House District 14: Raney Days - Texas Scorecard

It takes effort for a Republican to make Democrats look conservative, but College Station’s John Raney does just that. Just this fall, Raney co-hosted a political fundraiser with a South Texas House Democrat. (Yes, Raney is one of those Republicans.)

If there’s a business interest looking to be protected from competition, John Raney is there. He loves subsidizing Hollywood and any other special-interest with a handout. He is one of the lowest-ranked “Republicans” on every single list of fiscal and social issue groups.

He’s being challenged by a popular former College Station city councilman, conservative policy expert Jess Fields. We’ve proudly endorsed Fields in the race.

What’s Coming Up: Raney will start promising to spend even more of your money in an attempt to ingratiate himself even further with out-of-state business interests. Given that he’s raised money with Democrats, don’t be surprised if he switches parties.