House District 99: Goner Geren - Texas Scorecard

When asked why they keep voting for Charlie Geren, people in HD99 talk about his beloved mother or reference his popular older brother, Pete. No one quite knows what Charlie does; apparently voting for Charlie has been the community’s way of showing appreciation for the actual contributions made by the far more reputable Gerens in Tarrant County.

What he has done is enrich a group of cronies through his work helping the little-known “Tarrant Regional Water District” cheat taxpayers and landowners through abusive eminent domain and corporate welfare schemes. After expanding the district’s authority to take private land for government-sponsored commercial development, he helped delay TRWD elections twice.

Known in Austin primarily for having his staff drive him from bar to bar, Geren’s chief legislative “accomplishment” appears to have been helping State Rep. Byron Cook tank Gov. Greg Abbott’s popular ethics reform agenda that unanimously passed the Senate (31-0).

Geren is being challenged by business exec Bo French, whose standing in the community, picturesque family, and unmatched work ethic almost personifies the “happy warrior” mantra of Ronald Reagan. We couldn’t endorse French fast enough.

What’s Next: Charlie Geren is a one-trick pony, and that trick is going negative and nasty at the drop of a hat. He was recently seen berating one his own supporters at the country club when the fellow merely mentioned French’s affable nature. Grab your popcorn.