With college football just around the corner, we asked readers in the August 9, 2022, Texas Minute to engage in some “fantasy governing.” Who would they recruit to be the governor of Texas? Their choices were Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, and (for fun) Robert O’Rourke.

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“I didn’t vote for a king. I won’t vote for an idiot. Ms. Lake is promising but unproven. Hence, Governor DeSantis.” – Bryan Maupin
“I would like a governor to be conservative for four years, not just six months before an election.” – Sidney Champagne
“Rather than replacing Abbott, maybe we could just send him to Florida for therapy sessions.” – Tobie Hall
“I chose Ron DeSantis. He is action, not talk.” – Gary Hunt
“I love what I’ve been hearing from Kari Lake and it was tempting to choose her as my fantasy Texas governor, but Ron DeSantis is a proven leader.” – Lisa Malik
“Although Kari seems promising, Ron has a proven track record.” – Jim Moyer
“I selected Ron DeSantis because he appears to have a boldness to speak against ALL the craziness that our illegitimate government is doing right now. I believe our border would have been closed 2 years ago if he was our governor and we wouldn’t be dealing with a whole slew of other issues. We NEED Mr. Abbott to advocate for Texans!” – Nancy Wells
“Gov. DeSantis leads his state from in front, with conservative principles; he would make a great Texas governor right now!” – Gene Glass
“Ron Desantis is the gold standard for conservative governors.” – Helen Herd
“Kari Lake is saying all the right things and I think she will follow through, but Ron DeSantis is DOING the right things right now!” – Roger Taylor
“DeSantis is a leader. We need one of those in Texas!” – Karen Breazeale
“I voted for Ron Desantis, but have NO doubt I am 100% behind Gov. Abbott against this lunatic ‘Beto.’  Governor Abbott is as trustworthy a conservative as Senators Manchin and Sinema, but he definitely deserves credit as a ‘smart, cunning & evasive’ politician that has been able to deceive Texans for so long.” – John Erwin
“I picked Ron DeSantis as he is a strong leader and does as he promises! … Texas needs a strong leader right now and unfortunately we’re stuck picking between a RINO Abbott or the left lunatic fake-Hispanic Beto!” – Greg Burr
“DeSantis has the courage to stand up to the politically correct, corrupt, and woke mob that is infecting our state and our country. He also is young enough to withstand the media smear campaign that will surely follow any speaker of truth.” – Thomas Camardo
“I voted for Ron DeSantis, as he accomplishes more each week than our Greg Abbott does in a year.  I wish we could trade Abbot and a future draft choice for Ron Desantis.” – Tom Wilson
“Ron DeSantis is the only governor who has taken a strong stand in support of the Constitution of the U.S. and the State with no apologies or quibbling, for the benefit of the citizens of his state.” – Gay Armstrong
“DeSantis proves everyday that he is walking the path and, quite frankly, making improvements as he goes. Lake might be an effective governor too, but it is too early to know yet. DeSantis is battle tested.” – Shawn Line
“I picked DeSantis because he has proven he does more than just talk the talk.” – Kimery McKaskle
“If Texas turns blue, it will be more the fault of Abbott than Beto.” – Jason Kerr
“DeSantis plays offense and defense at the same time with common sense. He defends the rights of freedom and the people. He gets laws passed to go after the evil ideas and evil people.” – Jim and Melissa Hughes
“Governor DeSantis is a TRUE conservative leader.” – Steve Crevier
“Ron DeSantis is a man of action.” – Donna Smith
“I voted for Governor Abbott because he was much better than his opponent.” – Joseph Zimmer
“DeSantis isn’t afraid to lead from the front, and he refuses to play the liberals’ games.” – Cindy Armstrong
“I chose DeSantis because he has a proven track record of solid, bold, and explainable action.  I like Lake very much, but she has yet to implement any bold actions (kinda like Abbott). So far, Lake and Abbott are just talk.” – Patrick Bell
“I chose Ron DeSantis – he’s the real deal and faces down anti-American leftists straight away.” – Dennis D. Mease, M.Ed.
“My pick is Ron DeSantis. He has proven to be not timid when action is demanded. Rather than simply make a show of action, he commits his office and authority to standing up to the cultural and political Marxist challenges to our country.” – Dale Huls
“Ron DeSantis has proven he has the mettle needed and would be a great governor for Texas.  He easily won my vote.” – Greg Milner
“My choice is Ron DeSantis. He’s proven to me that he is not afraid of the communists and their tactics.” – Ken Bintliff
“Lake talks the talk, but DeSantis has walked the walk.” – Ray Mathis

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