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Illegal Border Crossers Given GPS Coordinates to Enter Texas

As illegal aliens continue to flood the southwest border, it has been revealed that these foreign nationals are provided with GPS coordinates that enable them to gather at specific locations on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande to cross en masse.  Although it is...


Will Gov. Greg Abbott Call Another Special Session?

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, giving a short reprieve to the special sessions in the state legislature, lawmakers are set to return this week.  But with the House having rejected Gov. Greg Abbott’s school choice priority, questions loom about how long the...


Abbott’s Appointments: The Bush Infiltration

Texas politics remain heavily influenced by the disgraced Bush dynasty. The family’s connections to both the Chinese Communist Party and the political persecution of a popular statewide official raises concerns about their level of influence. This is thanks in no...


McKinney ISD Finally Removes Sexually Explicit Books

In a win for parents pushing to protect students from exposure to sexually explicit content in schools, McKinney Independent School District has finally removed 73 titles from campus libraries. District officials say the books did not meet the “selection criteria”...


Dallas Police Response Times Slow

Staffing shortages within the City of Dallas Police Department are continuing to cause increased response times.  Calls to the Dallas Police Department (DPD) are assigned a priority rating of 1-4 based on the seriousness of the call. Priority 1 (P1) calls signify...


Tioga ISD Allows Groomer Teacher to Resign

The Tioga Independent School District Board of Trustees asked a teacher accused of grooming a now-former student to resign in the Monday evening school board meeting.  Given the district’s financial conditions, the school board members felt it would be too expensive...

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