On December 13, protestors aiming to halt the grooming of children gathered outside of the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas during “A Drag Queen Christmas” show.

The group was led by This is Texas Freedom Force (TITFF).

However, just across the street stood armed John Brown Gun Club protestors—an Antifa-affiliated organization—joined with Travis Park Church and over a hundred others, protesting in favor of the perversion of children.

A police force remained in front of the doors to the theater, allowing children into the building, and keeping the two groups of protestors separated.

On the LGBTQ+ allied side of the protest, some protestors could be seen clad in BDSM harnesses and dog masks, lewd garments and lingerie, tags that read “F*** Nazis,” or rainbow flags and AR-15s.

One of their protestors sported brown slip lingerie, waving a sign around that reads, “Forced to arm, defend queer life,” as they continually touched themself through the bottom of their dress.

Another LGBTQ+ protestor screamed “Love that p*ssy!” in the faces of the other protestors.

On countless occasions, protestors in favor of the drag event tried to cross the street and threaten the other side, swinging baseball bats and batons in front of their faces. Law enforcement prevented the protest from turning violent, though.

Meanwhile, protestors on the other side of the street held signs, including, “Children are easy prey for predators when innocence is lost,” and, “Hey groomers! Leave those kids alone!”

Ford Fischer, a journalist and News2Share editor-in-chief, and reporters from KSAT 12 interviewed TITFF President Brandon Burkhart.

“We don’t allow children into strip clubs, we don’t allow children into comedy clubs, we don’t allow them into rated R movies; those are 18 and older,” said Burkhart. “Drag queen shows need to be the same way. You’ve got people in there that are performing, men that are scantily dressed in women’s lingerie. This is no place for a child.”

“We couldn’t care less about the gay people and what they’re doing. What they’re doing with another adult in their bedroom is their business. But whenever you bring underage kids into this it becomes our business. And we’re going to stand against it and put a stop to it in Texas,” Burkhart concluded.

Videos of the drag performers show the men dressed in skintight dresses, lingerie, and costumes highlighting their faux breasts and cleavage. The men have also performed dressed in demonic, creepy elf, and BDSM style costumes.

Ignoring the child-unfriendly nature of the shows, host of “A Drag Queen Christmas,” MPPresents, celebrated the counter protesters, thanking them for their “massive love and support.” The group posted on social media their excitement for the upcoming shows, thanking San Antonio for hosting, and reminding followers that their show is part of “the naughty tour” tag.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” has many more shows scheduled throughout the United States until the end of this month. The tour took a stop in Austin last night and will take on more stop in Texas on December 17, in Dallas.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.