Darl Easton: Mayor of Euless - Texas Scorecard

In advance of the 2014 local elections in May, Texans For Fiscal Responsibility today endorsed Darl Easton in his bid for Mayor of Euless.

Ross Kecseg, the TFR Metroplex office director, praised Easton.

“Mr. Easton is a well-known, engaged resident with a vocal record of helping to more effectively educate his fellow residents,” said Kecseg. “He has first-hand, intimate knowledge of the municipal issues facing Euless taxpayers. Darl will continue to lead on basic, common-sense transparency protocol already adopted by surrounding communities.  It is crucial that Euless elect an independent voice of reason as a contrast to the local establishment’s governing attitude.  Darl’s dedication to fiscal prudence, open government and citizen engagement should give residents confidence he will faithfully serve as Mayor of Euless.”