In the Texas Minute for Tuesday, July 12, we asked readers if lawmakers should stop subsidizing wind and solar power.

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Here’s a sampling of responses from the 7/12/2022 inbox…

  • “I would also like to stop paying for everybody else’s Tesla, Prius, etc. The tax code is simply weaponized ‘Social Engineering.’ I’m not a very good socialist. Get rid of ALL social engineering.” – Doug Kelsay
  • “Not only should we stop subsidizing wind and solar, but we should require large monetary deposits to clean up the renewable devices that quit working.” – Tobie Hall
  • “The only reason that ERCOT is asking Texans to conserve energy is because of all the money wasted on renewables.” – David Peters
  • “The more we rely on wind and solar, the higher I have to set my thermostat in the summer.” – Barbara Campbell
  • “There is nothing renewable about an energy that uses massive amounts of petroleum-based products (i.e., fiberglass, metal, oil lubricants, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) to generate with.  Everything about them has a lifespan and must be disposed of in a landfill somewhere.” – James Sterling
  • “Wind and solar are pipe dreams.  They are expensive long-term polluters.Let them compete in the free market and succeed or fail on their own merit.  Nuclear is the cleanest and safest and most renewable.” – Wendell Pool
  • “In a free-market economic system, which we should all desire, government should not be subsidizing ANY private sector company or entity…and certainly not ‘green’ (it’s actually not) energy.” – Robert Lee
  • “We need an ‘all of the above’ energy policy. But the government should not favor one form of energy above others. Just keep the lights on at the lowest cost we can.” – Jerry Harben
  • “Why should taxpayers’ dollars be used to prop up unreliable, inefficient, ‘renewable’ energy sources?” – Randy Miller
  • “The ONLY reason solar and wind are cost effective is because our tax dollars subsidize it.” – Bob Davis
  • “We need reliable energy sources – not intermittent and unreliable sources.” – Rinda Jordan
  • “When the government subsidizes these energy sources, the taxpayer/energy user is paying for them out of two pockets!” – Arthur Potter
  • “Subsidies are nothing more than political payoffs at taxpayer expense. “ – Alan Smith
  • “The answer is to get government out of the energy business.” – Roger Taylor
  • “People need to be made aware of the true cost of solar and wind power. So many believe it is free power; the truth is they can never really pay for themselves.” – Kenny Powell
  • “A windmill costs more to make and will never pay for itself. Solar panels contain highly toxic chemicals, that when spilled, can seep into ground water and are in danger with every hurricane. Nuclear is clean and easily produced; let’s focus on harnessing it safely. We need to focus on producing the fuels we know to work, and work well. We may get to renewable some day, but not any day soon.” – Barbara Bussey
  • “Texas taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize any company. The company either makes it on its own merits or fails.” – Eric Knutson
  • “The push for ‘green energy’ is nothing more than crony capitalism.  When wind and solar-generated energy is as cheap and effective as fossil fuel energy, I’ll change my mind.” – Terry Fokas
  • There is either one heck of a lot of virtue signaling going on in Austin, or someone in the ‘loop’ is making a lot of money.  Think about it:  Wind-generated electricity simply runs counter to the needs of the grid. It generates too much power when it is not needed, and to0 little power when it is needed.  The storage capacity for the excess power to even this flow simply does not exist yet.” – Ray Mathis
  • It is a travesty to prop up so-called green energy, when it cannot support itself. There is no constitutional authority to transfer public funds to private business.” – Annie Provence
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