively designating Feb. 14, 2023, as ‘LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce Day’ at the Texas Capitol.

Yesterday, we asked if readers think it is appropriate for the Texas Legislature to honor LGBTQ groups at the Capitol.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Texas is doing a great job of California-ing itself with LGBTQ Day. Republicans need to vote out their weak Republican representatives in the Primaries.” – Catherine Buschold

“It is probably just as appropriate to honor LGBTQ groups as it is to use the term ‘Honorable’ when addressing our elected representatives. Both demand it, neither deserves it. Honor is earned, not granted.” – Bill Parks

“Doesn’t the legislature have more important things to spend their time on?” – Nancy Burrus

“Once again, legislators listen to special interest groups instead of the MAJORITY of people in Texas!” – Priscilla Love

“What day will officially be named for Heterosexual Pride day?” – Matthew Thibeault

“Our world is sick and I may never understand how anyone with any amount of intelligence can openly agree with and promote inappropriate behavior. My heart grieves for children that will be harmed by adults promoting sickness as a way of life. I’m praying to our Lord and Savior for help.” – Phil Papick

“There’s absolutely NO reason to have a celebration of deviant sexual behavior.” – Dawn Martin

“Why should any group that is based solely on sexual preference be singled out to have a special day in their honor at our stat capital. That’s really no different than having a BD/SM day, or a swingers day, is it?” – Kent Kirby

“We need to quit celebrating people lifestyle choices. The rainbow jihad should not be celebrated by a state or a city in anyway.” – Heather Gill

“We can’t get property tax relief or border security but the Alphabet Mob gets help to spread the lie that their mental illness is now normal with a day pass from our Legislature?” – Rick Goncher

“Celebrating behavior that goes against God’s values is never wise!” – Patricia Vanderveen

“It is sad we have to answer such an absurd question.  Why would we observe perversion as something normal? They’re on their way to pushing pedophilia as normal! Sick and tortured minds that need help, not affirmation!” – Kent Parker

“No, we don’t need a Pervert Day in Texas. We already have that every day the Texas House is in session.” – Howard Benham

“The LBGTQ movement not only is against TEXAS VALUES, but it is an ABOMINATION to GOD.” – Jerry McCorkle

“Not only is it inappropriate for the Texas legislature to confer any honor whatsoever to any group with extreme disorders like LGBTQ, it is useless… It accomplishes nothing and is a ridiculous waste of time.“ – Charles Busby

“Heck, no! What the heck has happened to my Texas! I used to be so proud to call myself a Texan and lately I just feel ashamed. Lately, I’ve been wishing I lived in Florida; we need a Ron DeSantis!” – Kathy Villafuerte

“Just another glaring example of the enemy pushing their ‘lifestyle,’ or more accurately, their perversion on the citizens of this great state. Thanks to all the spineless Representatives who elected Dade Phelan…” – Ken Bintliff

“Don’t we already a mental illness awareness day? That should cover it.” – Bob Davis

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