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Communist China in Texas: Real Estate Expansion

Land acquisitions associated with the Chinese Communist Party do not always involve wind mills, agriculture, or even American military installations. Beijing also appears to be hungry for Texas real estate and real estate development projects. Previously in this...


Communist China in Texas: Targeting Oil & Gas

Infiltrating Texas’ commerce is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s multi-prong approach to contaminate and weaken the Western world. As part of that plan, Beijing has made serious inroads into the heart of our economic power, raising significant concerns at a time...


Communist China in Texas: Tainted Monies

In recent investigative reporting, Texas Scorecard has examined the length and breadth of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) infiltration into Texas at multiple levels: education, land, and politics. It’s through connections to our political network—both at the state...


Communist China in Texas: Gene Wu’s Connections

Concerning connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) exist with an elected representative to the Texas Legislature. For the past few weeks, as part of our months-long investigation, Texas Scorecard has been exposing CCP infiltration into our state’s education...


Communist China in Texas: Nonprofit Infiltration

In Texas Scorecard’s investigation of the Chinese Communist Party in the Lone Star State, we have uncovered their multi-pronged approach. Not only have they infested our state’s education apparatus, but are present in our land holdings and politics. Actions of...


Communist China in Texas: Drone Wars

Beijing once came close to getting the Texas Legislature to sign off on their drone surveillance of us. Evidence suggests they’re gearing up to try again. In the 2019 legislative session, two companies tried to push through changes that would have expanded drone usage...


Communist China in Texas: Political Infiltration

Texas’ education apparatus was successfully infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and their presence also became established in our agricultural sector. The third area this hostile foreign government successfully penetrated was our state’s political...


Communist China in Texas: Food Chokepoint

Ownership of Texas land by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), or their agents, presents multiple security risks, including one aimed at our food supply. According to the U.S China Economic And Security Review Commission’s annual report, “China’s military-industrial...


Communist China in Texas: Buying Our Land

Many Americans assume incorrectly that American soil is reserved for our citizens and businesses. The sobering fact, however, is that foreign nationals—both individuals and corporations—own a lot of land in America. Particularly troubling are incursions by the Chinese...

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