The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
A Wide-Ranging Conversation With Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

Hey friends, were my loads famous sweet tea and we make real delicious sweet tea. I mean, we use real ingredients from a real family recipe to give Milo’s that really real delicious, homemade taste, because that Milo’s we are really obsessed with delicious and have been for generations. That’s what sets us apart. Real family, real ingredients. Really delicious. taste the difference of real obsession makes my loaves obsessed with the delicious. Brace yourself. My loaves is about to show you how delicious sweet tea can be. But there’s things you’ve got to know. First. Milo’s isn’t like most other teas, we chill in the refrigerated section. Second, it’s best to buy two jugs, one for you and one for everyone else. And third, you’re going to have a strong urge to share just how delicious Milo’s is with total strangers lean into it. They’ll Thank you delicious, homemade tastes brewed from our obsession. Milo’s obsessed with delicious. You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him. I have a question. For me. He’s colorful. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he got a score podcast. My friends is an escapee from the People’s Republic of California, I can say there are certain elements of Texas, that Californians and frankly, every other state has a hard time grasping if you live on the outside. Now, I have been here since 2006. And I have fully acclimated fully accepted. I am an adopted son of the great state of Texas. I had my children here, I raised my children here. They are very much Texans, and very much invested, as are many of us and preserving the Texas miracle. Now, the Texas miracle, what do you know about that? It is economic. It is cultural? It is. It is the reason why the state of Texas I’m going to get more into this admitted, but the state of Texas is quickly becoming the most powerful state in the United States. And many of we’re going to be scratching your heads going, Wait a minute, I thought that was the state that you fled. Mr. Salcedo, isn’t that? Isn’t that the People’s Republic of California? Yes, for the time being. But as California goes the way of Marxism and socialism, people are fleeing that state. The U haul metrics, meaning U haul reporting that there are more people flooding out of the state of California that are going in, that is a trend that is not reversing. As a matter of fact, it’s only getting worse for California as freedom seekers flee, and it’s getting better for freedom loving states, like the most conservative state in the union, Florida and the second most conservative state in the union, Texas. Let me give you a microcosm of this and how that this this Texas ideal is embedded in many of us. This is from the Texas scorecard. Following public concern and alumni concern I might add, Texas a&m is recent hire journalism director has just decided to stay at the University of Texas at Austin, where frankly, she fits in. Last month, Texas scorecard reported that Texas a&m University had hired Kathleen McElroy, former New York Times senior editor and a proponent of the DI program diversity, inclusion and equity as the director to their new journalism program. McElroy an advocate for di initiatives at UT Austin focused her studies on race and its intersection with journalism and admitted to teaching journalistic objectivity in a way that frames news with the context of racist institutions, which of course is a lie that the the idea that America’s foundation is one of racism is a lie. And of course, Miss McElroy is someone who is on the left and is dedicated to dividing us along race. She is the she is the antithesis of the great Dr. Martin Luther King. We can’t just give people a set of facts anymore, said McElroy, which is of course what journalism is supposed to be. But she wants to pervert it as the left wing does with so many things. She told the Texas Tribune that after a&m employees began expressing concerns about her work quote unquote, work on race and diversity, the university began altering her employment contract. Finally, they offered her a one year deal as a professor without tenure, and a three year appointment as the director of the journalism program with emphasis that she could be terminated at any time. Now, this is because folks, not not because the a&m folks, those who are in charge of hiring, not because they did this, it’s because the alum, read the Texas scorecard and said, oh, this person is a New York crazy person. She seeks to undermine the Aggie code, she seeks to undermine what it is to be a Texas a&m graduate, she seeks to pervert and distort and as actually pushing an agenda rather than reporting facts and calling it journalism. So the the uproar was significant, and donors said, we’re pulling our money. And alum said, we’re pulling our money. And finally the shrubs who, who now run Texas a&m, who would have gotten away with it, too. If it wasn’t for Scooby Doo and these crazy conservative kids, they would have gotten away with it. But they were they were stymied. Because there were enough people left in Texas who said, Don’t New York, my Texas. And this cancer, known as Kathleen McElroy, stays at the University of Texas where many believe she belongs University of Texas at Austin, where that kind of crap is welcomed and cultivated. And actually, people are stupid enough to pay for it. But not not a&m. You know, it’s one of the things that I’ve told my wife I was marveled when I got here in the state of Texas, how much cache being a graduate of a&m carries in this state? And thank God it does. It’s another it’s another way of saying standards. The University of Texas at Austin has zero standards. And M Thank God still has some. And it’s because there are standards left enough standards left in Texas as to why we remain a magnet. And why the People’s Republic of California has fortunes are dimming. While Texas is seem brighter. There is a YouTube video that is well worth you’re watching. It is 37 minutes. And if you’re a Texan, or a you’re a transplanted individual from another part of the country, and you fully adopted being a Texan, you’re gonna want to watch this. It’s called Why Texas is becoming America’s most powerful state. Here’s a snippet in nearly every major category. For the past several decades, Texas has always been ranked as only being America’s second largest state. When counting by amount of land Texas has always remained second sitting in Alaska’s gigantic shadow ever since they were admitted as a state back in 1959. There’s even a common joke in Alaska that Alaska could be divided in half and then Texas would get to only be the third largest American state. Then when counting by amount of people Texas has also long sat in the shadow of California. The most recent US white census in 2020 revealed that at that time, California had around 10 million more people than Texas. And correspondingly when counting the states by the size of their economies, Texas has once again long sat in second place to California is larger first. But while the gap and size of land between Texas and Alaska could never be filled, the gap and size of people and economy between Texas and California has recently been narrowing rapidly because for the past 20 plus years, Texas has been growing much more quickly than California has been. And it’s been a long time coming. For decades now. Texas has been steadily making its way climbing up the ranks of America’s most populous states way back in 1960, Texas was only ranked sixth out of America’s 50 states by population behind Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and New York. You see from the time of the third ever American census taken an 1810 to a century and a half later 1960 New York constantly remain as America’s longest lasting most populous and most influential state, but the pace of American settlers moving to the west on the south to states like California, Texas and Florida were rapidly picking up pace by the mid 20th century. And it goes on from there to detail the evolution of how now Texas is not only number two, but Texas is ascendant. We are gaining in population our economy is adding incredible numbers of jobs while California because of their adoption of Marxism and socialism and the embrace of lawlessness out in the People’s Republic of California and places like Illinois, and New York wherever left wingers are in charge, people want to leave and so long as they have the freedom to leave left wing bastions. Folks are seeking freedom and liberty and they’re finding it empty. places like Texas and Florida. And that is why so many of us jealously guard, Texas, because we want to keep that freedom. There are others who are equally committed to destroying that freedom so that people don’t have any place to run to. That is that is the argument made by a lot of Marxists and a lot of socialists that socialism and communism would work just just so long as there was no place for people to run to. Right. That’s why so many of us who are pro Americans believe that if America falls, there’s no other place on the planet to run to. And that’s been the agenda of our left wing opponents. For many, many moons. Folks, someone committed to keeping Texas free the lieutenant governor has an extensive conversation with me your liberty loving Latino, it’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. 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We bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas Today, my friends as you know I do a radio show on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas and we simulcast it on rumble and I’m getter and I’m happy to report that we may be expanding that in several different areas in the coming weeks and months. But last week I had an extensive conversation with attended Governor Dan Patrick on ks EV and here’s how it went. The reason why we haven’t talked with the Senate side as much is because they just been incredibly busy, you know, working for us Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, one of the individuals responsible for that that feverish schedule that they’ve been on and and delivering for the people of Texas governor Welcome back. Great to be on que se v was that a long time. You know, it’s like they always say about the plumber. His pipes always leak, but he’s fixing everyone else’s. I do interviews all over the state and here on the radio station that we still own 35 years now it’s hard to believe I’m not on as often but it’s good to be on this morning about this incredible, this incredible bill by Betancourt myself and the Senate. Chris this was and look we have so many younger listeners or people who aren’t listening to the station 20 years ago in 2003. But we organized to bus loads of listeners to go to the Capitol. I had never been to the Capitol to testify before committee. I was not in office. I didn’t run for office until four years later. And we took two bus loads up to protest our property taxes. I knew early then I was doing talk radio that and I knew early then that the way it was compounding every few years that people were not going to be able to afford their homes. And we went up there we left before some sun was up because there was a guy named Fred Hill. He was a chairman of this house. I didn’t know anything about the politics of how these things work, Chris and we just went up there and and I was told that we had to be there by 730 to sign in. Get everyone off witness the sign in. So we go up there. We sit in the auditorium. We get there on time. And by three o’clock in the afternoon, that guy had never called one of us to testify. He called everybody else but us. And I knew then Speaker Tom Craddick a little bit enough that I went to his office, I said, Tom, this is right, we were told to be here at 730. And we’ve never, no one’s been called on to testify. And he said, let me let me look into this. And this guy, who was who went on to lobby for the same groups that stopped any property tax progress on those days, he left. So he went into the he went, he went from being the chair of that committee that stopped any tax reform to working for people trying to stop tax reform. So but he called me, he told me to come outside of the auditorium. And I stepped out. And he said, and he put his finger, my chest. And he said, Let me tell you something, I’ll show you who has the power here, you think you have the power with your listeners, I show you as the power. And you get to testify now. And I’ve never forgotten that. And, and so a few years later, we had another we had, we had a bill, when I finally got elected back, we started the group then called Cloud citizens to lower our unfair taxes and, and so when I got elected, we tried to get a bill. And we had a bill moving and he killed it. He was still around the legislature a few years later, and he had this famous line, and the line was the best time to kill a snake. He considered tax relief a snake, the best time to kill a snake is when you have a coho in your hand. And a friend of mine, named named Bruce made a plaque in the shape of the Alamo and took a hole and broke it in half and put it on that plaque. And it’s in my office this day. And I’ve had it in my office for ever since I got elected as lieutenant governor in 2015. And it’s been in that in my office. And when we first passed the major step that we took in 2019, I took that plaque out with that, with that broken hole on it. And and no one understood that except Betancourt me. So it’s been a long 20 year journey. We’ve made great progress in 2019 with the first big tax cut, but this is the biggest property tax cut in the world. No one’s ever had $18 billion. No other state, no other country, and we’re giving it back to the citizens. And so it’s a momentous, momentous. And I feel, I feel I feel really good about it. And it’s a miracle. By the way, Paul and I have talked about this, the odds of two guys who were on a bus going up to the Capitol in 2003, that one of us would get elected to the Senate, and that person would become lieutenant governor. And then Paul would take my place in that Senate seat. And then fast forward now 10 years, almost eight years, 10 years, that now he is crafting the bill. And I’m gambling in the bill. I’m negotiating the bill. It’s a billion to one shot. And and and the reason that we have the 100,000 homestead exemption, we would not yield on it. The seniors get 110,000 homestead exemption, we have the compression in it. We have for businesses that have two and a half million in revenues and less, they no longer have to pay the franchise tax at 67,000 businesses Chris are wiped off and paying the Franchise Tax, that’s 40% of all of them. Wow, we’re gonna elect members to the appraisal board for the first time that all but some so that people have a voice in that. And for people, you know, on your homestead, you have a 10,000 I mean a 1010 10% cap. But if you have a second home or rental home a second home, or commercial property, there is no cap. So we have a three year pilot program where we’re going to cap those at 20% from these big spikes, and sometimes those extra property. So so it’s a total bill across the board. And, and and even though, you know we had some battles with the house throughout the session, at the end of the day, working with will Metcalf up in montgomery county, a House member and the speaker and Paul Betancourt and myself, the four of us. In the last six days up until Monday, we announced we had a deal on Monday as you know, those six days before that we work day and night to craft this bill and it’s a really great bill. Well, I hearing the story and everything. I’m just an observation. And then I have a question about about some of the process here as getting over the finish line. I’m noticing that what inspired you and Senator Betancourt was putting the people first and with those who are entrenched who’ve been in Austin forever and I think we have a it’s a symptom of Washington DC as well as they are concentrating on their power rather than the people and I think that’s the difference here. So as you’re right every aspect of this of this bill seems to be geared toward getting more money back into the people’s pockets where were the fight began. So what is the process now and and when do you think this will become law and then just walk us through that? Yeah, so Oh, the Dow that both bills have passed Senate Bill two and three of one as well as the homestead that compression, and the other is on the franchise tax issue. And so both of those bills passed, we passed ours unanimously. I think they were almost unanimous. I think that was like 130 to 40. Something over the house. I can’t imagine those people were who voted against it. And so they’re both signed by the speaker, speaker, both sides of myself, and then the constitutional amendments called a HJR, the abbreviation for, and that’s the constitutional amendment that the voters will vote on. So the governor will sign the bill. He said he will sign the bill. And then in November, people will go to the polls and vote on a number of constitutional members, because we have a number of them this year. And this will be one of them. With it’ll have the compression the homestead exemption, and this pilot program and it and I’m sure it will pass at 85 90%. Because Chris, the homestead exemption was $15,000.08 years ago, when I when I came in as lieutenant governor, it had been $15,000 forever, it had never been adjusted. I mean, I think 20 years before that, I don’t know. I don’t exactly know back then when they said it. So in 15 bumped into 25 and 21. We bumped it to 42 years ago. And this time, we bumped it to 100,000 and 110. For seniors, they get an extra tan under the law. So so it’s significant. And look at this CRISPR a person, if they live in their in their home and they homestead their homework is going to be the same home. But you know, every whatever home they call their homestead, let’s just say for 25 years, if it’s an average of $1,300 a year, you’re talking $30,000 or more that’s in your pocket that you wouldn’t have in your pocket before this bill. And I saw an analysis the other day, that so the average home today in Texas is around 300 $330,000. That savings is about $1,300 seniors a little bit more. If you live in a $500,000 home, which a lot of homes, suburban areas are, that’s about a $3,000 savings. And Chris out of the 1014 school districts in the state 397 of those districts, mostly rural areas, their average home value is only $100,000 the average home value in some of these small counties, that means their school taxes have been wiped out. Wow. So that’s, that’s the process and this will be and here’s the other exciting thing. When the people vote on it in November, it becomes effective this year. So you’re gonna get that that savings this year. God damn, that’s gonna be fantastic. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is our guest right now, folks. And that’s that’s some good news, more money back into our pocket and a fight as you all heard, decades, decades in the making, and finally reaching the finish line. As you know, there was a bill that was very popular among the people of Texas, given the how the the federal government now is, is 100% lawless and promoting illegal immigration, harming Texas. It was and forgive me for not remembering if it was an SB or an HB, but it was 20. It was the creation of a Texas border patrol and of course it failed. In the in the left wing controlled House. Let me ask you about where we are in the state of Texas, as far as combating Washington’s pro illegal immigration push. Yeah. So the that bill that you speak of came, they took parts of that bill, I think there was a point of order called on it. And it was it was killed. But they did parts of that bill and put it into another house bill they sent to us. We put some of those elements that were killed back in the bill and sent it back. But eventually, it didn’t pass. But the two big things that I can report on the border is number one, we are putting this concertina wire, barbed wire, in all areas of the border. And that’s had a tremendous effect. Yes. Are we building the wall? Yes, it’s 20 million a mile or more. It’s slow going because it’s mostly against private property. And you know, you pay you get an agreement with the two or three ranches on the border, maybe eight miles wide and you hit a ranch that doesn’t want to give you permission. So that’s slow going, but we’re going but the concertina wire is right on what right on the banks are not too far off. And it’s easy to put up quickly, the National Guard gets up very easy, and it’s been a real deterrent to people. So that’s been a big improvement over the over a few years ago. The second thing is that we’ve just had we’re spending 4 billion in our in our budget this year in the past, we were spending, excuse me 800 million, so now it’s 4 billion. Our budget is way up on the border. I mean, that’s that budget is almost as big as the entire New Mexico Oklahoma budget what we’re spending on it we’re putting out these buoys that are going across the river you may have seen photographs of of these big red red balls in the water. that are next to I haven’t tried to swim over them. And I’m not going to get out the river in the current can’t swim over them. Yeah, so So you’re it really is going to be at a chart now we’re being sued by, you know, various various groups and various people on all things, you know the wire and the buoys, but we’re implementing them, interestingly enough, and usually the numbers dropped during the summer because of the heat, quite frankly, of people, you know, crossing just because they’re trapped up through Mexico, and then trek through Texas and the heat is deter some people. But it’s been down the last couple of months, but it’s still big, it’s still 100,000 people or roughly apprehensions that we make, so it’s still too big and Chris, it’s not going to totally change and it will change with the snap of a finger once we get a Republican back in the White House now. And until that happens, we’re not going to be able to secure that thing. Here’s the deal with look, we had the border, for the first time the last year of Trump pretty much secure. And when I say secure, we were apprehending about 400,000 people in the last year of Trump total for the year and under Biden, it jumped to 2 million. So it’s exploded. It slowed down a little bit, but not but not that much. It’s still well above the Trump numbers. And so we’re going to need a strong border. candidate to win the election and right now Trump’s ahead in the polls in the primary and and he’s leading the pack, the failed Senate candidate, the failed gubernatorial candidate, Robert Francis, beta O’Rourke is encouraging Joe Biden to destroy or remove those buoys. Because Mr. O’Rourke claims that those buoys will cause more what will cause death on the border as people try to break into our country? To which I pointed out that, that under Joe Biden’s policies, the number of deaths, and it’s it’s a, it’s a sick and disgusting testament to this country, the number of deaths of illegal aliens have spiked and skyrocket under these current policies. Can you address Robert Francis beta or Roark on this? You know, he’s not worth worth my breath to talk about. He’s won two straight failed campaigns. He’s a nothing burger, nothing but a bunch of hot air who had no substance to him. And when he ran for president, he was shown to be, you know, such an empty suit so fast what he you know, one one week, he was on the front of some big magazine with this photograph, and I was born to I was born to be president, the next thing you know, he’s, he doesn’t even make the third primary or whatever it was, I mean, the primary state or debate state, so I don’t pay attention him. So I’m on Laura Ingram. Tonight. I’ve already pre taped the interview. And I talked about this very issue, because that’s what she had me on to talk about. And in the fiscal year of 22, so last year, it was a record 800 Rough, I think it was 800 If it was exactly 800. But a little bit more than 800 people die trying to cross the border from San Diego to Brownsville and the border it’s about 1900 miles 18 to 19 miles from San Diego to Brownsville, but 1200 Miles plus is Texas. So a lot of those deaths are here, a lot of those deaths are drowning. And as I told Laura, in the interview, I blamed Joe Biden, it’s not it’s not the concertina wire, it’s not the buoys, it’s not Texas, we’re just trying to defend our country, our state. You look we’ve had, we’ve had a national guardsmen, who was off duty with his family down at a park on the border, who wanted to save people last year. And the bishop Evans was his name, as I recall, and he drowned trying to save people swimming in the river. This is all Joe Biden’s fault. He’s encouraging people to come, even though that look that sometimes the Rio Grande River is is very easy. Very, it’s not very deep. And most of the time it is going to be over the heads of almost most people in all areas except a few spots occasionally. But the current can move pretty quick. And I’ve been on that river a lot of times. It’s a it’s a tough swim. And so one when the President says Come on, come on, we’ll take you and we have families out there with children and people are going to people are gonna die. And he doesn’t, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. The Federal comes in as the number one killer of young people in this country 18 to 40. But he doesn’t care that children and women are being put into sex trafficking. He doesn’t care that young men who come here really are indentured servants because they’re forced to send part of their money back to Mexico or the cartels. They aren’t their family. So So Biden, he has to be the most cold hearted president we’ve ever had. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about our citizens. He doesn’t care about those people drowning in the river. It’s not us. It’s him. Understood, understood. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is our guest right now. And Governor, as you were describing your in Senator Betancourt’s, the orange Have your fight and a passion to basically give tax relief the people of Texas have earned. There’s there’s a movement developed, I think with either even equal or more passion, because it is it is made up of parents. And if you look at polling and the Democrat Morning News, if you look at, if you look at the sentiment of parents who have been called terrorists, by the current regime in Washington, DC and the Democrat party, it is parental school choice. Parents, courtesy of the pandemic have seen what’s happened inside of Gov Ed. And they have been told by these apparatchiks inside of Gaza said that the parents don’t matter. I’ve been playing sound bites of people saying that, you know, parents don’t have degrees so they shouldn’t have a say over how their children are educated. Can you give us an update on on the determination of those who are conservatives in in Texas as government I know that the Governor and I know you have been on on record as supporting this very, very vocally about parental school choice and education freedom. Well, we’ve, we’ve been more than on the record, I passed school choice out in 2015. We didn’t get a hearing of the house, we passed school choice out it’s without 17 Didn’t get a hearing in the house this time. Brandon Creighton, senator from montgomery county, and East Texas passed a full universal school choice bill out we didn’t get a hearing. In the house, I believe the speaker is working hard to get a bill out. The opposition, the Democrats don’t support it, you might have one or two vote for but that’s it out of 67. Democrats. Our problem is we have a hardcore group of I think they’re called the 24. You need 76 votes to pass a bill out of 150. So you’ve got 85 Republicans. So when you take 24 off of that, you’re down until around the 60 number we need 76. And this 24 Hardcore Republicans who are anti school choice, even though 82% of Republicans in Texas, including rural Texas support it. And most of them not all, but their former, maybe principals, school board members, but they’re kind of tied into the education system, and they’re just hell bent on stopping it. So we’re going to come back, we have the impeachment trial, which I never thought I’d be a presiding judge over a case. But I will as lieutenant governor that starts the day after Labor Day, but it’ll be here before we know it for about seven or eight weeks. And then after that, I expect the governor to call us back in October to take on the school choice. And I do know that because as much as date and I kind of went nose to nose during session, and you know, politically that’s okay. I mean, there was nothing nasty. In fact, some of it was kind of fun with the surfboard, you know, everything that was kind of going on with that. But but but you know, when you have $18 billion, Chris to spend, again, I’ll put that in the spreadsheet. So put that in perspective, biggest property tax cut in the history of the world. When you have that, and you have 150 members and 31 senators, and you throw a governor in there and a speaker, we try to cover a lot of different ideas how to spend it, so you’re not going to get it done. And you shouldn’t get it done in six days or six weeks. And it took us six months. But at the end of the process. Data and I worked well together that last week. And I know they’re trying to turn those 24 boats over there. And we’ll see what happens in October, because it’s very important parents should have choice. You know, Chris, I know we’re running out of time here in a half hour when quickly. But I want to say something to Casey, the audience. And I know there are a few people probably that were listening to us back in the 80s and 90s. Because, you know, I was in my 30s When we started this station back in 1988. And so we’ve been now here for 35 years. And when I when I look at the we’re the only we’re the only independent talk station and a big city that survived like this, and then all the rest of it been bought up by big companies. And so, so the, the fact is without KSV we wouldn’t have this property tax cut without the audience because without que se v being a success during those years, I wouldn’t have ever gotten elected to the Senate. Because even though I’d been on television for five years at Channel 11, from 79 to 84 When I started the radio station, and I originally started doing sports talk in the morning on AM 700 Your slot and I did that for a couple of years and and we were we were God just blessed us with a guy named Washington Baldwin came out of nowhere, no one would put him on the air back in 1988. Because he was unheard of. I mean, no one talked about God or politics and there was no there. There will never be enough. Another Rush Limbaugh but other stations wouldn’t dare to put him on. I had nothing to lose. We had bought the station out of bankruptcy and Tomball stations have been the powers up there and Little Egypt. They’re in montgomery county or Northern Harris County. And we had more cows than people listening to. And literally and we just, you know, everybody was broken the mid 80s And we just took a flyer on it rush came along and we had him for I think about 12 years and we bought KPRC at one point and we sold the stations and and then we bought this one back act, you know, we sold it a year later, I got this back. And so we came back on the around 2001 After selling in 2000. And it’s a miracle. And I say we wouldn’t have this property tax cut because had I not been driving it had Paul, who’s a master and all these numbers have not been writing this legislation. And will Metcalf the House Rep. Montgomery county, work with Paul, this last on this last deal. Very helpful. But this has been my passion from day one. Number one, pro life was number one, well, we passed the sonogram bill, the heartbeat bill, and of course now Roe v. Wade is overturned. So that was my number one passion. Number two was property taxes. And we still have to cut it more. But this is a huge, big step. We will always be doing this a little bit at a time. But this is a big step because of the surplus. And then the third issue is Second Amendment. And so we pass campus carry constitutional carry open carry. There’s nothing allowed from the NRA. I mean, we passed every I’ve ever given. I’m curious, I don’t know. Well, yeah, again, what else is there? That’s that’s a great point. So So So those three big issues are what I really ran on. And the people you know, when I ran for this office, again, people won’t remember it’s been so long ago. But when I ran, I was up against three stout opponents to house chairman in Harris County and one city councilman. And no one gave me a chance to sit Dan can’t win. He’s the radio TV guy. And then we got 70% of the vote in a four way race, which I think is a record in the first round, no run off. And it was because they said well, he’s the radio TV guy. It was a Kcb listeners who got out and supported me and I had no idea. I used it when I started. You know, I go out and be precinct chairs. I knew all about the issues for the radio station, Chris, but I didn’t know how, how, how you run a campaign, right? And I would go out and I’d meet these precinct chairs. And they say, Well, Dan, we like listening to the radio, but why should we vote for you? So I worked really hard. We ended up getting 85% of precinct chairs. The other 15% didn’t endorse anybody. And so that propelled me to the Senate. And then when I ran for lieutenant governor, that people said the same thing he can’t win. He’s just a Houston guy. And KCP was the bulwark of getting a big victory in Harris County, which helped me statewide. And then Paul came in. And so K CB, radio, the listeners, it all happened. Starting with this radio station. I’m forever grateful to the listeners. And that’s how it was on the voice of Texas am 700k SCV it was kind of cool hearing the history and actually knowing that you and I with this reform with Texas taxes, have a front row seat to history being made, folks, that’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas There’ll be keeping track of everything going on. And the special sessions including the effort to to bring Texas into the company of the civilized states get us out of a company of the knuckle dragging states and finally get another historical legislative milestone in the books, parental school choice and education freedom. Also check out Chris and track down the Chris Saucedo shows on the aforementioned KSC V and on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five seen all around this blessed land of ours. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends, you know, your wife knows it. Your friends know it. Yep, there’s no getting away from the fact that there’s an outdoor kitchen shaped hole in your life and it’s time to put things right. Thankfully, bull outdoor products are ready with everything you need to create a world class outdoor cooking space bull outdoor kitchens and accessories add value to your property and extra fun to your world. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. 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