Legal critics say the Republican leadership of the Texas House is quietly allowing Democrats to move legislation that, in effect, would abolish the death penalty.

In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked readers if Texas should keep the death penalty or abolish it.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Keep the death penalty and clean out the death row.” – Lane Burgess
“From the lips of convicted serial killer Cecil Rinehart to my mother: ‘To me, killing a person is like stepping on a bug…The only thing people like me fear is the death penalty…’” – O. Machelle Morris
“Ironically, the real problem with abortion is our failure to apply due process to the unborn. On the other hand, there are so many – on the left and the right – today that don’t want to take away someone’s rights even after due process has been served. Many have been on death row for decades at taxpayers’ expense. How is that justice for anyone?” – Roger Taylor
“I voted to abolish the death penalty. I believe that it should be replaced with a life sentence. I believe in the sanctity of life. Period.” – Linda Edmondson
“If you are familiar with the Innocence Project, you will understand that there are a lot of people wrongly convicted.  Innocent people that are put to death by the State have no further recourse.  If it is found later on that they were indeed innocent, then it’s too late.  Death row is more expensive than housing them for life in prison.  If they are truly guilty, let them rot there. Killing them doesn’t change the fact that they will never leave, it just hastens the departure.” – Randall Woodman
“It’s ironic that the same people who want to abolish the death penalty believe that abortion is health care.” – Helen Herd
“Definitely keep the death penalty. To commit the crimes that warrant the death penalty, the person has to be mentally disturbed, in some capacity. So, if the DEMs (and RINOs) get their way, then they WILL effectively be abolishing the death penalty. I’m so tired of defense attorneys and the ‘justice’ system making and allowing excuses so people don’t have to face the consequences for their actions. Enough is enough. Hold people accountable for their crimes, and let God be the ultimate judge!” – Audrey Morris
“Harsh punishment including the death penalty shows the criminals that you will be accountable for your actions! There is no accountability right now!” – Kim Moore
“Not only should we keep the death penalty, we should use it more often and more expediently.” – Rod Dixon
“However effective it may or may not be, I feel the death penalty is our most effective deterrent to horrendous crimes in this state.  Texas should definitely keep the death penalty.  It saddens me that so many Republicans have sided with the other side on this proposed legislation.  It also saddens me to think that some people who have NO problem murdering an unborn child would celebrate saving murderers from the death penalty.” – David Barton
“The death penalty is the most effective deterrent criminals can understand! Otherwise, Texas turns into another useless state like California or New York!” – Priscilla Love
“Many studies have proven that the cost to taxpayers is about 3 times more for those with death penalty sentences versus those with life-in-prison sentences. So let’s save some money. Also, there are so many overzealous prosecutors that stake elections on getting results, hence falsely prosecuting innocent people just to get the win. Truthfully, how many people do we have to kill in the name of ‘justice’ so some criminal attorney or judge can keep their political post?” – Rhonda Rice
“There is a reason the death penalty is in effect: bad people do bad things and need to be removed from society so as not to do more harm to others.” – Mandy Kirkland
“If all men and women were angels, there would be no need for a death penalty… Sadly, we are not.” – Dale Huls
“Yes, we should keep the death penalty, but we should be carrying it out. Criminals sentenced to death should have one year to appeal then be executed if they lose the appeal. They took a life; they should lose theirs.” – Sam Bridges
“The only reason my stance on the death penalty has now changed is after finding out about the West Memphis Three from Tim Pool, and watching the episode with Damien Echols on the Timcast IRL Podcast. Now that science has advanced enough and their innocence was able to be proven is the only reason I am now against the death penalty. I had never considered what if someone is sent to death and they are innocent.” – Kathy VillaFuerte
“The death penalty should be carried out within a short period of time! No more welfare to criminals!” – John Patterson
“Hell yes, we need to keep the death penalty, start using it more often, and start applying it to drug dealers and child molesters.” – Howard Benham
“Keep the death penalty; I’m actually for public hangings in the square. If more people saw the consequences to their crimes, perhaps there would be less.” – Rick L. Perry
“When it becomes legal to kill the unborn but illegal to kill a convicted murderer, then all hope for the future of our nation is lost.  The lunatics have taken over the asylum.” – Bill Parks
“Not only should the death penalty be upheld, but justice should be swift and sure. Someone sitting on death row for years, and sometimes decades, is a mockery of our justice system, an affront to the victims and their families who deserve closure, and an unnecessary burden for taxpayers.” – Randy Miller
“Judicious and proper use of the death penalty is both merciful and a deterrent.  The problem we have is that we do not have the integrity to use the death penalty properly.  Without the death penalty, victims have no hope beyond revenge.” – Arthur Potter
“Conservatives should not embrace the death penalty. As the party of life, why should we make an exception for state-issued penalties? Further, while our legal system sees all equal under the law, do we really want our government to have the power to kill? They shut us down for a virus and mandated an illegal injection, but you trust them with the death penalty?” – Sean Anderson
“Democrats want to eliminate the death penalty…? Conservative Republicans should counter to expedite the lethal injection process. Why does it take 20-plus years to execute hardened criminals lawfully convicted of their violent crimes? Phelan and the committees have got to go! We’re fed up!” – Zack Dunnam
“We are already too soft of crime.  There are some crimes so heinous, like child porn, that the only punishment is death. Without this deterrent, other acts against the weak, old, and non-defensive will rise.” – Greg Reinhart

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