Christian, patriot, Border Patrol agent, Texas military guardsman, volunteer, husband, and father are some of the many titles Ammon Blair wears on a day-to-day basis.

In an interview with Texas Scorecard, Ammon’s young daughter could be heard in the background babbling to her dad as he described the litany of organizations and movements that he passionately dedicates time and energy to, and all for one reason: freedom.

“The purpose of this life is to return to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, so in order to do that, we must have freedom, and agency, and liberty,” Ammon explained. “It’s my aim to counter all forms of the greatest tyrannies in this world in order to bring about that change or that freedom. And so, I pick and choose avenues and areas, [and] I prioritize those [that] I think are the greatest threats to that freedom or to the Constitution.”

“I feel that by defending our rights, our God-given rights through the Constitution, doing that is one of the greatest single efforts that we can do.”

Currently an active Border Patrol agent, Ammon previously served in the U.S. military and was recently released from service as Texas guardsman due to his refusal to accept an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

Ammon first discovered the disaster along the Texas-Mexico border as an agent and was appalled, so he began sharing his experiences with journalists and congressional representatives in an effort to shed light on the issues he saw firsthand—but nothing was changing.

Ammon explained he “had no idea” about the state of the border before living beside it. “And this nation really doesn’t know.”

While frustrated at the lack of action, Ammon found the True Texas Project. Immediately becoming active in the grassroots movement, Ammon became co-director of True Texas Project Rio Grande Valley chapter less than two months after attending his first meeting.

True Texas Project is “an organization that actually tries moving the needle, as opposed to just promoting rallies and just promoting random material,” Ammon says.

Outside of the political realm, Ammon serves as the male youth director, the director of emergency preparedness and response, and the director of service projects for his church. He has also been working with Veterans for Child Rescue to combat child trafficking on the border and the Nazarene Fund to extract U.S. citizens from Afghanistan.

Acknowledging that he only sleeps about three to four hours a night, Ammon also prioritizes spending time with his children, involving them in the outdoors through hunting and fishing as well as practicing their various sporting interests.

Recently, his passion for advancing freedom and raising the next generation of Christian leaders has combined into a program Ammon has named the Sons of Liberty Project.

“A lot of males in society today are not males. And we have lost that rite of passage for a boy to become a man,” Ammon said.

Explaining that a similar cultural crisis to what America is currently facing was the impetus for the creation of the Boy Scouts, Ammon sees a gap that he can help fill.

“To one, not only make boys into men again, but to counter all the woke, CRT, feminization of boys, and the celebration of mediocrity,” he said.

Since “everything is now being used as a political tool,” from sports to scouts, Ammon’s aim is to spread truth and to secure for young boys the mentorship, skills, and knowledge they need to become strong, capable, and helpful Christian men in a broken and confused society.

“My biggest takeaway is to question everything and stop looking at mainstream media as your only source of information,” Ammon said. “The biggest thing is to actually find and understand the truth. And then from there, once we have an actual situational understanding of what we’re dealing with, then and only then can we move forward in a unified effort … and find organizations that are trying to actually do something, move the needle.”

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.