A resolution calling for John Cornyn to resign as a member of the U.S. Senate was passed by the executive committee of a county in Northeast Texas. They cited his recent vote for the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package and “lack of fidelity” to the party’s principles. In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked if readers thought he should step down.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“Cornyn no longer votes his constituents’ beliefs.  Like Mitch McConnell, he’s a man past his prime who goes along to get along and then swears he’s working for us!” – Kathy Fisher

“Mr. Cornyn is like a piece of chewing gum that has lost its flavor – he’s been around too long and has no use.” – Arthur Potter

“Cornyn sits in Washington and laughs at this survey as he votes with the deep state over and over. And Texas keeps re-electing him. So where does the problem lie??” – Katherine Kelton

“No, John Cornyn should not resign. But he should be ashamed of his vote, and should be ‘primaried’ out of office by the voters of Texas and replaced by a true conservative!” – Dirk DeKoch

“I don’t recollect voting for a Democrat in the senate, but that’s what we got.” – Corey Mayo

“John Cornyn has become the poster boy for why term limits have become necessary. He clearly has become a creature of the swamp. His forced resignation would send the right message to other swamp dwellers nationwide, to never forget who you were sent there to represent….” – Check Breedlove

“Yes, it would be a blessing if John Cornyn resigned!” – Sue Willoughby

“John Cornyn does not represent his constituents.” – Dave Clark

“The Texas Republican Party should vote to censure Senator Cornyn!” – Chris Danford

“John Cornyn does not deserve the title of Senator from Texas.” – Lane Burgess

“I fear that John has lost his way. He seemed to be a real conservative. Now, just another RINO in Congress and a shining example of why we desperately need term limits for both The House and Senate.” – Rich Goncher

“He consistently votes with the demonrats on the very important issues. We have a hard enough time herding the Republicans without him and his ilk siding with the Left.” – Ed Scruggs

“John Cornyn needs to go. He may be the original RINO, while using the Republican label and consistently voting with the Democrats. His resignation is long overdo.” – Linda Edmondson

“He does not seem to represent Texas well.” – Brent Shutt

“If I’d wanted a communist to represent me I would have voted for Cornyn’s opponent. “ – Leo Whelan

“Cornyn should resign!  In days gone by, politicians that committed significantly more benign offenses were tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail!” – Roger Taylor

“I voted yes for Cornyn to resign despite the precarious balance in the Senate and not knowing who Governor Abbott would appoint. Those concerns are far outweighed by the damage Cornyn would cause in the four years left in his current term.” – Richard Steenson

“I shall not join an effort to ask Cornyn to resign. In the first place, calls for resignations are generally fruitless. And if he did resign, his replacement would be picked by Governor Abbott, with whom many people upset with Cornyn are also upset. Then there is the fact that Cornyn has been on our side at least 80 percent of the time, I’d say. If he is not perfect enough, support a primary opponent when he comes up for election.” – Greg Ripps
“Time and time again Cornyn has shown his allegiance to the democrats and socialism.” – Cheryl Alexander

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