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Houston Mayor Rolls Out $6.7 Billion Budget

Houston Mayor John Whitmire rolled out his first city budget this week, calling it a bridge to 2026 and promising it will not raise taxes or reduce services.  The $6.7 billion budget, up 7 percent from 2024’s budget, closes a projected $160 million shortfall by...


Dallas Police Continue to Struggle with Response Times

As the police shortage in the City of Dallas continues, officer response times have improved over the past months but remain inconsistent.  Emergency calls to the Dallas Police Department are assigned a priority rating of 1-4 based on the seriousness of the call....


Denton ISD Admins Delay Criminal Electioneering Cases

Two Denton Independent School District administrators facing criminal electioneering charges delayed court appearances set for Monday. Jesus and Lindsay Lujan, a husband and wife who are both Denton ISD employees, were scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in...