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A Needed Border & Debt Ceiling Discussion With Conservative Chip Roy

Conservative Texas Congressman Chip Roy.

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You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say, he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did. He had guts, he still struggles for podcasts. Think Texans are getting an idea now of just how entrenched to this bush, left wing, pro Democrat, Republican Party is in the state of Texas, those who who never really stopped being Democrats in their hearts, but turned Republican when the state flipped just so they could continue to have elect electoral presence in the legislature and run our lives. And I think after this legislative session, a lot of folks are getting the the hint, holy crap. There are a lot of people who call themselves Republicans who are really Marxists, who are really Democrats. Let me give you an example of one write up on this, the Dallas reporting on how this has been the most shameful and disgusting legislative session turned in by the house in memory. And that is earning the Speaker of the Texas House Dade feeling and his lieutenants, his left wing lieutenants who call themselves Republicans, but if facilitated, cancerous, and damaging Democrat policies, has led to a lot of criticism of all of them from actual conservatives, Representative Tony Tinder hold for example, I Republican from Arlington criticizing feelings leadership tweeting, the cards were purposefully stacked against Republicans as usual. We do it to ourselves, we control when bills move, what day they hit the floor and what happens while on the floor. Don’t let one Republican member tell you we ran out of time, we almost got that priority passed. He added. This movie was already scripted, approved and cast with known outcomes before the filming ever began. today. What he’s making reference to is the drama, the unnecessary drama that was set up by the leadership in the Texas House by Speaker feeling and and his lieutenants, who facilitated and delayed and scripted with full consultation with Democrats an effort to kill bills the Democrats just don’t want because as you know, the Speaker of the Texas House is a bipartisan position. He may call himself a Democrat. Sorry, Freudian slip there. He may call himself a Republican, but he is elected by Republican and Democrat votes. So he is beholden to pass their priorities every bit as much as he is Republican priorities and this legislative session, the Democrat priorities one out and consequential and real and substantive bills that could have benefited our people, Republicans and Democrats in particular school choice. School choice was supported by Republicans, Democrats, independents. A clear majority of all Texans want school choice, but because Democrats told their speaker David feeling that it was a no go and enough Republicans peeled away 23 traitorous Republicans peeled away and told Texans screw you stabbed every Texan parent in the back. Charlie Garin speaker feeling 22 other Republicans joining every socialist to do this to parents. Now, in a similar expression. With only one week left in session, Brian Harrison, a Republican from Midlothian lamented on Twitter that the Republican controlled House had not passed. Education freedom passed real border security passed a ban on China virus mandates had refocused the energy market on reliable sources of energy so we wouldn’t get a Snowmageddon that killed 250 of our of our people focused on banning taxpayer funded lobbying focused on banning the dye agenda, the diversity inclusion equity agenda of the socialists, putting any limits on executive power. They didn’t they didn’t even bother to address the elimination of property taxes. And that was the legacy of the Texas Legislative session from the house. Now the Senate was a completely different ball of wax. The Senate got to work did all of their work. completed all of the Republican priorities and then some, and they proved that it is possible to get work done in Austin. They proved it that it could actually work. Another one of the big and glaring drops of the ball. What basically folks this this wasn’t a dropped ball is representative Tinder hold, alluded to this was all planned. You were all going to get screwed over by the Texas House leadership from the very beginning of session, but instead of conservative priorities, the Democrat enabling speaker, along with the Democrat, enabling lieutenants in the Republican Party, teed up something different, a a legislative session that was completely deferential to Democrats. And then they put a capper to give a big middle finger to every conservative in the state who was applauding the Texas Attorney General in his efforts to bring accountability for voting fraud, to bring accountability to the Biden administration for all of the damage the Biden administration is doing to Texas. The the Republican leadership in the Texas House, teed up an impeachment to get rid of the last conservative that they have very little leverage over. And that’s that was their parting gift to all of you, Republicans and you conservatives out there in the grassroots in Texas. The big screw you were in charge, not you, as far as I’m concerned that if if the Republican leadership and the Texas House if their first priority wasn’t impeaching the eight justices in the criminal court of appeals, who passed down a disgraceful and disgusting ruling, that said the Attorney General cannot prosecute voting fraud. I mean, really, if you’re going to try to impeach the Attorney General of the State of Texas, before you impeach those clowns, we know that the Texas leadership of the house isn’t in it for the well being of Texas, there was another big revelation that the Texas Republican leadership isn’t in it for the benefit of Texas. And one of the big things that they were committed to delivering for Democrats on was making sure that massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration continues to wipe out Latino communities in South Texas. And there’s a price for that. Of course, we’re going to pay it speaker feeling won’t and the Republicans like Charlie Garen won’t, but Texans will the full gravity and scope will explore next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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Gentlemen, welcome to you both. Thanks for having us, Chris. Well, let’s let’s have some frank talk about what’s really going on. I guess I have to start here because the biased press is saying, hey, title 42 went away. And there’s there’s no surge. That’s not exactly true. Is it Roy? No, it’s it’s not true. What it is, there’s a handful of different things that are going on that make it look that way. And I guess we’ll get into that a little bit. But the fact that the state of Texas has taken a stance to actually repel illegal aliens from entering the country, along with the NGOs, working to get them in through different areas and border patrol not counting them, as well as the ones that are marching up towards towards Kenny County at this very moment. It kind of makes it look like something that it’s not especially if you want to report with with your eyes closed. Yeah. Brad, what what’s your take on the media spin on this? Well, they’re ignoring you know, even if we go with our numbers that we have reported right now, it’s still a crisis. You know, you know, the title 42 surge, which is kind of make the crisis that much worse. You know, we have we do have report so that, you know, everyone that was repelled, and the browser area is now heading north into the state of Coahuila and Mexico and to the Eagle Pass Canyon County and Del Rio area. So our reports are that they’re going to start over Driving this Thursday. And so we’re starting to brace for the impact and try to, you know, fortify the border and see what we can do. But, you know, I think Mike banks, the borders are that the governor is appointed, he’s done an outstanding job. I think that’s a game changer in browser and what he did down there. And I believe a lot of people saw it, and realize like, that’s the solution. The State of Texas just had to keep doing that and to provide something for this system to this state. Sheriff, I talked to our our mutual friend, Mr. Koh, on the Newsmax show. And at one point, I believe it was him who was having to put up razor wire and barricades around schools to handle the what now the press is regarding is as normal every day illegal immigration crisis as opposed to illegal immigration crisis on steroids. So you mentioned earlier Sheriff, that there are things that are happening to try to give the illusion that there is no surge give me an example of those things. Well, the reason is, is, is multi fold. First off is because, like Brett said, The borders are has gone down and at the direction of the governor, they’ve actually repelled a lot of the illegal aliens back into Mexico, those individuals, instead of turning around and coming right back into Texas, are marching up through Mexico headed to a different area to enter into Texas. Also, when I was down there recently, when Senator Cruz was there, I went down to Ansel do a park. And what we saw was Catholic Charities working hand in hand with other agencies to covertly bring people into the country who, from what I understand from my contacts and border patrol. They’re not being counted. So those numbers are never showing up anywhere. Border Patrol has become very adept at failing to count people who are apprehended or who surrendered themselves, under certain circumstances. And by doing that, what they’re doing is they’re, they’re falsifying the numbers of illegal entries into this country on a daily basis. And it makes it look like there’s a lot less people coming across the border, but in reality, it’s not the truth. They’re still coming. They’re just not being counted. Mr. Smith. So in that regard, Catholic Charities are are they facilitating illegal immigration into the United States? Are they are Catholic Charities facilitating breaking the law? Oh, absolutely. They’re the last leg of the cartels, as far as I’m concerned. They know what they’re doing is not only incentivizing legal immigration, that the cartels whole process of bringing people from other countries into ours. And then they’re doing the last leg of it to, you know, to cities all over the nation. And so it’s something that I think we need to as a state get on top of, and if necessary, start, you know, start prosecuting for smuggling. Yeah, you know, I’m a practicing Catholic, and I am disgusted with what Catholic Charities has been doing with illegal immigration. It is, it is the call of every Christian to be charitable. But you draw the line, when you start breaking the law. When you start advocating and facilitating the breaking of the law, folks, we’re having a conversation with Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad. County and Brent Smith. He’s the county attorney for Kenny County, Texas. Gentlemen, let me focus in on a question that, that we shouldn’t have to, to answer. And I don’t even know if you guys have seen any stats on this because I believe our own government tries to hide this information from us, Sheriff, how many foreign gang members how many foreign military members, how many Narco terrorists are coming across that border into the United States over the last two years? God knows, Chris, because you’ve got to remember that the numbers reported by border patrol probably make up about 8% of the actual number of people that have illegally entered the country. And so there’s not much telling exactly how many of those folks there are running around and around this great nation at this point in time. But gee, all you got to do is look up at San Jacinto County, and I’ve talked to the sheriff up, there’s a friend of mine, to see the travesty in the murder that happened up there. I’ve sat down with sicarios who are here in the United States. And unfortunately, we have a free for all where anybody and everybody who’s connected to the cartel can come and go as they want. And it’s very dangerous situation. And I think it’s going to change the dynamic of law enforcement throughout the United States over the next decade. You know, I know Democrats don’t really particularly care to think about this or even care that this is happening. But Mr. Smith, I I am very worried that foreign militaries, Russia, China, or Iran are seeing our wide open borders and saying is just too good to pass up. Why don’t we since they’re allowing everybody in every Tom, Dick or Harry, anybody that says says the magic a word, and they’re not referencing Joe Biden they’re actually saying asylum without a word. They’re saying that they that they can come in and they can come from they could be of Middle Eastern descent they could be of, of Asian descent doesn’t really matter, you they just get in. Don’t you think it would be foolhardy for a foreign government not to take advantage of, of getting trained military into the United States if we’re being the stupid? Absolutely. And I guarantee you that we have, you know, admitted terrorist and trained military in that we don’t even know about, you know, in Kinney County, our county goes up north quite a ways. And I know of, you know, 1000s of illegal aliens that have traveled more than 50 miles, 60 miles on foot, on foot the whole way from the border. So if you’re willing to travel up towards of 60 miles on foot, you are doing a whole lot of evading and not wanting to get caught by law enforcement. There are good reasons why. And there’s, you know, I know that there’s special routes, the cartel uses to move high value targets or, you know, high value members that pay a whole lot of money for almost a guarantee not to get caught, and they use those routes. And so, yeah, make no mistake, Chris, we have people in this country that are doing their mean, our country harm. And that is a guarantee. You know, I was I was contacted by by somebody claiming and again, I haven’t even talked with him yet to see what they’re offering to see if they’re even legitimate. But I do know there are groups down there, gentlemen have private citizens who are taking who are saying, well, the drug cartels are going to go vigilante, I might as well too. So these private groups are going down there, they’re armed. And this group sent me an email claiming they found some communication devices from the cartels. And they’re not comfortable sharing it with government because they know that our government will bury it. But they want they want to show me what’s on what’s on these, these foreign Narco terrorists, a cell phones the information. Sheriff Boyd, what what do you think I’m going to see? Well, there’s not much so much, you’ll see. Well, I’ll tell you this much on our investigations that we’ve done, we’ve taken quite a bit of stuff off cell phones. We’ve got everything from videos of girls paying for their smuggling through sexual acts to an actual brush trip CL being filmed, where the guides are filming what they’re doing. We’ve recovered all kinds of different stuff. But beyond the cell phones, you’re for a long time, believe it or not, the cartels have bought lifetime on Chinese military satellites. And I have this from a colonel at the Pentagon, who told me that for a long time, the cartels have teamed up with the Chinese Communist government. And they will rent time to watch the border live in real time. So that they can send a group of illegals or an old load of marijuana up to a location, they can actually have Border Patrol DPS and thereby tied up all excited slapping each other on the back for finding these 20 people or this 400 pounds of marijuana. And all it is is a you know it’s a distraction so that they can then move the real valuable loads around them while they’re tied up. And the cartels are watching them from satellite live as they do it. You know, and so I think the capabilities of the cartel are far more than the average person comprehend No kidding, and that the average person being Joe Biden doesn’t seem to comprehend or he doesn’t care about the American people a Brent. There is a report being done by the Texas scorecard that highlights that Texas has now become one of the capitals of the United States for sex trafficking, meaning these cartels are using Texas and they’re finding a market in Texas for the exploitation of children sexual exploitation of children, and and women. Are you hearing some of this? I am. I mean, I know Dallas and Houston are the huge hubs. But you know, and Texas is participating in allowing this to occur, the longer our borders are open, and I do know that then a lot of them are transferred to Atlanta, Georgia. That’s also another large hub. It’s nationwide. But the majority of it Chris starts in Texas, if we stop them coming through it, you know, border crime is such a unique type of crime because every time someone gets killed, injured overdoses, it all comes back to the border, which is preventable. Most crime, you know, boy, Chair boy can tell you it’s not 100% preventable. The border crime actually is if you have a secure border, and you don’t allow drugs or humans that would commit those crimes to come through. That crime never occurs. You can actually prevented. And that’s why I think it’s so important people realize the violence and destruction that we’re seeing in our country is totally preventable. Whether the federal government or the state government or somebody secures the border, every crime committed by an illegal alien is one that is unnecessary. That shouldn’t be happening. In fact, the Republicans now are finally, they’re kind of hypocritical in this because a lot of those Republicans put us in this position to begin with, but that they’re accusing Joe Biden of being culpable for allowing an illegal alien to come in and committed a recent murder, I believe was of a 16 year old child, if I’m not mistaken. Folks are having a conversation with Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad. County, and Brent Smith. He’s the county attorney for Kinney County, Texas. Guys, I want to talk about this shift that I’m hearing the words San Diego a lot more they just caught a terrorist suspect out there on the terror watch list, as we all know, as we mentioned already, terrorists foreign military, Narco terrorists gaining access to the United States, but I’m hearing because of perhaps the efforts of, of Texas pushing back on all of this, the sheriff that things are shifting westward, and the next most hospitable state to illegal immigration is California. Is that Is that what you’re hearing through the grapevine? We know that because of the efforts that are going on in the state of Texas, both at the state and the local level that things have been moving towards the west, you know, and you can see that kind of in a microcosm with what us closer to the to the Gulf Coast, when when we formed our task force, and we began conducting enhanced enforcement operations, and dismantling smuggling organizations that were operating in our area. The remnants of the remnants of those organizations immediately moved out towards Eagle Pass and Del Rio, and right in, of course, the backyard of Sheriff Cohen, and Brent Smith. And we see that, you know, the cartels are like water, they take the path of least resistance, because we have to remember, they have one goal and one goal only. And that is to make as much money as they can. And if you can reduce that profit margin from their business venture, then they will go somewhere else where that profit margin won’t be, won’t be messed with. And so I think that what the governor is trying to do, and, and I agree with Brent Smith, that Mike Max was an outstanding choice for that, because he’s more of a mission oriented person. He’s not a bureaucrat or politician, that because of his drive, and him forcing the state to do some things that otherwise may not be done, that these cartels are having to look for a different route. And sometimes that means leaving Texas border altogether. Yeah, that’s really what we want. You had me at not a politician. I like him already. That so yeah. Let me by the way that the incident I was referencing, comes courtesy, again, another another former law enforcement official who you guys will know very well. Congressman Troy nehls, was up on Capitol Hill and blasting the Biden administration for allowing the alleged murderer tied to an MS. 13 gang member who entered the country ended up raping Kayla Hamilton, a 20 year old autistic woman in Maryland, of July of 2022. That’s what the Republicans are piling on Brent Smith. And that goes back to your contention that all of the illegal alien crime that is foisted upon us by Democrats is unnecessary crime. Yes. Absolutely. Chris. I mean, you know, the people who’ve died, I think I’m the angel moms and people, those type of groups, they see it for what it is, it’s unnecessary death and destruction of American citizens that are occurring, because we have an open border. If you have a secure border, you’re not going to have the drugs, the violence. And not only that, the huge costs of law enforcement in the state of Texas, and once they entered the interior, the cost of providing law enforcement to try to deal with the symptoms of an open border are enormous. And so what I’m trying to say is the closer you are to the water to keep them from coming across the not only lives and taxpayer dollars, you save millions of dollars all together with law enforcement with everything. It’s crucial. People talk yeah, yeah, guys, people talk. And I’m wondering if because you guys speak with patriots in the Border Patrol, you know, how demoralized I talked to Chris Cabrera all the time. I talked to some of the other members of the Border Patrol. And I, I was curious if you guys have seen you guys have talked to these people, same people I’m talking to and many probably greater number of these people that I talked to. There’s got to be an end game. Joe Biden in the Democrat socialists, aside from they believe they’re going to import a whole bunch of people that are going to vote for them. There’s something else going on here. So Sheriff Boyd, what are you hearing from the rank and file that maybe they overhear of the honchos from the Biden regime? Now, what are they doing this to us for? I’ve got friends that have been in the federal government for a long time. And they range in a different spectrum for the military, at the Pentagon, all the way down to field a field officers. And as, as one of the guys who was, was a regional supervisor, explained to me he was a federal employee. He’s now retired. He said, The endgame of all this is to transformation from a free Republic to a communist state. He said that the problem we have is that our federal government is so embedded with with people that have a communist mindset, because they don’t really understand what the truth of communism is, they’ve bought off on this socialist idea, and all this social justice. And so he said, that is where they aim to take this country, because they don’t really understand the totality of what is to come once we get there. But they really liked the idea of socialism. And so they’re steering this country in that direction. And as he told the senator one night, who asked, What do we need to do to solve this? His response was, Senator, you’re either going to secede or you’re gonna live in a communist state, and there’s no in between. Wow. Well, Mr. Smith, what are you hearing about what’s at play here, according to the Socialist Democrat party? Well, you know, there’s, I think each state in this union has to really guard itself on becoming a tool in this entire process that Sheriff Boyd’s talking about I’ve had pretty good sources that tell me that, you know, the Texas Department of Public Safety has now adopted certain regulations where they can issue driver’s licenses and IDs to illegal aliens. If they’ve been paroled into the country, which, you know, that’s a forced state to be able to issue a driver’s license to someone paroled. I don’t know if that’s insane. First off that hold on. I’m sorry to interrupt. But Mr. Smith, you know, this parole program is basically Joe Biden saying, Hey, we’re just going to make illegal immigration legal. That’s in essence, what they’re doing. There’s no adjudication here. Joe Biden is busy trying to release and the Democrats are released people into our country, without any means to track them without any court dates, which is in violation of the law. So this whole parole program is absurd. It is absurdly predicated, and it doesn’t pass the smell test as far as and I don’t need to tell you. As the kidney county attorney, I don’t need to tell you. It’s absolutely absurd. So the idea that anybody in the state of Texas would say, Oh, well, Joe Biden officially paroled. It’s utter bullshit. I’m sorry. It’s just bullshit. It is. And you know, Chris parole program is meant for like, very specific circumstances on an individual case by case basis. For instance, if you’re going to testify in a criminal jury, you know, investigation against somebody, they would parole you in for that testimony. Or if that, you know, it has to be an emergency specific situation that it would contribute to the United States itself, this mass parole that they’re doing, has already been found by the courts to be unconstitutional and against congressional law, so that it’s already been deemed illegal. But Biden is just continuing to do it anyway. So I don’t know what other recourse we have accepting to the courts. But I think the state of Texas needs to make sure that our internal policies and procedures like giving driver’s license to people who are paroled need to be stopped. We need to be on the lookout for those types of policies that are being enacted by the state while the governor needs. Yeah, yeah, he needs to have a heads up on this right quick, don’t you think, Sheriff? Yeah, I agree. But this is part of the problem that this, this issue that we face is so so complex, and so layered, and there’s so many players, because it’s not just people in the federal government, who are the problem with all of this and helping causes? You know, I always say that the only thing half as bad as the people in Washington DC or the people in Austin, because I don’t trust the state government any more than I trust the federal government, because the state government is also fuel full of bureaucrats who, unfortunately, some of the state legislators are scared of bureaucrats within the state government. And they’re careful about how they write legislation. So they don’t upset somebody. Well, the legislators answer to the people, not the bureaucrats, why are the bureaucrats starting to run the state, just like the bureaucrats run the Fed? It’s time that we go through and we purge our state of these people. And we get people that understand that we’re here to serve the people. We have to uphold the Constitution, we have to uphold the laws. And it’s not about transitioning us to a socialist paradise. It’s It’s about serving the people and providing the people with the protection to ensure that their freedoms are not stripped away from them. And if we don’t, Mr. Smith, we we lose everything, don’t we we lose our rights. We lose our liberties, and we lose the country in our state. I totally agree. We’re in Texas is that it? crossroads right now. We have to choose which way we’re going to head on this. Obviously, you know where I stand, but the Texas legislature right now has just got finished wrapping up an abysmal session, the House Speaker de Ville and just there’s so many Republican priorities that were not even addressed. The Senate passed all kinds of great bills that weren’t passed by the House. This cross was it were it has to be we have to choose now. And right now from vitamin C and Austin. They’re failing us. Yeah. Well, I’ll drink to that. You guys have probably seen some of the headlines coming out of the legislature. I’ll just I’ll just leave it there. Sheriff Roy Boyd and Brent Smith, the Kinney county attorney for for the county of Kinney County, Texas, sir, I appreciate it, guys. Thanks for their frank discussion. And we’ll talk again soon. Thank you. God bless you, Chris. And that’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor kids. Get to know who your elected representatives are in the state of Texas or whatever state you reside in. And if they are not passing your priorities, if they’re voting no on parental school choice, if they’re voting no on creating a border patrol for the for your state, if you happen to be a border state, like Texas did. If they’re voting no, on protecting your power grid, then please find out who those politicians are, and vote them out. Now. If you’re Democrats, you likely won’t give a damn about any of that crap. Whether or not you know, for example, if the electric grid goes down, and 90% of our people according to federal estimates die, we know you Democrats don’t give a damn. But for the rest of you out there who do care. Start taking a proactive role. And finding out where your elected leader stand if they don’t stand with you. Get rid of them. Create voting blocks, get rid of the Charlie guerin’s of your world, get rid of the John Cornyn ‘s of your world. You and your family will be better for it. Trust me. So you can go find out all the coverage on lawmakers such as these betrayers at Texas scorecard. They don’t pull the punches. They don’t hide the actions of these betrayers, like the basket of bias press does, they actually reveal what they have done at the Texas scorecard. Also check out Chris That’s where you track down the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast on TNT worldwide. Also check out the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax TV four o’clock Eastern until five, Monday through Friday. Until we visit again my friends remember this, a societies worth is not measured by how much power is possessed by out of control unresponsive people in government. We measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, my friends, you stay safe out there

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