Former President Donald Trump said over the weekend he expects to be arrested on charges related to hush-money paid to a porn actress ahead of his 2016 presidential bid. Meanwhile, he is scheduled to hold his first 2024 campaign rally this Saturday in Waco.

We asked readers if they would vote for Trump as the 2024 GOP presidential nominee if his campaign continues.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“The left is so afraid of this man, they will do anything to try and stop his reelection! Although I do not condone paying hush money, for any reason, it seemed okay for the Kennedys, the Clintons, and the Bidens on multiple occasions.” – Lynn Tannehill

“I’m for Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump’s policies without Trump’s drama and infantile antics. By the way, I don’t think the Democrats will actually bring Trump to trial. They would rather run against him than DeSantis.” – Jerry Harben

“While I liked Trump’s economy, too many other things like the vaccine were ushered in by him. I really don’t think he is who everyone thinks he is. He’s not our savior.” – Dawn Martin

“The fact that the communists continually attack him is proof that he is and has been on the right track.” – Ken Bintliff

“Trump is my choice if DeSantis is not in the contest. In my ideal world, those two would get along. DeSantis would be President and Trump would be the pro-America Statesman throughout this country and the world. The USA will need someone strong to get truth out there and repair our image worldwide.” – Sonia Rivero

“We need a younger candidate with the same policies and someone who can appeal to a broader segment of the population.” – Thomas Camardo

“The United States needs a strong President that puts the well being of the American people over all other considerations. President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to the America First principle and his ability to enact policies that strengthen the American people. Yes, I will vote for President Trump in the Republican primary and in the general election.” – Ronny Keister

“There is no good reason to vote for anyone other than President Trump.” – Gail Hanna

“We needed Trump in 2016. The Lord only knows how much more we need him now.” – Dick DuVall

“The more they go after him, the more I support him!” – Mary Philio

“Trump is getting more and more childish. When something goes wrong, it’s the other guy’s fault. His default setting is to shout, to protest and to declare he is being treated unfairly. Little kids say ‘that’s not fair,’ adults accept that the world is not fair and work with it. I haven’t decided which adult I’m supporting just yet but he or she won’t be the loser from Mar-o-Lago.” – David Holden

“Trump IS our rightful President.  We The People voted for him and our votes were stolen.” – Melissa Cayette

“We need to quit thinking our politicians are our family. Their bad behavior is not a reflection of us. And just as we should hire the best PERSON to be a pilot, CEO or nurse, we should hire the best PERSON to lead our county, state or country. The Donald is that person regardless. That said, the statute is up, and Stormy Daniels already sued him and lost. This DA is trashing his own career based on hatred, he needs to pray.” – Barbara Bussey

“I will watch and weigh the primary, and if a better candidate becomes evident, I will vote for them. Yes, I know that Trump can be childish at times, but what he accomplished in his four years as President is what keeps me in his corner. I want more accomplishments like that!” – Denny Hill

“The left’s cabal has does everything they could think of to destroy Donald J. Trump, and nothing has stuck. They are terrified of him because they know he is a representation of the majority of us. I don’t like Trump’s petty name calling or some of the things he says, but I LOVE his America first policies and his fight for our Constitution. He gets my vote.” – Kathy Layman

“My final decision will be made based on who I believe can win the general election. President Trump needs to stop talking about the 2020 election, stop attacking fellow Republicans, run on his proven, successful record, and show some self-discipline.  He creates way too much unnecessary drama.” – Michael Wooten

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