Now more than ever, Texans need pro-taxpayer officials to stand against government growth and bureaucratic overreach. To that end, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is proud to endorse Councilmember Don Zimmerman for reelection to Austin City Council, District 6.

“Don Zimmerman has consistently fought for taxpayers and responsibility, despite great pressure from the Austin bureaucracy and grow-government crowd,” said TFR’s Central Texas Bureau Chief, Greg Harrison. “Whether he’s suing the city for unconstitutional overreach or simply raising questions about city finances, Zimmerman has been a rare voice of reason in city business.”

Time and time again, Zimmerman has demonstrated a strict adherence to principle and taxpayer advocacy. He voted against Mayor Adler’s massive transportation bond after attempting to split it up into pieces for the purposes of increasing accountability and council responsiveness. He voted against the recently passed city budget which will result in a higher overall tax burden for homeowners. Last but not least, Zimmerman hasn’t been afraid to take fights to the courts when the city oversteps its regulatory authority.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is the largest grassroots organization in Texas focused on state and local fiscal and governance policy issues. Endorsements are made in consultation with local advisers, subscribers, and supporters in each district.

“Austinites suffer from one of the highest property tax burdens in the state,” said Harrison. “Zimmerman has proven to be one of the few willing to stand against that rising tide and fight on behalf of taxpayers. The principled restraint that he brings to city dealings has been a rare and invaluable asset in a city hall plagued by fiscal mismanagement and regulatory overreach. We’re proud to support Don Zimmerman for re-election.”