For more than 20 years, illegal aliens living in Texas have been allowed to attend the state’s institutions of higher education and pay the “in-state” tuition rate. Legislation has been filed this year putting an end to that practice.

Yesterday, we asked readers if in-state tuition rates should be available only to citizens and legal residents.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“I came here on a student visa to attend college and my family paid out of state fees. Non-citizens should not be entitled to the benefits of American citizens.” – Deborah Causwell
“I had a bird feeder at our last house.  As long as it was full, we had birds.  When I came home after being gone 10 days, no birds.  It really is that simple.” – Rick Goncher
“Why should Americans keep rewarding illegal aliens who break our laws to enter, thereby sending the message that you don’t have to obey any of our laws, and we will help financially support and educate you… this is stupidity.” – Molly Smith
“I agree that illegal immigrants should not be eligible for in-state tuition, but the many high-achieving students that immigrate here legally and establish state residence by attending a Texas high school for three years should qualify for in-state tuition. Many of those will contribute to the Texas economy and become U.S. citizens as soon as possible. Any proposed legislation should be careful to distinguish between those two groups.” – David Armstrong
“Their very nomenclature ‘illegal alien’ pinpoints the reason the privilege of in-state tuition should be stopped. These people, no matter how gifted or intelligent, are not legally allowed to be here. Either we say ‘no’ or just give up trying to enforce our laws.” – Kathy Fisher
“When a country favors illegal aliens over its own citizens, it ceases to be a nation and will eventually become little more than a footnote in history.” – Bill Parks
“Abbott needs to get off the fence and be against all advantages given to illegal aliens, like Ron DeSantis has done.” – Kerry Caudle
“Why would taxpayers reward illegals except to aid them to be legal first? We have enough educated fools.” – Brent Shutt
“No, no, no. Illegals should have absolutely NO benefits of any kind.” – Janet Gustafson
“Tuition? Tuition? Are you kidding? These people should not even be in this country, much less allowed to attend school here. This is one of the goodies, the ‘alien magnets,’ that attract the invasion we are experiencing. Until we end all of the goodies, we should just shut up about illegal aliens being a ‘problem.’” – Jim Pikl
“It is just common sense to use tax dollars for citizens only… like it is common sense to have only Republicans as committee chairs. Has Texas become California?” – Virginia Platt
“When would it ever make sense that one could benefit from something they do not pay into? Stop treating me like an ATM, spend my tax dollars on Texans first.” – Steve Crevier
“Not only should we NOT be paying the tuition for illegals, we shouldn’t even allow them to be enrolled. They are taking away enrollment opportunities for actual citizens. As a parent of a high school student, will my child be denied an educational opportunity in the Texas colleges that my tax dollars support?” – Kelly McGuire
“If a citizen from Oklahoma is not allowed in-state tuition, why should an ILLEGAL immigrant from anywhere be eligible? And why should MY tax money pay for it?” – Steve Sullivan
“Easy answer: NO. Nothing for illegals! Why do you think they keep coming here and staying?!” – Reid Davidson
“Illegals should NOT be allowed in our public school system at all. ALL illegals caught in Texas should be in custody until they can be deported, no matter what their age or how they invaded our country.” – Gary Hunt
“If I lived in Mexico illegally, could I attend Mexican colleges at a discounted rate? Asking for a friend.” – Terry Fokas
“In-state tuition should be ONLY for Texas citizens – period. Our illustrious lawmakers have helped illegal immigration for years.” – Joe Kendrick
“The fact that illegals receive benefits, like in state tuition costs, is one reason, of many, that we have the crisis at the borders. Why would they pursue citizenship if they are already profiting from being here illegally? Texas should not be rewarding criminals! Why has this gone on so long with a Republican government?” – Cathy Blake

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