Amid the flood of “Beto” signs that have overtaken several Texas cities, many of Senator Ted Cruz’s supporters have used their own yard signs to make their values known—if petty bureaucrats don’t stop them.

One McAllen resident is learning just how low some local officials are willing to stoop to censor conservative speech.

Adelaido Martinez is a liberty-loving patriot who has Ted Cruz signs in the front yard of his house, signs that the City of McAllen claims were “obstructing the view of traffic.” McAllen municipal code prohibits political signs on public property controlled by the city—property that includes up to 10 feet from the curb into McAllen residents’ front lawns.

In order to avoid punishment, Martinez moved his signs back a few feet, after two code enforcement officers came to his home to inform him he was not allowed to practice his right to free speech on his own property. If Martinez did not move his signs, he could have been fined up to $500.

Citizens should demand that their freedom to use their property how they see fit be respected.

McAllen residents can call City Hall at (956) 681-1020, or email Mayor Jim Darling at [email protected]