Over the last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has seen its reputation under fire following the raid of President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago. We asked Texas Minute readers if they trusted the agency.

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“I used to trust the FBI. Which begs the question: Where do ‘We The People’ turn when the very people we depend on to enforce our laws don’t or use those laws against us? Feeling kind of lost in my own country.” – Rick Goncher
“No, no, no. How can you trust an agency who can kick open the door of any private citizen it wants to, with guns drawn, let alone a former legitimate president of the United States of America? It is one of the most corrupt agencies and has to be stopped!” – Debbie Lawson
“Just the FBI? Why would we trust any of the federal “alphabet” agencies? Each one grows larger each year in an effort to restrict liberties, rather than promote them.” – Zack Dunnam
“The FBI is not to be trusted. We realized this upfront with Hillary Clinton; she should have been indicted.” – Donna de Socarraz
“The FBI is corrupt.  Christopher Wray was part of the entire Enron debacle along with Andrew Weissmann and others years ago, where evidence was withheld and innocent people were sent to prison.” – Lisa Buck
“I believe the rank and file in the FBI still deserve our trust.  Much like other government organizations, it’s the leadership at the top that is corrupt.” – Robert Gardner
“I now trust the FBI about as much as I trust that a rattlesnake isn’t going to bite me.” – Steve Abernathy
“Abolish the FBI, CIA, IRS, and much of the alphabet soup that our federal govt. has become… we are now beyond a tipping point.” – Michele Ward
“My mistrust of the FBI spans at least three decades of their misdeeds, abuse of power, and cover-ups and lies.” – Sonia Rivero
“I absolutely do not trust the FBI. Although, I really appreciate those whistleblowers in the FBI that have come forward, there are far too many that either remain silent, or else they are complicit in what is going on.” – Ken Hodges
“I do completely trust that the bureau will continue to operate as a corrupt, renegade, power drunk, unprincipled, and dangerous group of criminals. These are bad times for our country.” – Vikie Schwartz
“More correctly:  I don’t trust the leadership of the FBI.  They obviously are in league with the elitists that think they are above the law.” – Rex Reeve
“If they were able to raid President Trump’s home and confiscate his passports, they could do that to any of us! Really, though, I don’t trust our government or any other government agency, including the newly doubled IRS. Sadly, our government and agencies have given us very little reason to trust them.” – Cathy Blake
“Sad to say, but I do not trust one of the 35,000 FBI employees. You must reach a point as an American where you have to stand up, even to your employer. They should be run out of Texas as the terrorist organization they have become. G-men for Gestapo.” – John Erwin
“This latest atrocity by the FBI barely scratches the surface.” – Roger Taylor
“The FBI is just one of many. My biggest concern right now is how the fraud in our voting system can be eliminated before we no longer have a say on anything.” – Dodi Lilja
“It is very sad to say the FBI has become a political tool and not an instrument of justice.” – Jerry Harben
“I think rank and file do their jobs and do them well. However, ‘upper management’ needs a house cleaning.  Even ‘Trump-appointed’ Chris Wray is corrupt. I don’t think Trump will make that mistake again (and there will be an ‘again’!!).” – Steve Sullivan
“While it may be one of the worst, the FBI is just one of the many federal agencies that needs to be abolished.” – Spencer Siino
“I think there are a large number of federal agents in the field who are dedicated, honest, and have integrity. Unfortunately, I think the whole leadership of the FBI in Washington is corrupt and rotten to the core.” – Gary Johnson
“Sadly, the FBI has earned the distrust of Americans. They need to be totally dismantled and the DOJ needs thorough investigation.” – Mary Matthews
“Nor the DOJ, nor the CIA, nor anyone at any upper level in the federal government!” – Jack Boteler
“The FBI has repeatedly shown it cannot be trusted to observe law or truth. It should be completely defunded. I would like to give a pass to the field agents who have not been corrupted, but to continue to work for this patently unconstitutional agency violates the oath of office.” – Scott Jones
“I don’t trust anyone or any department in the entire Jobama Regime.” – Charles Reagan 
“The USA is no longer a republic, much less a democracy.  It is a bureaucracy.  And blaming the Biden, or any, administration is just a distraction; the bureaucracy runs the administration, not the other way around.” – James Stith
“At this point, Texas (and other states) should take action to prevent the FBI from operating as a law enforcement agency within our state borders… including arresting FBI agents for impersonating law enforcement, if necessary.” – Jason Kerr
“The FBI was politicized by the Obama administration and utilized as a tool to deal with political opposition. It can no longer be trusted to equally uphold the law.” – Owen Schierenbeck
“The FBI has been a political espionage agency since the days of J. Edgar Hoover.” – John Bolgiano
“The FBI has shown that it can no longer be trusted not only by their recent actions, but by their recent history of inactions!” – Reid Davidson
“What a sad place America has arrived at, that we cannot trust the FBI.  God, please help us.” – Tim Rhodes

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