In advance of the 2014 November election, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility endorsed Bill Worsham in his bid for Austin City Council, District 10.

Dustin Matocha, TFR’s executive director, praised Worsham.

“As a civil engineer, Mr. Worsham will take a sensible approach to local policy making, asking if each tax dollar collected is being spent responsibly and efficiently, while ensuring that personal and economic liberty is protected at all times. He understands spending and tax increases must be curtailed in order to combat Austin’s growing affordability problem. Additionally, Mr. Worsham is committed to solving our transportation problems with commonsense solutions, not by throwing money into a boondoggle rail project that will cause more congestion problems than it alleviates.”

Texas Scorecard Staff

“Someone’s always keeping score. We think it ought to be the citizens.”