Minors are prohibited by law from entering strip clubs and X-rated movie theaters, whether their parents approve or not. In yesterday’s Texas Minute, we asked if venues that host drag shows be held to the same standard (taxes, safety, age-restrictions, etc.) as other venues of adult entertainment.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“I wonder if the same ‘mommies’ who take their kids to see those shows, hand the car keys to their 10 year old and ask her/him to drive.” – John R. Makow

“This issue of drag shows is made up and perpetuated by ignorance.  They should not be held to the same standards as a strip club. No one is stripping. From Shakespeare to Ms. Doubtfire, drag has been around for centuries. Focus on the economy, focus on the money we waste every year on the STAAR. Pay our teachers, fund medical care, fix the grid… Stop with the culture wars and focus on what families in Texas actually need instead of the hate.” – Sabrina Martin Ball

“We have laws that keep kids from buying cigarettes and alcohol before they reach a certain age. Why? To protect them from their own lack of maturity.” – Alan Smith

“This is immoral, ungodly, and just plain wrong. They are corrupting the minds of our youth, normalizing behaviors and lifestyles that are ABSOLUTELY NOT NORMAL!” – Peble Churchman

“We have a duty to the next generation to not only protect, nourish, and guide them, but to teach them morality and right from wrong. This is a NO BRAINER, absolute minimum effort to protect our kids. Let them have childhoods and leave adult matters to adults! These demands are NOT UNREASONABLE!” – Christopher Flinn

“When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed in a bar or a liquor store even with our parents. The downside of that was what? Nothing! So, there is no downside to not allowing children into these drag shows, unless you support exposing kids to what is clearly adult ‘entertainment.’” – Carol Spencer

“Those that condone this activity should be called out as EVIL… They are destroying our country! God bless the children. God save the children.” – Glen Sartwelle

“I don’t care what someone does inside their own home, but when it spills into the lives of others – especially the kids – it becomes my problem to deal with. Parents everywhere must to stand up and remove the threat to their children. Now!” – Gene Klutts

“Why aren’t they protected now? Children are very obviously the target. What’s next?” – Marilyn Harris

“You’d think even a sick Democrat like Dade [Phelan] would find the drag shows for children disgusting. I feel like screaming to the High Heavens every time I think about either one.” – Lloyd Smith

“While I believe people have the right to choose the road to perdition, I believe weaker people should be protected if possible. Many people without a strong faith follow whatever is portrayed as popular in the world. They and their children need our protection. So, yes, legislation limiting sexualized shows would be a help to them.” – Laura Morton

“Just a few years ago, exposing kids to this trash would’ve been child endangerment or contributing to delinquency of a minor. How far society has fallen. Slouching towards Gomorrah… If we don’t get God back in everyday society, we deserve everything we get!” – Bob Davis

“It is very disheartening to me to see the number of parents who have lost all sense of moral responsibility in raising their children today.” – Carol Dean
“If adults decide that they want to eliminate themselves from the gene pool, that is their choice.  But, to force, or even encourage, children to make that decision before they understand the ramifications is criminal.” – Rex Reeve

“Any business or entertainment venue that promotes deviant behavior or provides for access to materials that should not be available to minors should be monitored and regulated as such.” Arthur Potter

“YES, drag shows SHOULD be held to the same standard!” – Dawn Martin

“This is from a Keith Green song, ‘the church just can’t fight, ‘cause it’s asleep in the light.’ This ‘mess’ we have allowed, simply by default.” – Ken Jenkins

“This is an attack on the core family unit. It is the same manner of attack that has normalized other perversions. Our tolerance of these sins has brought us to the point that these practitioners of these perversions are emboldened to the point they are going after our children.  This must not be allowed at all.” – Randy Hartman

“Protect the kids, cause their parents won’t. Kids in general always want to see and explore what they haven’t before. Our duty is to supply wholesome lifestyles for them to thrive in. Drag shows only leads children away from God as well will lead them into future roles of prostitution and other unsavory lifestyles.” – Danny Thompson

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