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Destroying Souls: Cultural Rot Breeds Sex Slavery

A worsening culture is feeding sex slavery in America and Texas. It’s a major reason why this vampiric enterprise is plaguing the Lone Star State. Throughout this investigative series, Texas Scorecard has examined the craterous damage sex slavery leaves on its...


Destroying Souls: Sex Slavery Dominates Texas

Despite passing strong laws against the practice, specialists say sex slavery in Texas is worse than before. The immoral trade is plaguing Texas and Texans. Source Documents Texas Scorecard reviewed records obtained from the Office of the Attorney General detailing...


Destroying Souls: Cures Worse Than the Disease

In public servants' response to the Chinese coronavirus, policies were enacted that ultimately hindered programs trying to address sex slavery in Texas. In some cases, Gov. Greg Abbott funded woke organizations with taxpayer monies in the name of fighting this immoral...


Destroying Souls: Sex Slavery in Texas

Sex slavery is plaguing the Lone Star State. The sex trade has a long and storied history in this state. Back in 1973, Texans were horrified when investigative reporter Marvin Zindler informed them that public servants were not enforcing the law against two brothels...


Corrupting Texas Education: The Dell Foundation

Another well-funded, tech-adjacent nonprofit has been allowed into Texas’ education apparatus. Their connections and ideological bent are a cause for concern as to what public servants have let into our children's system. As has been covered throughout this series,...


Corrupting Texas Education: Failing Children

A well-funded nonprofit, run by a controversial tech billionaire, has a long history of experimenting and failing in its attempts to improve public education. The nonprofit's record, and concerning connections, raise red flags about its involvement in Texas education....