While many Texas Republicans have adopted a pale shade of purple as their new governing colors, President Donald Trump has been boldly and relentlessly fighting to drain the Washington swamp.

Kicking off the 2020 accountability season, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is endorsing Donald Trump for re-election as president of the United States. It is the most important race on the 2020 ballot for the future of Texas and our nation.

Our organization spent its first decade studiously avoiding federal issues and politics. The idea that a presidential election should be our top priority has been a difficult one to reach. Yet the stakes could not be higher for our nation; if the uniquely American experiment in self-governance is to survive, we must have a president committed to the process of putting federal government back into its Constitution-sized box.

Since President Trump took office, burdensome and unproductive regulations haven’t just slowed—they have been reduced. Not content merely slowing the growth of tax burdens, President Trump pushed Congress to actually cut taxes—for everyone. No modern president has done more, using executive authority over executive agencies, to advance the pro-life agenda.

Meanwhile, Mexico and other Central American countries have learned that the United States finally has a president who is serious about forcing them to crack down on illegal immigration. The list of his practical successes and tangible governing victories, all ignored by the “#NeverTrump” crowd and establishment media, goes on and on.

To the horror of the political establishment, there is little difference between what Donald Trump said on the campaign trail and what he has done as president. In that regard, especially, President Trump has become the gold standard for Republicans seeking to retain office.

No one said it better than Cary Cheshire, the vice president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, when he tweeted last night: “[Trump] really has made America great again – no small feat given how hard Barack Obama and other presidents tried to drive our Republic into the ground.”

That’s certainly true, but there is still much more to be done.

There are still too many unnecessary bureaucracies acting like medieval fiefdoms, creating rules and regulations that exceed the constitutional limits of the federal government. Congress continues to overreach its Article 1 authorities. The federal courts are overrun with black-robed philosopher-kings—to borrow a phrase from U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz—who have little regard for the Constitution.

President Trump’s first term has been a tour de force of reform, but more is needed. He is ready to deliver, but he cannot do it alone. The swamp was awakened to the existential threat posed by Donald Trump and Americans wanting their country back. If we stop now, the swamp will overwhelm us. Texas voters must choose if they will cower before the power of the swamp or stand united for American greatness.

The emphasis for conservatives must be to turn out every possible vote for Donald Trump, and then some. Once people are identified as being committed to voting for the president, then they can be educated down the ballot. Running away from, or simply ignoring, the presidential race is simply not an option for any Republican in 2020.

Practically, the Texas Legislature decided in 2017 to make the 2020 election “every man for himself” by eliminating straight-ticket voting. Every justice of the peace and state representative has to figure out how to make their name and reputation so memorable that voters will keep clicking through down the ballot to find them. Perhaps this hurts the Democrats, perhaps it hurts the Republicans. (It’s telling that it was the statewide officials who made sure the law didn’t take effect until after the 2018 gubernatorial/statewide office cycle…)

No one really knows how, or if, the end of straight ticket voting will affect Texas, but in any case, it’s now the law.

Donald Trump has America again on the path to greatness; it’s up to the American people to keep us moving.