Following a nationally televised speech in which Joe Biden radically villainized his political opponents, liberal political commentators immediately began referring to it as a “wartime address.” We asked readers if they believe the left actually see themselves actually at war with the rest of America.

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“I do think they have declared war on the Constitution, morality, religion, and everything else that once made America an exception in the world.” – Lloyd Smith

“Better said is the deep state is and has been trying to destroy America. There is deep state on the right also.” – Melissa Oldham

“The left is definitely trying to destroy America as we know it, from within, so they can rebuild it as a socialist country.” – Cathy Blake

“Our nation is in great danger today unless we, by elections not actual war, put a stop to the left.” – Ken Hodges

“I don’t know how you could watch Biden’s last speech and come to ANY other conclusion.” – Melynda Caudle

“Biden’s speech sounded as if he was calling for a civil war between the far left democratic entities and the MAGA Republicans!! How else can one see this?” – Greg Burr

“The facts speak for themselves: there are attacks on every entity in our society.” – Gay Armstrong

“The Democrats/Marxists have moved their agenda into overdrive.  They have been emboldened and are trying to enact their radical agendas before the rest of America wakes up.” – Randy Hartman

“This is spiritual warfare. This is good against evil.” – Sharon Loveall

“The war by the Marxist elite began in the 60’s, intensified in the 70’s and 80’s, came to fruition in the 90’s, and here we are in a new century and they have gone for the jugular.  The fact that there is collusion with Big Tech, major corporations, the media, and all aspects of government means we have little recourse.  Their attack is on our founding, the Constitution, Christianity, the family, just about everything our country stands for.” – Carl Justice

“I do believe, based on the actions of the left, there is an effort to destroy America. The weaponization of the Federal government against citizens will only continue until patriots stand together and say ‘no more.’” – Pamela Millisor

“I have never heard a president of the US give a speech so filled with vitriol and hate in my 8 decades as an American.  We can’t say we didn’t see this coming.” – Alan Smith

“Sadly, the left appears to believe this unique country has had it all wrong for 245 years and that it’s time to get to the right way of running a country – all government control and two classes, elite and serf.” – Ellen Leyrer

“We’re currently in a cold war with the left but a flash point is all it would take for the war to go hot and that could happen almost anytime. I don’t expect that we will have a United States of America, five years from now.” – Matthew Thibeault

“They are trying to incite a civil war to call in martial law.” – Kim Moore

“The insanity of the unhinged left continues “regressively” with their motto of ‘Rule or Ruin.’” – Randy Miller

“Many want to believe that Democrats are still reasonable and believe in the Constitution as the founding generation did.  Unfortunately, they are wrong.” – Roger Taylor

“If the democrats are not at war with the rest of America, it certainly feels and looks that way.” – Joseph Hunt

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