The president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan, offered the following statement on the death threat and powdery substance he received in the mail today. In response, the building has been evacuated but the TFR staff has been asked to remain in the building.

“While opening routine mail today, I found a letter, addressed specifically to our organization, and inside was a threatening letter with a black powdery substance. We immediately contacted the authorities. Authorities asked my staff and I to remain in the building while the rest of the building was evacuated. We extend our deepest thanks to the professional men and women of Austin’s police and fire departments and their emergency response teams. We have been, and will continue, to fully cooperate with the authorities.”


5/28/24 Runoff Election Night in Texas!

- Beware of Politicians’ phony ‘reforms’. - Texas GOP passes new rule to close Primaries from Democrat influence. - Abraham George was elected as Chair of the Texas GOP.