Candidates are starting to line up for the 2024 presidential hunt. Using the names commonly mentioned as potential GOP candidate, we asked who readers would pick as their GOP nominee if the 2024 primary was held today.

The choices (in alphabetical order) included: Greg Abbott, John Bolton, Liz Cheney, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, or Someone Else.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“I’ll vote Trump in the primary, but either Trump or DeSantis would be my pick for a great president.” – Frances Davis
“There’s something surreal about picking our favorites for 2024 when the GOP has done little to eliminate the massive fraud blatantly displayed in 2020 and 2022. DeSantis would be my pick, but unless our side gets serious, it won’t make any difference who we run. If you have mail-in ballots, you have fraud.” – John Trudo
“I support Trump the POLICY, but not Trump the PERSON. DeSantis is easily the best, most-electable candidate because of his politics and persona.  His age is a nice bonus.” – Dirk P. DeKoch
“America needs another four years of Donald Trump. He put America first, he stood up to the real enemies facing us today, his policies improved the lives of the people. We cannot trust any other ‘politicians’ because of their ties to outside influences. DJT can get America back on track, he has already done it once.” – Steve Crevier
“While I have been a Trump supporter and believe President Trump accomplished many great things, his temperament and lack of control tend to hurt the GOP. We must be able to move forward to accomplish our goals. I believe Ron DeSantis can and will accomplish our conservative values. I stand behind him.” – Lynn Tannehill
“We need a president who has the resolve to encourage and support reducing the size of government, its spending habits and purpose. We need a fighter who understands the system and is willing to stand against the evil coming from our government. Our next president should focus on and support returning our government to its constitutional purposes and no more.” – Phil Papick
“Even though I voted Trump in your survey, I have reservations. I just don’t know of anyone else who has the stamina, resources and hutzpah Trump has to take the abuse a Republican candidate has to take to get elected and remain in office.” – Betty Bailey-Lucas
“I picked Ron DeSantis. I believe that he has the ability to get our nation moving in the right direction. He stands up for freedom of the people and has the strength and wisdom to fight the “swamp creatures” for that freedom. This sets him apart from the others, he is not weak, or obnoxious, or a turn coat, or all talk and no action.” – Jim Hughes
“Abbott has shown his true colors. He has no business being the Texas governor! DeSantis is a no for now… as much I as think he has been more bold compared to Abbott, I have a wait and see approach. Too many so called ‘conservatives’ turn sheepish and cave when it really matters. Trump has been consistently right and has a record to back it up.” – Shonda Juarez
“I consider President Trump a TRUE American President. He ALWAYS put our nation first!” – John Mako
“Of the potential names listed, Senator Cruz and Governor DeSantis are the two most likely to stick to conservative ideals. While I think Senator Cruz would make an excellent president, I would prefer to see him as a justice on the Supreme Court.” – Monte Long
“I think President Trump did a great job even with all the attacks on him from the deep state, which includes RINOs. However, he still continues to support the COVID vaccine and he has a lot of baggage. I selected Gov. DeSantis because he did a great job with COVID and he doesn’t have the baggage.” – Laura Morton
“Donald Trump has gone off the rails with  his recent comments about suspending the Constitution and mocking of Glenn Youngkin and Ron DeSantis. His act has grown old.” – Jerry Harben
“I would nominate Sen Ted Cruz for president. He has a proven track record of conservatism and he is not a beltway insider. He is quite bright and expresses himself very well when he addresses the public and in congressional hearings.” – Charlie Busbey
“Donald Trump has his flaws, but by-golly, he is an America First guy, and he is fearless! He won’t be fooled by deep staters this time.” – Mary Matthews
“Never claimed to be any good at picking winning candidates but the names of two I might have some small trust to uphold the spirit and principles of the Constitution are missing from your survey: Rand Paul and Chip Roy.” – John Bolgiano
“We need NEW blood in all areas of politics. All these establishment hacks need to go! Wipe the slate clean and start over!” – Dawn Martin
“Until someone else proves that they have the cojones to make real changes and go up against the ‘deep state,’ I’ll go with The Donald.” – Bruce Delater

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