AUSTIN, Texas—Saluting his stalwart record of championing conservative principles and values in both word and deed, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed U.S. Rep. Chip Roy of Austin for re-election to Congress.

“Since entering Congress last year, Chip Roy has been Texans’ most persistent and forceful advocate in Washington. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is proud to stand with so many conservatives in endorsing Chip Roy for re-election to Congress,” said Ross Kecseg, president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

“Chip Roy is an unapologetic conservative leader who is fighting the swamp in both parties. We need more individuals like Roy running for office and fighting to enact common-sense reforms rather than just giving them lip service,” Kecseg added.

Roy was first elected in 2018 after a crowded primary, runoff, and contentious general election put him on the ballot three times in one year. With the strong support of grassroots citizens, TFR, and other conservative organizations, he finished first in every election.

After arriving in Washington, Roy quickly joined the conservative U.S. House Freedom Caucus and even voted against U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California as Minority Leader (preferring the more outspoken and fiery Jim Jordan of Ohio, instead). He also began actively engaging on common-sense conservative issues, shutting down Congress in order to force record votes and hold lawmakers accountable, and rigorously defending the conservative agenda in the media.

Since entering Congress, Roy has not only met every promise he made to voters, but he has exceeded their expectations.

Roy is unopposed in the Republican primary, but he will face off against former state senator-turned-Democrat-gubernatorial-candidate and current abortion activist Wendy Davis on the November ballot. 

Congressional District 21, which includes the Texas Hill Country and touches both the Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas, was listed among the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s top six targets for Democrats to flip in 2020, after successfully flipping the seats of former Reps. Pete Sessions of Dallas and John Culberson of Houston last year.

The district will be a part of the $1 million ongoing strategy effort to flip the state in 2020, with Cornyn’s senatorial seat topping the list.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s decision to endorse Roy and other incumbents in their re-election races comes after a diligent review of the lawmaker’s voting record, advocacy record, and feedback from district constituents.

More about our endorsement process and other endorsed candidates can be viewed here.