Texas Minute
Texas Minute
3.21.2023: U.S. Rep. wants to defund NPR and PBS, while the Texas House pushes cronyism and corporate welfare.


4.22.2024: One less leftwinger at UT.

Feminist Media Critic to Depart UT-Austin Over DEI Ban…
Paxton Highlights SCOTUS Ruling for Border Security Case… Houston Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship with a Student… Kerrville Residents Sue City Over […]

4.19.2024: Ask no questions?!

Texans to Elect Appraisal District Directors in May… How Did America Become ‘Family Unfriendly’?… Houston ISD Preps for Debt Push… Huffman ISD Attacks Paxton over Lawsuit… ANALYSIS: Ask No Questions…

4.18.2024: School superintendents making big money.

Border County Officials Want Special Session on Border Security… Texas Taxpayers Fund Sky-high Superintendent Salaries… TLR Helping Dade Phelan Raise Money in Houston… Democrat Sues Tarrant County GOP for Place […]

4.17.2024: Abbott slams Mayorkas.

Abbott Slams DHS Secretary Mayorkas for Comments in Guatemala… Texas Public Education is a Magnet for Illegal Aliens… Faculty Group ‘Shocked’ by UT Termination Letters to DEI Staff… Reading Isn’t Fundamental […]