Representative Brian Harrison represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that he was President Trump’s Chief of Staff at HHS.

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But the truth is, I really did he had more podcasts. had a conversation with a politician before the last election who shall remain nameless, this politician said to me, if we lose Texas, we lose the country. And we cannot afford to lose Texas and I when he met by we was conservatives, those who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and the idea of limited constitutional government. So I agreed with this politicians assessment. And there’s, there’s no joy I take in telling you what I’m about ready to tell you. But I think we’re in danger of losing Texas anyway, despite the fact that all three state top three state office holders are Republican, dare I say conservative, we still may lose the state because of the antics of those inside of the Texas House, who call themselves Republicans because of what they have done in the last legislative session. From the obvious states of impairment to the party atmosphere to doing very little work as compared to the Texas Senate. The signal has been sent to the grassroots to those who fund so called Republicans, don’t bother, don’t bother to look, I I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on here. Folks who are really Democrats can’t get elected as Democrats and most of Texas, so they call themselves Republicans. So there’s probably a strategy going on here where they show up into the Texas State House. And they do Democrat left wing crap in the name of republicanism in an effort to tarnish what it means to be a Republican, thus, the support for Republicans dries up, then it all turns back to Democrat like Texas used to be and these alleged lawmakers even though they don’t make great laws in the Texas House these days, these lawmakers, politicians, they switch back to the party in power where they’re most comfortable. And leftist skin. Democrats socialists left his skin. So it’s it’s rather insidious, what’s being done. I, I talked to Sid Miller, he’s the Agricultural Commissioner who was banned from twitter saying he was going on a rhino hunt, politically speaking and these idiots at Twitter, I mean, for crying out loud. targeting your your opponents politically hasn’t been a time honored tradition in the United States. It’s what our republic is all about. And they should get over themselves in this. And they only take it literally when it comes from a conservative. I mean, leftists can make full blown threats and still stay on Twitter. It’s it’s a joke. It really is. But Sid Miller said to me, that he believes that that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by by leftist by Marxists. And judging by the work product that was set up by the leadership in the Texas House in the last legislative session, I’m having a hard time disagreeing with him. I think I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing folks is this is a multi pronged I’m attack on the opposition party to the Democrats. Why else would Dade feeling go and hire a an Obama lawyer to be as parliamentarian? Now, look, I’m a conservative. I wouldn’t trust a leftist as far as I can throw them. But the reason why that that leftist was hired was to thwart and stymie conservative legislation. We also found out that the left wingers who are pretending to be Republicans, that were part of that impeachment committee of Ken Paxton that these individuals met with another Obama lawyer ahead of the impeachment, Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t really care for Ken Paxton, Ken Paxton spent the majority of the Obama regime trying to stop all the damage that Obama was doing to to this country to the greatest degree possible by insulating Texas from the attacks from this left winger. So Ken Paxton, stands up against the left wingers and the attacks on our people. The Texas house, so called Leadership hires these people to come into Texas and undermine the state of Texas, your rights, your liberties and your freedoms. I’m sorry, I’m sick and tired of this. And I think you ought to be as well. One of the conservatives, who sits in the Texas State House. His name is Brian Harris, and he used to work for the, for the Trump administration at HHS. We will discuss all the goings on from the impeachment, and a lack of work turned in by the so called leadership in the Texas House in the last legislative session on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor, are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality, affordable health coverage? American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services, including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals. There are private plans and rolling the time and they’re 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans. 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So if you prize your values if you like, good value, and you want to keep your liberty loving Latino, conservative, strong and unafraid go to patriot use my promo code storm get free activation or call 972 patriot 972 Patriot take a stand against the woke at patriot a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax genital mutilation is happening in Texas kids, these abusive medical practices are being pushed by the radical woke leftist in our state. You can go to Texas to learn more and get real news for real Texans i This is gonna be instructional. Texas, I believe, has the foundations for doing government the right way, a legislature that meets every other year, basically forcing these politicians to live in the world they create for the rest of us. So they don’t have to rely on taxpayer dollars. To fund them. They actually have to go out and make a living. So I think it’s that we’re on the right track here. But since I have been here since 2006, things have been going on a downhill slide as in my opinion. The Democrat Party has infiltrated the socialist the Marxist have infiltrated the Republican Party, and they now are in key leadership positions. They have been in key leadership positions. Speaker Straus, not a Republican, he’s a socialist. Dennis Bonnen the same thing and boy Dennis Bonnen was was crooked. As a matter of fact, it was the Chris Salcedo show that debuted the tape that revealed just how crooked Dennis Bonnen and the Texas leadership has been on the House side, which led to his resignation. And that we were proud to do that, because Republicans cannot emulate Democrats else we have no choice, the corruption of Democrats we can we can allow our so called leaders to do that. And I thought it was a different day when Speaker feeling took the gavel, because he came on he talked with us, He assured us, for example, there would be a vote on parental school choice, education freedom in Texas. And then my understanding is he worked to kill that vote. So let’s talk about what’s actually going on inside the legislature with an insider representative Brian Harrison, he represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that he was President Trump’s chief of staff at HHS representative. Welcome back to the Salcedo storm podcast. Chris, good morning from your state capitol in Austin, Texas. Always great to talk to you. Great to talk with you as well. So let’s start off first, with the myriad special sessions. Now this to me, this is Governor Greg Abbott, telling the house, you didn’t do your damn job. We had priorities that are outlined by the voters priorities that were outlined by the governor, the lieutenant governor by conservatives who have the majority in the state. And what the House did was promptly ignore all most of those priorities. So that’s why we have to have special session after special session after special session. Am I Am I correct? In my analysis? Yeah, you’re right. I mean, look, Chris, I’m a proud native Texan and Texas. For a long time. I’ve got a well earned reputation for leading the nation in the defense of freedom and individual liberty and private property rights. But you know what, Chris, I think we got a real chasm here between textin 30 million Texans that I’m honored to serve and their priorities and the priorities of their government. And I feel like the Texas government is doing way too much coasting on our reputations. And you’re right. The reason we’re in special sessions, the first one or the second of gonna be probably many is because we spent the whole session down here doing things like passing the biggest budget in the history of the state of Texas. I mean, we grew government at the state level a staggering 25%. Just from last time these the Democrats really don’t grow government that big that fast. Okay. We found time to do an impeachment that was not well put together, we found time to pass property tax relief not for individual Texans, Chris, but for rich woke both national corporations who are rich and don’t need the handouts, we gave them property tax relief, but no property tax relief protected. And if you if you were to ask my constituents, what you got two things to do this session, what would they probably say? They’d say, secure the border and give us that surplus. You’re sitting on back and get our property taxes to sit down so we can stop the attack out of our home. We didn’t do it for that we didn’t do either of those things. The Texas House chose to protect COVID vaccine mandates while other states Republican states are are banning them. We couldn’t get school choice even to be debated on the floor, just like COVID vaccine mandates were banned from even getting on the floor. So yeah, lots of failures. And that’s and Governor Abbott’s exactly right to call us back here. Well, yeah, and I wouldn’t call it failures. I believe it was a deliberate, calculated maneuver by those who pretend to there are Republicans who are sadly in part of your leadership. Let me you brought up you brought up the Paxton impeachment and I was gonna go to property taxes first because that’s where the current special session is. But since you brought up Paxton, the daily wire, Ryan Cervera. Had a piece out earlier in the month, where he said that Texas, the Texas House committee, met with an Obama lawyer and Democrat donor during the probe of Attorney General Paxton let me ask you, Representative Harrison, what our so called Republicans doing during an impeachment, a so called probe and impeachment probe into ag Paxton, what are they doing meeting with an Obama donor and Obama lawyer? Well, I’ll ask him a better question, Chris, which is why does House leadership have as the most important staffer, the most powerful person in the chamber in the Texas House of Representatives, the house parliamentarian who every day allows Democrats to kill Republican bills to be a former Barack Obama, Democrat lawyer in the White House. People don’t know this, Chris, the most important and most powerful person in the Texas House of Representatives is somebody who is elected by nobody. He’s the house parliamentarian, and he is quite literally a far less liberal Democrat activist who was a Barack Obama lawyer. That is a person who advises the speaker on every single challenge that Democrats bring to kill Republican conservative Bill Are you are you telling me that speaker date feeling air quotes Republican Speaker date feeling hired a left wing extremist socialist Mark assist Obama lawyer to be his primary advisor. I don’t know who hired him it was before I got here. But that is currently who the speaker relies on to advise him every time a Democrat tries to come up and kill the Republican bill. So for example, when we have the there was only one real serious piece of border security legislation that was going to be contemplated. I worked on that with Representative Matt Schaefer, it was called House Bill 20, would have actually locked down the border allowed for immediate deportations. It was a serious bill. Yeah, that’s what our citizens need. That bill didn’t lose on a vote. The Democrats were allowed by House leadership to kill it on a point of order a ticky tacky technical complaint they had about Phil, and guess who decided that the Liberal Democrat Barack Obama former appoint the White House lawyer decided that case was advised the speaker that that bill should not be allowed to be considered debated, or voted on the floor. I would like to have 1000 times especially Yeah, I’d like to know who made the decision to hire a Marxist Obama lawyer to advise the so called Republican leadership. And in the in the legislature, I’d like to know that let’s let’s pivot to property taxes, because you’ve got the house and Governor Abbott on one side, and you’ve got the Senate on the other side, I interviewed on on my podcast, Representative Harrison, a man who is seeking to dethrone speaker feeling in his district running against him in his district, and he is running for the State House, and he favors the Senate Bill. Where are you? Well, look, I really appreciate what lieutenant governor is trying to do. And then the priority of his plan individual primary residence is homeowners and believing that is the biggest and most insidious part of our property tax system is that you can’t own your own home. So what he’s trying to do with a homestead exemption up to $100,000, I really appreciate that goal, because we got to allow homeownership in Texas, the House plan is that they’re both agreeing on the amount of money. That’s important. It’s a little complicated, but they both agreed to take 17, or it’s really 12 new money of the $40 billion surplus we got given in property taxes and Palutena governor wants to do it mostly through homestead exemptions, and in some through what’s called compression or lowering the rates, the House wants to do it all through lowering the rates. Here’s my point on property taxes, we any serious plan has got to put us on a path to property tax elimination. That’s part one, part two, we have got to do more, we’re sitting on a record almost $40 billion surplus. A surplus just means we took too much of your money, we should be getting at least half of that back to be serious about our commitment to get rid of property taxes. And so reducing the burden of crushing property tax on individual tech. I hope whatever ends up getting to the fore here for a vote, it is bigger than what either chamber is contemplating right now. I hope so too. And you know what, why not just combine the two proposals and do it all? Because 40 Billions an awful lot, an awful lot of money. And I think there’s plenty of money there to accommodate the goals of both chambers. You’d think Well, that’s the thing. Actually, I mentioned a minute ago, Representative Schaefer, and I couple conservatively put out a statement to that effect, saying hey, there could be a compromise here. Take all the rate lowering efforts of the house, combine it with the homestead exemptions of the Senate, just don’t do them to get together, get the package bigger, don’t compromise one to do the other. Do them both. We absolutely have more than enough money to do both. That could be the grand compromise. That could be something I could support. Damn straight out. We’re talking to Representative Brian Harris and everybody the 10th district here in the state of Texas, in the state house. School choice, you and I already alluded to this. We know that 23 Republicans voted against school choice to stab every parent and every child in the back in this in the state led by a man by the name of Charlie Garin. In my opinion, they have earned a primary challenge all of those Republicans who voted to stymie that and I’m gonna bring up something here, Texas public universities, this is government money, taxpayer money, or offering minors, minor degrees and LGBTQ studies. This is this is the deviancy that Charlie Garin stands for and those 22 other Republicans stood for, and trying to make sure that that our money remains out of our control and that these deviant left wing nut jobs continue representative to have the our children’s minds in their hands. It is in my mind out of everything else that was done, including property taxes. This was the biggest betrayal of the Republican leadership in the House. Am I wrong? Well look you And earlier in the session, while the school choice wave of personal empowerment is sweeping the nation in the first budget of the Texas House passed, it had a provision that did not only didn’t create school choice, it made school choice illegal. There was an amendment that passed into the Texas budget that banned school choice. Okay. And I want to say to listen, overwhelmingly, Texans of all stripes, support school choice, Republicans, Democrats, independents from every socio economic background, part of the state, rural urban parents want to be in charge of their kids. Education is the most important domestic issue for us right now with indoctrination on the rise. And I would say to my colleagues, in government, your voters want this you oppose school choice, you are turning your back on your voters who elected you. You are saying to parents, I do not trust you to be in charge of your kids education. And you are owning the fact that only 24% Chris 24% of Texas eighth graders are proficient in reading and math. And if you oppose school choice, you own the liberal indoctrination, that is happening in public schools across the state of Texas doesn’t mean we don’t have some good ones we do my kids go to public schools. But we have got to make sure every parent has a chance to control the environment and the place and how the manner that their kids get an education. The governor wants it. Lieutenant Governor wants that the Texas Senate passed it. The Texas House leadership so far has blocked a bill from even being debated on the floor. It’s a it’s a travesty. And as you the more important thing out of all of that is the majority of Republicans, Democrats, independents in the state of Texas, want an overwhelming majority, almost two thirds of the voters of Texas want it. So and as you rightly point out the Texas House leadership is giving the middle finger to two thirds of the Texas voters, which is a very Democrat, socialist Marxist thing to do. I might point out, we are speaking with Brian Harrison 10th district here in the statehouse, in Texas. Mr. Harrison, do you know who Lois Kolkhorst is? I do. She’s a colleague of mine over on the on the Senate side. She is a senator. That’s correct. She put forth a very common sense bill there, but it prevented America’s enemies like Iran, mother, Russia, and China from buying land in Texas that would put our food supply at risk that would allow foreign governments to spy on our military installations. And on our people. It was a very common sense provision. It died in the house. Can you give me the name of the person or persons who killed it? So her bill, I do remember her bill, it was a good bill. I do not know why we tolerate hospital foreign ownership of Texas Land. I can tell you. That’s the my memory on that bill. Chris got to committee. It was referred to a committee. I think it was the Committee on state affairs. I could be wrong, but I think it was the state affairs committee. And that was as far as it went. So just just educate the Texans that are listening to your be good listeners, they’re not in Texas, when a bill shows up in the house, it has two sets, it’s got to go one to a committee of jurisdiction. So in this case, state affairs, if it gets out of that, then it goes to the committee on calendars, then that’s the committee that allows it or does not allow it to go to the floor. So for example, this bill told force bill, good bill to protect Texas private property from hostile foreign ownership. It didn’t even make it through the first step. bills like secure and certain border security bills or the COVID vaccine mandate bill. That bill made those bills made it through the first committee, but then the calendars committees decided to protect COVID vaccine mandates, but not even letting the House debate it even though the public health committee so voted it out. Well. So tell me the complicated, but the bottom line is the leadership decides what gets through the floor. Right? Who who chairs the committee that it didn’t get out of? If it was state affairs, and I think it was that the representative named Todd Hunter, Todd Hunter. So I’m not going to ask you to comment on Mr. Todd Hunter, and those on that committee. But those who defeated that Bill inside of that committee, Todd Hunter, and this host opinion, is a traitor to the United States of America is a traitor. If you want to continue to facilitate communist China’s ability to compromise our food supply and to gain a foothold into the United States. That is a traitorous action. And you’re going to impeach Ken Paxton on some trumped up charges launched by an Obama lawyer or influenced by the Obama clique in Washington DC, then you better have a look at individuals who are operating at the behest of Communist China in the Texas Legislature. We’ll be putting out a an ask to Todd hunter to come on and justify his actions. The last thing I wanted to talk to you about what As and we were just running out of time plumb at a time, we didn’t do anything on the power grid, very little on securing and making sure, because I guess 250 Dead Texans, Representative Harrison wasn’t enough for the Texas House. They want to have more dead Texans and and now we’re already with the heat. We’re facing the possibility of rolling blackouts, because we don’t have the ability and the capacity to meet demand because we’re we’re over reliant on unreliable green energy. The last thing I want to talk to you, while the last thing I want to talk to you about is dysfunction in the legislature. We can’t seem to get anything done. And we have to have the grown ups like Governor Abbott, come in and spank the left wing leadership who call themselves Republicans in the House to make them do their job. You’ve got good people working over in the Senate doing good work and conservative work for the majority of the state of Texas. How do we solve this dysfunction? Well, the two issues actually go together, Chris, I mean, all that you talked about dysfunction. The Texas House protected not ban COVID vaccine mandates, the Texas House didn’t let school choice even be debated on the floor. We didn’t do enough on ESG. We didn’t do hardly anything on election integrity. The Texas House calendars committee killed a bill that would have overhauled emergency executive powers, which, through COVID, we learned that, you know, we got to take that more seriously. We didn’t do much on deregulation, we didn’t put property taxes on a path of elimination, we didn’t even debate a single series of border security bill, you’ve already talked about foreign hostile ownership of the Texas plan we didn’t cut spending anywhere. And then to your other point on the grid in the energy market. It’s just one of the same there were so many good, strong bills to both protect the strength of our grid against the tax, as well as to reorient our energy market away from these untested, unreliable, overpriced, highly subsidized renewable sources. And we’re adding 1000 people a day to Texas, we got more energy resources in Texas than just about anywhere on planet Earth. And every day of the summer. We’re worried about whether we can keep the lights and the fans on. Thank you, Chris. This is an absolute disgrace, it’s indefensible. And the Texas Legislature has got to get more in line with the needs of the people of the great state of Texas and I’m sick and tired of my constituents. Constituents waking up in the summer wonder when they flipped that switch? If those lights are gonna come on, it’s not acceptable. It is representative Brian Harrison 10th district here in the state of Texas, sir, I appreciate your good work. You’ve been on the right side of history. I hope you guys in the Freedom Caucus in Texas can do something about your Texas House leadership, because it’s killing they are killing the state. They are threatening to kill the Texas miracle. And it can’t be allowed to happen, sir. Well, that’s right. You know, I’ve got four young kids the oldest. The only thing that motivates me and the other conservatives down here is to make sure the next generation can inherit a free and prosperous Texas look, I want government to be as irrelevant to our lives as possible so we can be as free as God meant for us to be and we’re not going to give up that fight. Amen, sir. Thank you very much. Appreciate the visit. Thanks, Chris. And that’s gonna do it for this edition of The Saucedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor if you want to keep track of everything that’s going on in the Texas Legislature exposing all the malfeasance in the Texas legislature in the house, go to Texas And there you will find where they have the legislature covered like white on rice, my friends also pay a visit to Chris It’s where you can track down the core Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and are Newsmax Monday through Friday on Newsmax TV. So we got you covered on talk radio, we got you covered on television, and we got you covered in the podcast arena, all at Chris Until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth, we don’t measure that worth by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. We measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. 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