In advance of the 2014 local elections in May, Texans For Fiscal Responsibility today endorsed Anthony Wilder in his reelection bid for Carrollton City Council, Place 2.

Ross Kecseg, the TFR Metroplex office director, praised Wilder.

“With a professional background in finance and accounting, Mr. Wilder has developed the reputation as the fiscal sounding board of the council.  Additionally, he has opposed the issuance of unnecessary debt, even when taking such a stance was politically inconvenient”, said Kecseg. “Anthony has been unafraid to follow his convictions, exhibiting independent decision-making which is all-too uncommon on boards that often prioritize consensus over sound policy-making.  Despite having strong differences with his colleagues, he has managed to work with the council to implement improved standards that encourage efficiency, reduce waste and maintain quality city services.”

Texas Scorecard Staff

“Someone’s always keeping score. We think it ought to be the citizens.”