Texas Minute
Texas Minute
3.16.2023: The state takes over Houston ISD, and Biden is shredding the Second Amendment.


4.25.2024: Anti-Israel protest draws police at U.T.

Abbott Says Antisemitic Protestors Should Be Expelled… Phelan Appointee Signs on to Anti-Israel Letter… Austin to Consider Making City ‘Sanctuary’ for Child Gender Mutilation…. Texas’ Financial Transparency Has Worsened… Teacher […]

4.24.2024: Democrats handed another loss

Texas DEMs Lose Latest Attempt to Force Universal Voting By Mail… Lawmaker Wants Texas to Reject Federal Education Funds… Texas Supreme Court Puts Harris County’s Socialist Scheme On Hold… Police […]

4.23.2024: Ted Cruz has single-digit lead.

Ted Cruz (Barely) Leads Democrat Challenger… Colin Allred Ducks Border Vote… Travis County DA Could Be Removed Under New State Law… Granbury School Bond Opponent Arrested Over Campaign Bus Permit…

4.22.2024: One less leftwinger at UT.

Feminist Media Critic to Depart UT-Austin Over DEI Ban…
Paxton Highlights SCOTUS Ruling for Border Security Case… Houston Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship with a Student… Kerrville Residents Sue City Over […]