Charged with collecting taxes, estimating future revenues and serving as the state’s accountant, the duties of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts have expanded over the years to include providing taxpayers with information to help them determine how efficiently local governments and state agencies are operating.

The current Comptroller, Susan Combs, has been a strong champion of fiscal transparency but has chosen to retire from public office.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is pleased to endorse Glenn Hegar for Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Glenn Hegar will lead the fight for transparency, open government, and fiscal responsibility for Texas taxpayers. Texas needs someone who will diligently focus on reforming the problems of government debt and inefficiencies in spending. In his first term in the Texas Senate, Glenn pushed through legislation that allowed the Comptroller’s office to create a simple and searchable online database of state expenditures for Texans to know how and where their tax dollars are being spent. During the 83rd legislative session, Sen. Hegar served as chairman of the Subcommittee on Fiscal Matters (the committee charged with reviewing all state and local revenue matters) and demonstrated a commitment to looking comprehensively at the burden borne by Texas taxpayers.

Glenn Hegar has a reputation for honesty and integrity, coupled with a fierce work ethic. As Texas’ comptroller, he will provide a bright light for Texans to shine on government spending to ensure we are getting the best value for our tax dollars. After efforts to bring general business tax reform were ignored in the Texas House, it was Glenn Hegar who stood up to special interest and championed the cause of true, broad-based tax relief for Texas businesses.

About the other candidates:

  • Harvey Hilderbran of Kerrville has served in the Texas House for two decades, where he has developed a reputation for legislative laziness and, more recently, parliamentary absences to avoid taking possibly controversial votes. Having pledged loyalty to the moderate House Speaker Joe Straus, Hilderbran was rewarded with an appointment to the taxing Ways and Means Committee. In that position, Mr. Hilderbran focused his efforts not on general tax relief or broad-based reform, but currying favor with big-dollar lobbyists through highly targeted tax loopholes.
  • Debra Medina of Wharton is possibly a candidate for Comptroller, but has waivered both in her pursuit of public office in 2014 and even which position she might seek. In recent days, she has indicated she might be shifting her focus to an “independent” campaign for Governor. Mrs. Medina is best known for her third-place run as a GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2010, when Gov. Rick Perry defeated both she and then-Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison without a run-off.
  • Raul Torres of Corpus Christi was a single-term House member who supported House Speaker Straus for election – only to have the speaker’s team draw him out of his own district. He defends his support of Straus as allowing him and other Corpus Christi-area legislators to bring home state funds for local projects in a lean budget year. A CPA by profession, Mr. Torres rests his campaign on his desire to implement the Lean Six Sigma managerial system.