Public schools have been caught directing students to “educational” programs training them on gay sex techniques. In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked if public schools offering students to “queer sex” training resources have their funding removed from the state.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“I taught public school for 20 years. Queer sex has no place in basic school curriculum. Let the ‘parents’ teach their young children and teens about alternative lifestyles if they want.” – Dawn Gerstenberger
“I teach the histories in a public school in West Texas. Education has lost its way.  It’s focus should be about reading, writing and arithmetic, as we prepare kids for public life as active adults in our political process. Education, to paraphrase MLK Jr, is about teaching character. It is teaching how to think, not what to think. We need to regain our focus.” – Greg Reinhart
“I can’t believe we even have to vote on this topic. What is wrong with America?” – Kim Moore
“The downfall of our education system can be traced to 1962 when the liberal Supreme Court removed prayer, and when God was removed in 1963. The purpose of our education system is to prepare children for their adult lives, enabling them to become productive members of society, not promoting the LBGT agenda.” – Owen Schierenbeck
“Teens will soon enough figure out if they are gay or not.  Any gay person knows that about themselves at an early age. This ‘training’ is totally inappropriate and unnecessary.” – Mary Carpenter
“I suppose I’m out of touch, not ever having a child in a public school, but since when did sex education go past biological reproduction to how to be queer? That’s a pretty good leap. Hell yes, cut them off. Fire a few, too, while you’re at it. And then give us CHOICE in education and let’s end this insanity.” – Robert Bruce
“Democrats are actively pushing porn on the kids. Republicans do not seem to want to stop it. If we do not protect the kids innocence who will?” – Dottie Barnes
“The only way to hit back at schools is through their pocketbook.” – Jim Andrade
“Math, reading, science, social studies, and English; until those are at or above standards, nothing else should be a concern for educators.” – Connie Doolin
“The more I find out about what’s going on in public schools these days, the gladder I become that we decided to homeschool our kids. But I’m still upset that my tax dollars are helping to pay for this terrible indoctrination that is happening in Texas public schools. It needs to stop.” – David Demaree
“Taking the money away is one thing. Prosecution and incarceration of the individuals involved would be a better thing.” – Tobie Hall
“It is neither the job nor the purview of ANY school, especially those funded by taxpayers, to offer or teach deviant, or ‘queer sex’ related courses. Instead, they should focus on teaching the science of biology that clearly proves there are only two genders – male and female.” – Charles McCord
“By all means, cut their funding and prosecute for child abuse and/or endangerment. You have to give the woke folk credit; they know our young are impressionable, and if you tell them what to think instead of educating them, pretty soon there won’t be any normal conservatives left to oppose them.” – Garry Ludwig 
“Yes, remove the funding, then send the funding to each student’s school of choice. The only thing that will fix America’s public education system is competition. It will also take the power away from the out-of-control teachers unions.” – Steve Crevier
“Absolutely inexcusable that schools are teaching queer sex. Yes…Cut off funding! In the meantime get your child OUT of the public school system. Find a way and just do it.” – Nancy Wood
“Shall we fund trade schools that teach the acts of rape, incest, and molestation? How about funding to teach murder, robbery, burglery, and arson? Fund them?! Hell, we need to lock them up!” – Reid Davidson
“Are we really at this point where we even have to ask such a question? May God open our eyes to see what is truly taking place in our State and Country!” – Nancy Wells
“Not only should funding be stripped from school districts that teach ‘queer sex,’ any teacher who engages in teaching of this should lose their license to teach in the state of Texas.” – Randy Kimpfbeck
“Any teacher/school administrator that advocates for ‘queer sex’ should be fired.” – Gary Hunt
“God’s Word says, ‘All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.’ I don’t think the Lord would teach anything about gay or queer sex.” – Ray Holloway

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