In Monday’s One Click Survey, we asked readers who seemed to be working harder to advance the priorities of Texas’ grassroots Republican activists: Dade Phelan and the House, or Dan Patrick and the Senate.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“People need to stop calling Dale Phelan a Republican.  It’s obvious he’s a RINO.  He needs to NOT be Speaker anymore.  I don’t understand the members of the Texas House still voting for him; they should probably be voted out, too.” – Debra Davis
“I live in Dade Phelan’s district and I believe he is an embarrassment.  He needs to push the priorities of the Texas GOP.” – David Barton
“With the accomplishments in the current session of the Texas House of (Mis)Representatives, we might as well send them home and dock 100% of their pay. At least that would save a little bit of taxpayers’ money! And, the House’s lack of accomplishments is directly related to the poor direction given by Speaker Phelan.” – Harry Hingst 
“The Senate is getting it done. The House is seriously behind. We’re going to hear the same old ‘we ran out of time’ excuse again.” – Fran Rhodes
“The House is ignoring the priorities of the Texas voters. They evidently prefer Democrat and Phelan priorities, not those of the people that sent them. But no doubt they will try to gaslight us again at the end of the session and tell us this was the ‘most conservative legislature’ in the history of mankind.” – Scott Jones
“Lately, this seems to happen during every Legislative session. The Senate passes a bill that Texans actually WANT and the House dithers over minutiae. The House needs to get to work and pass SOME meaningful legislation before the Special Session, which at this point seems inevitable.” – Charlene Roberson
“Speaker Phelan is the poster boy for RINOs. He and the Republicans that voted to make him Speaker should be removed from the Legislature. May as well have voted Democrat.” – Truman Reid
“Phelan has done more to promote the liberal agenda and stifle good conservative legislation than any Democrat in the House. The people that elected him as a Republican should be ashamed to have him represent them.” – Glenna Speed
“Don’t be blinded by the light. Most, if not all, of these bills in the Senate have no chance of passing in the House and our Republican Senators know it, but that doesn’t stop them from thumping their chests and saying, ‘Look what we did.’  We need ‘REAL’ Republicans in Austin, not RINOs!” – Bill Parks
“Phelan is a Democrat. Enough said.” – Ashton Oravetz III
“If the House Republicans are not going to take the concerns of Republican voters seriously, I for one will not be supporting my representative for re-election, neither in the primary nor general. At this point, I have to ask what would be the difference if my representative is a Democrat. I pray they smarten up and quickly at that.” – Mike Masterson
“To even suggest that Dan Patrick is helping the grassroots citizens of Texas is malarkey. Patrick and Phelan are one and the same. It’s sickening that of all the states in the Union Texas can’t get true conservative leaders voted in…” – Dara Richardson
“It has been obvious from the first day of the session that Phelan is a RINO.” – Kerry Caudle
“Our Speaker of the House is worthless. Texas can do better than this fool.  He should change his party affiliation to Democrat.” – Corrine Jung
“As long as they keep putting Phelan and the Democrats in charge, the gutless Republicans will not get any priorities accomplished.” – Doreen Cardenas
“It doesn’t appear ‘Republican’ Dade Phelan is doing much of anything to advance the Republican Party of Texas agenda. In fact, on day one by appointing DEMs to chair committees, it was a strong signal that he isn’t to be bothered with any Republican ideas whatsoever. He is most definitely a RINO at best, and more than likely a Democrat.” – Eric Knutson
“Dade Phelan is working harder to advance the Democrat legislative priorities while blocking the efforts of the Republican Party.” – Michael Kinzie
“I don’t understand why Dade Phelan has not been censured by the Republican Party. I also am puzzled why he was elected by Republicans to be speaker. Sounds to me like we need to seek out new conservative Republicans to represent us. Everyone who voted for Phelan to be the speaker needs to be voted out of the House.  Why is Dade Phelan allowed to run as a Republican, as it is obvious he is a Democrat?” – Meg Comstock
“Why would the House pass any conservative legislation? Thanks to Phelan and his ‘Republican’ sycophants, the Texas House has never been more blue…” – Jason Kerr

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