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Mr. Vo’s Neighborhood

No one wants to be called a slumlord; bad for business. It's worse when it's the local paper. And it's disastrous when said slumlord is a state representative. Of course, since Hubert Vo's voting record is as ramshackle as the properties he owns, let's hope voters...

Money To Plan On

How much planning can you do with $1.7 million? And does any of it matter? The Texas Planning Assistance Grant Program is giving away that much of your money to 19 local "councils of government." What is a council of government? They allegedly exist to facilitate...

Liberal Babble Makes Us Poor

Liberals are always looking for anything they can dress up as "facts" to fit the left-wing social-engineering schemes they've been promoting for decades. No different is a "study" released by two leftist activist groups that claims Texas has one of the worst "income...

Shaheen’s Message Carries Day

Earlier this week we introduced Matt Shaheen, a strong conservative running for county commissioner in Collin County. He makes a persuasive case for why conservatives must be involved in local government. He made the case so well that he defeated an incumbent. That's...

The Reign of Error has Ended.

8 Term State Representative G.E. Buddy West was soundly defeated tonight by retired District Judge Tryon Lewis. What's even more breathtaking is that Judge lewis completely reversed the percentage of voters in 2 of the 3 counties that make up HD 81 (approx. 68% -...

Bryan Daniel Wins In HD52

Bryan Daniel won election in House District 52, seat made vacant by the retiring Mike Krusee in Williamson County. Daniel presented a clear message and was strongly supported by a coalition of conservatives. Congratulations!

Update: Legler Carries 144

Ken Legler beat Fred Roberts in the HD 144 race. Legler ran a strong campaign based on conservative solutions to pressing policy questions. Congratulations on a well run race!

Congratulations Ralph Sheffield!

In the hotly contested race to replace retiring representative Dianne Delisi, (Representative of Bell County and H.D. 55 for 9 terms) Ralph Sheffield has emerged victorious. Mr. Sheffield captured a convincing share of the vote total to beat big taxing and spending...

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