In the open-seat race for Texas Governor, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility today announced the organization’s endorsement of Greg Abbott.

TFR’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan, said the endorsement was made after reviewing Mr. Abbott’s record defending Texas from an over-reaching federal government, and his campaign’s emphasis advancing commonsense policy reforms.

“Greg Abbott is a proven fighter, willing to take on the federal government when it oversteps its boundaries. Those same qualities will serve Texas well with Mr. Abbott as our governor,” said Sullivan. “More importantly, Mr. Abbott has made it clear that Texas cannot rest on past accolades. Greg Abbott is promoting a bold series of fiscal and governance reforms that will make the Lone Star State shine more brightly than ever before, ensuring that all Texans share in a prosperous future.”

Sullivan pointed to Mr. Abbott’s “Working Texans” policy proposals as evidence of the kind of reforms that will be sought by an Abbott administration.

“Greg Abbott brings a positive voice to the kind of public policy reforms that are widely supported by Texans, if not by the chattering-class in Austin’s lobby and media circles,” added Sullivan. “In Greg Abbott, we have an intellectual conservative who will speak out boldly for a stronger Texas.”

Currently serving as Texas’ Attorney General, Greg Abbott previously served on state Supreme Court.

About the other candidates:
Tom Pauken has ably advocated for conservative public policy in a variety of positions, including as the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas in the 1990s. As chairman of the state’s workforce commission, Pauken correctly advocated for a reinvigorated emphasis on vocational education to deal with the state’s high school drop-out rate.
Lisa Fitsch’s work as a radio host, author and motivational speaker is commendable, and brings forward a voice too often unheard on the public square.