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Den of Degeneracy: Texas A&M’s Decline

A historically acclaimed Texas university is as bad as other universities nationwide. Taxpayers are funding woke classes at Texas A&M, and woke professors there promoting antisemitism, LGBT ideology, critical race theory, and degeneracy. It is important to note...


Federal Tyranny: ‘Woke and Weaponized’

Large elements of the federal government have set themselves against justice and the American people. State public servants must shield Texans from the increasingly tyrannical federal government. Over time, the federal government has increased in power and tyrannical...


Federal Tyranny: Threatening Texans

State public servants must shield Texans from an increasingly tyrannical federal government. However, the Republican-led Texas House has seemed more interested in working with the federal deep state than in finding ways to defend Texans from it. Since the 2020...


Dangerous Ties: Communist China and Texas A&M

It is well documented that Texas A&M has had connections with entities controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The university claims that after 2021, they have “terminated all high-risk engagements,” yet admit to still having a connection with a CCP-controlled...


Abbott’s Appointments: The Bush Infiltration

Texas politics remain heavily influenced by the disgraced Bush dynasty. The family’s connections to both the Chinese Communist Party and the political persecution of a popular statewide official raises concerns about their level of influence. This is thanks in no...


Abusive Government Schools: Accountability Now

Government schools’ priority is money, not students. Forced transparency is needed in order to change the culture. In 1989, after Principal Joe Clark left New Jersey’s Eastside High School, it was widely reported that he warned “public education in this country is...