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Red Threat: Beijing Special Interests

Chinese Communist Party groups are lobbying Americans' and Texans' public servants for policy outcomes that benefit the CCP. Most Americans are aware of special interest lobbyists. Few know that the Chinese Communist Party is behind many such lobbying efforts and...


Red Threat: Big Brother Beijing

Chinese are under threat in Texas. China's repressive surveillance arm stretches into the Lone Star State, threatening Texans and Chinese alike. Nearly all Texans are aware of the crisis that has been unfolding at the southern border for the past several years. An...


Red Threat: China Invading Government Education

Many may recognize Communist China as an imposing threat on the world stage, but fewer realize its imminent threat in Texas and just how far its influence and repression reach. This infiltration is deeper than previously thought. Practically all Texans—and all...


2 Texases: Taxpayers Funding Opponents in Education

Struggling taxpayers are funding lucrative salaries at government schools. These institutions are indoctrinating students, failing to educate them, and opposing citizens. The Texas Constitution guarantees government education. It doesn’t require bureaucrats in the...


Destroying Souls: Cultural Rot Breeds Sex Slavery

A worsening culture is feeding sex slavery in America and Texas. It’s a major reason why this vampiric enterprise is plaguing the Lone Star State. Throughout this investigative series, Texas Scorecard has examined the craterous damage sex slavery leaves on its...


Destroying Souls: Sex Slavery Dominates Texas

Despite passing strong laws against the practice, specialists say sex slavery in Texas is worse than before. The immoral trade is plaguing Texas and Texans. Source Documents Texas Scorecard reviewed records obtained from the Office of the Attorney General detailing...