Someone is always keeping score.
We think it ought to be the citizens.

Through news reporting and investigative journalism, Texas Scorecard exists to disrupt statism and reconstitute self-governance by changing the Capitol-centric political and lobby culture so citizens can impose their agendas on politicians.

Texas Scorecard exists for the purpose of reporting on the advancement of self-governance in the Lone Star State, and beyond.



Publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan
CEO Nathan Ofe
Managing Editor Brandon Waltens
Senior Journalist Erin Anderson
Senior Journalist Jacob Asmussen
Senior Journalist Robert Montoya
Capitol Correspondent Sydnie Henry
Featured Contributors Juliana Berg, Charles Blain, Rachel Bovard, Adam Cahn, Sebastian Casto, Jim Ellis, Chris Fails, Bob Hall, Jeramy Kitchen, Luke Macias, Julie McCarty, Kambree Nelson, Jeremy Newman, Warren Norred, Bill Peacock, Jake Peterson, Joshua Pierce, Katrina Pierson, Iris Poole, Chris Putnam, Reagan Reed, Fran Rhodes, Matt Rinaldi, Jackie Schlegel, Ariana Silva, Michael Swirsky, David Vasquez, Thomas Warren III, Griffin White, James White, Emily Wilkerson
Operations & Projects Buddy Kipp
1836 Studios Producer Walker York
1836 Studios Producer Drew Koch
Studio Assistant  Luke Marshall
Copy Editor Gabbie Shafer
Controller & Data Manager Darrell Frost
Development Elizabeth McClung
Administrative Assistant Jessie Conner
Administrative Assistant Katy Drollinger

Our Promise

  • Never personal
  • Always trustworthy, with the facts in context
  • Relentlessly pro-citizen, unabashedly pro-liberty
  • Pursuing our heritage of self-governance
  • Inspiring, without venting

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