This coming Sunday, daylight saving time will begin – which means “springing forward” clocks. The practice has come under criticism from a variety of perspectives. Yesterday, we asked readers if Texas should end the “spring forward / fall back” practice.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“This has never made sense. I heard the best description of this action as ‘if you cut a foot off the top of a blanket then sew it onto the bottom, you’ll have a longer blanket.’” – Greg Burr
“I voted ‘no’ on the survey because I think the reason it was established was a good one. … I’m not too busy, or lazy, to adjust my clocks.” – Dick DuVall
“I answered yes, but with a qualifier – only if we keep daylight savings year round! Nothing more depressing than getting off work and it being too dark to do anything!” – Jane Sellars
“Numerous studies have revealed that negative impacts to mental health accompany both ‘fall back’ and ‘spring forward’ clock adjustments in those who are more prone to generalized anxiety. I think we can all agree that generalized anxiety has greatly increased over the past 3 years, so continuing in this arcane, mostly agrarian cultural practice is not as relevant as it used to be. If governments were really in existence to benefit society, then eliminating this practice would arguably eliminate one widespread stressor in the day-to-day life of all Americans.” – John Kough
“There is no reason to switch between DST and ST. Let’s pick one and stick with it!  Injuries, car accidents, heart attacks, and sleep disturbances are all associated with time changes.  It’s time to let it go!” – Beth Kasper
“There is nothing worse than going to work when it’s dark and leaving when it’s dark. “ – Corey Mayo
“No matter whether we ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back,’ there are still only 24 hours in the day. The changing is beyond ridiculous. All it does is create havoc in peoples lives no matter how old they are.” – Debbie Lawson
“DST was a bad idea from the first, and it’s a bad idea now.” – Robert Chafin
“Daylight saving time forever, please! Winter is depressing with the earlier darkness.” – Fanchee Whitaker
“Just another Big Government ploy to jerk us back and forth. Pretty sure God knew what he was doing when he made sunrise and sunset.” – Reid Davidson
“God created time. Who are we to change it? Another example of legislatures thinking they know more than He does.” – Rowland Greenwade
“Daylight saving has always been a hoax on the American people.” – Roy Getting
“To continue this archaic practice is stupid. You can bet whatever the stated point of this abuse, it is a lie.” – Jane Kappes
“Daylight saving time is an idiotic product of the FDR administration, and only an idiot would think it has value. DST just disrupts people’s sleep cycles. Keep standard time.” – Thomas Bacon
“I prefer daylight saving time permanently!” – Bill Jerke
“The world moves 24/7; DST is irrelevant.” – Steve Cravier
“I vote to keep it the same. I wouldn’t want to keep golfers from enjoying their favorite pastime. When the government is messing with the time, they are leaving us alone in other areas.” – Danny Thompson 
“This ritual only benefits coffee shops during the week following the event in the spring.” – Arthur Potter
“With advanced technology, agricultural implements have GPS and sufficient lighting. Consequently, daylight saving time is no longer necessary or desired.” – Garry Ludwig
“If you want to start work in the dark, then get up an hour earlier. I have never seen any savings in energy with this time movement. Take Texas out of Daylight Saving Time.” – Lane Burgess

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