State Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) has proposed legislation allowing Texas to exercise its powers of eminent domain to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked readers if they agreed with the proposal.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I do not like the use of eminent domain when taking control and ownership of another person’s property. However, with the invasion of illegal aliens entering through Texas and the lack of the federal government doing its job of finishing a border wall, I support the use of eminent domain as long as the wall is obtained and built as close to the border without destroying landowners livelihood and that they are paid well for their property.” – Lane Burgess

“Eminent domain is overused and abused. Securing the border is not worth taking away people’s property. If they can’t see the value of the security of the border, they can live with the consequences.” – Laura Morton

“The use of ’eminent domain’ should be very limited, but I feel that this would be one of the few legitimate reasons to enable land purchase. Our borders are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and drugs due to current federal government policies. Land along the southern border is being trashed, fences are being damaged, and residents are threatened and intimidated by the ‘coyotes.’ Ranchers there should be grateful for any efforts to curb this.” – Arthur McLean

“The government’s job is to protect the border, not confiscate private land that butts up against it.” – Michael Bow

“If cities can use eminent domain to take away private property to allow private developers to build shopping/apartment complexes (yes, this did happen to my husband and me in Cedar Park, Texas!), then the state should be allowed to use eminent domain to build a border wall to try to keep the United States and American citizens safe!! It truly frightens me what is happening to our country.” – Liz Bell

“Eminent domain should only be used as a last resort when there are absolutely no other alternatives.” – Oliver Coker

“While I think a border wall is necessary, I feel eminent domain can be a slippery slope. I have never thought the government should have the authority to take something just because it can, even though the acquisition is ‘for the greater good’… greater good for whom?” – Camila Hobson

“I do think it is okay to use eminent domain for the border wall provided that the land used has already been spoiled by the immigrants trooping through it and making it unusable by the landowner.” – Virginia Platt

“Protection of the border is the most important reason the Founders provided for eminent domain. It is intended to provide the necessary resources – specifically land – to protect against foreign invaders. To authorize and execute eminent domain in this case and at this time is precisely what is needed.” – Roger Taylor

“Eminent domain is the worst use of government powers and should be abolished immediately!” – Dara Richardson

“I am a major proponent of a border wall; 100% support it. But, eminent domain is not the tool to get it done. I am against eminent domain because it is too often abused, and to support it in some cases and not others is inconsistent.” – Jason Ogrin

“Yes to eminent domain; there is a crisis on the border.” – Lisa Buck

“If we give Texas eminent domain on the border, they won’t stop there.” – Ken and Lisa Kalies

“Securing the border is an appropriate use of eminent domain. It is not possible to complete without the option of eminent domain.” – Tom Bartel

“Eminent domain is evil and should be banned entirely. We should not use it just because it gets us what we want.” – Jim Baxa

“I can hardly think of a better use of eminent domain than our national security.” – Tim Rhodes

“Eminent domain is only to be used when it is in the best interest of the public, and certainly, this is in the best interest of our law-abiding citizens.” – Sam Bridges

“An invasion is going on, and it must be stopped!” – Ann Pavalock

“Not NO, but HELL NO! Eminent domain is forever – a fence is not. The state should lease the property from the owners at fair market value for a fixed time period, after which the lease must be renewed. The owner should retain full use of the property during the lease while the state is provided limited access.” – Bill Parks

“I’m not usually a proponent for the use of eminent domain. It can easily be abused, and property rights are a very important part of our state values. But the border issue has become an emergency situation that has become a war against our state and country and is an extreme case.” – Patricia Stone

“Without eminent domain to build the border wall, you could have cartels buy land on the border and refuse to permit the wall, and the open border goes on forever!” – Dallas Bingley

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Clearly, a border invasion meets this criterion. Additionally, it is highly unlikely that the Chinese owners of Texas border property will willingly give up their strategic advantage.” – David Clark

“If ’eminent domain’ can be used to build a road across your property, why not use it, to build a barrier, to prevent the invasion of our country!” – John R. Makow

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