The Chinese Communist Party and its frontmen have been allowed to buy land in Texas – including properties near military installations. We asked readers if they thought the Communist Chinese government, or entities associated with the Chinese Communist Party, should be allowed to own land in Texas.

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“Texans should restrict the sale of land to U.S. citizens only and prospective buyers should be thoroughly vetted and should be required to disclose any ties or business dealings with foreign companies.” – Cynthia Wills

“Allowing the Chinese government or any other country, who is an avowed enemy of America, to own American property is like letting the fox in the hen house. How absurd! We are letting them infiltrate every part of our culture. We, as a nation, are slowly committing suicide and loading the gun that will bring about our demise.” – Don Hathorn

“Not just no, but ‘HELL NO!’” – Cheryl Alexander

“I don’t see the difference between a hostile foreign power buying American real estate and occupying it by invasion. How did we let this happen?” – Mark Juelg

“Would you let a rattlesnake sleep in bed with you?” – Nancy Wood

“The U.S. was founded on principles that include capitalism. We cannot, in good faith, prohibit ownership of property based on nationality. Thousands, if not millions, of foreign corporations operate offices in the U.S. from property they own. Nothing says we cannot keep a close eye on foreign owned operations but we cannot prohibit those operations nor would doing so be good for our economy.” – David Holden

“The short answer, absolutely not. However, with eternal property taxes in Texas, do any of us own property in this state?” – Zach Dunnam

“Although I don’t want CCP to buy land in the USA I’m not sure that is constitutional to deny them that right.” – Barbara McClure

“Talk about giving the enemy a foothold…” – Ken Bintliff

“Why should China or any communist country be allowed to own land in Texas or anywhere in the US?” – Marilyn Harris

“Strict reciprocity must be the basis for any interactions. We cannot own Chinese land. The CCP cannot own our land.” – H. J. Bronson

“I don’t think ANY other country should own USA land, but especially not the Chinese Communist Party or its frontmen.” – Kathy Powe

“What is the difference between the Chinese and scores of Mexican Army officers owning land in America? At least those are paying for it through a purchase whereas the Cartels are just taking control over huge plots of soil, not only at the border, but within our inner cities, given permission by the lack of enforcement of laws by the current administration policies.” – Patrick Bell

“As someone trying to hang onto the family ranch, I understand a landowner’s temptation to want to cash in to the highest bidder.  However, we MUST vet deeply any entity who might want our land for reasons potentially contrary to the interests of Americans and, particularly, Texans.” – Kim Brittain

“No! No! No! No foreign nation or political organization or foreign citizen should own land inside our borders!  Our Founders must be whirling in their graves.” – Gay Armstrong

“Would we have sold land to the Japanese or Nazis during WWII?  The answer is obvious. They were trying to destroy us. So are the Chinese Communists.” – Rick Goncher

“Will the CCP allow conservatives into China to teach against the CCP and why it is so detrimental to our security and freedoms? I think not!! Therefore, you have your answer! No foreign entity should be allowed to buy any property in any nation!” – Cindy Kelley

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