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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
American Politicians Are Forcing Us To Fund Our Communist Enemy
ROBERT LIGHTHIZER is the former U.S. Trade Representative for the Trump administration. An experienced trade negotiator and litigator, Ambassador Lighthizer has spearheaded several historic trade agreements including the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). He has a new book out, NO TRADE IS FREE. CHANGING COURSE, TAKING ON CHINA, AND HELPING AMERICA’S WORKERS.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he score podcast. Communist China’s an enemy. I think we’ve established this Communist China, I’m not a big fan, not because I necessarily have any animosity toward the people of China. However, I do dislike their cultural norms that have I think, been informed by their by their left wing, communist overseers of being racist, they hate black people over there. So I have a problem with that particular part of the culture of China. Otherwise, it’s their government, their genocidal government, their slave state government that I have a real hard time with. Plus, you know, that China for the longest time, had this policy of forced abortions, you could only have one kid. And if you went beyond your allotment, well, then they would forcibly abort children, they would slaughter children. It was like the ultimate expression of the butcher shop Planned Parenthood, where government forced children to be destroyed, aborted Planned Parenthood, oh, they just have dreams about that making making money off the slaughter of the children of unsuspecting people. And I’ve got to tell you that this is actually that policy is hurting Communist China, they’re getting older, and they don’t have a replacement. That’s why they’re becoming so belligerent and so militaristic, now they’re at their height, they’re at their peak, and it’s all downhill from here, and they don’t have the replacement rate. Because they’re Democrats, the Communist Chinese party have been successful at destroying their next generation, which is what the Democrats and the folks at the aforementioned Planned Parenthood want to do here. So I don’t have high regard for Communist China. But the real the real principal reason is because they’re communists, I loathe and despise anti freedom communists, I despise the collectivist mindset I believe Real Americans do. Real Americans do not believe in or endorse collectivism, but our current regime and power they want to kiss the collective rear ends of left wing extremists wherever they exist, in particular, and Communist China. You all know, the kerfuffle that happened about a week ago, when Janet Yellen paid a trip over to Communist China and Communist China. They greeted her. And that was their vice premier. Let me just read the fox account of this. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made an unusual gesture. I’m sorry, and unusual gestures, gestures, if she showed up and gave the guy a middle finger. Yeah. Oh, right there in his face. That would be what I would qualify as an unusual gesture. However, I don’t think what Janet Yellen did was an unusual gesture for Democrats. Democrats, Barack Hussein, Obama, Beijing Biden, Janet Yellen, anybody with a left wing mindset, they always do this unusual gesture when they’re worshipping their deities, their their gods. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made an unusual gesture Saturday when she bowed to a Chinese official during her official visit to Beijing. The footage of the embarrassing incident shows Yellin approach. During Vice Premier, he lifing her Chinese counterpart and bowing multiple times while enthusiastically shaking his hand like you know, kind of a pet would to to a master, you know, oh, whenever the bow bow, wag my tail vigorously shake the head. He’s so wonderful to see you. Former White House staffer Bradley Blakeman, who served during President George W. Bush’s administration told the New York Post that the gesture was unseemly. That’s putting it mildly. Quote, never, ever, ever. An American official does not bow It looks like she’s been summoned to the principal’s office. And that’s exactly the optics. The Communist Chinese love Blakeman said well, he’s absolutely correct. Communist China really does love it when when Americans lick their boots and there is no there is no American that licks the boot of a communist more effectively and more. With more groveling vacuousness than does a Socialist Democrat. It really, and she allegedly represents the country. Come on. I am ashamed of Janet Yellen. I am ashamed of the way this government under Beijing Biden misrepresents the American people. We talk more about the economic impacts because Janet Yellen was over there to talk about the economy and begging and pleading Communist China to let us have table scraps while they’re attacking our currency. We will talk to a former trade adviser under President Trump coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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China has been on a lot of people’s minds. Those of us who care about the United States understand and recognize the threat those who don’t care are selling out to Communist China. And sadly, the current occupier of the Oval Office, I believe is one of those individuals along with his political party. The home of pro China communism, the home of anti semitism in the United States is the Democrat Socialist Party. And I’m sad to say that and we’re getting our lunch handed to us folks trade wise. President Trump was the only one to stand up against this trade imbalance and try to reverse it with Communist China to get anything that resembled fairness. Robert light Heiser He is the former US Trade Representative for the Trump administration and experienced trade negotiator and litigator Ambassador light Heiser has spearheaded several historic trade agreements, including the famous US Mexico Canada agreement. He has a new book out called no trade is free, changing course taking on China and helping America’s workers. Ambassador. Welcome. Well, thank you. Thank you for having me, Chris. Pleasure to be here. pleasure is all mine, sir. Let’s start. Let’s start here. Here’s Joe Biden. And we call him Beijing Biden. Here’s Beijing Biden saying that he doesn’t want to decouple from communist China. Listen to the soundbite. Now, we’re also united in our approach, the People’s Republic of China, in a joint statement, released yesterday, outlines the shared principles, we’ve all agreed at the g7. And beyond dealing with China. We’re not looking to decouple from China. We’re looking to derisk and diversify our relationship with China. I believe we need to decouple from communist China yesterday, is Mr. Biden making another of his myriad mistakes? So for sure, this is a mistake. My My position is, I mean, it’s kind of a two step analysis. And I know that most of your people across first step, but let me say it anyway, the first question is, how bad do you think they are? Do you think they’re a partner or benign? Or do you think that they are an aggressive existential threat, and a hostile force that wants to dominate the world? Without question, that ladder is true? So once you decide that, you can’t keep sharing your technology with a new can’t keep transferring wealth to him? Because it’s literally true that we American dollars are what is building the military, the biggest military in the world. I like to say the United States has built the biggest military in the world, the biggest Navy, and they’re both in China. Okay, what’s happening is, there’s a technology question, let’s put that aside for a second, what’s happening is, we’re transferring our wealth, our children’s wealth, to an adversary, no one has ever done this in history, no one has ever built up an adversary with their own money. And if I kind of take you through it, it’s, it’s shocking. And I’ll do it quickly. So the trade deficit itself is say 380 billion, that’s money we give, that’s profit for them, alright, then they probably get another 300 billion out of benefit from stolen technology from us, okay, then they get another benefit of another few billion dollars on trans shipping, they get a benefit of all the money that goes sell on the precursors to northern Mexico that comes up here and kills our kids. And then finally, there’s a, there’s a whole gray area where they bring in stuff, because of some loophole that I won’t get into, but that we don’t even know how much it is. But it could be another 100 $80 billion. So you look at it. We’re transferring? Six, seven or $800 billion a year, to an adversary. Yeah, it is. It’s a kind of madness. And what I asked for, rather than totally coupling is what I call strategic decoupling. It doesn’t bother me if we have balanced trade on small things. That may be fine. What What bothers me is technology, what bothers me is, is this stuff like tick tock where they’re making money, literally, you know, they’re tracking information and, and propagandizing our kids, right? But the biggest thing that bothers me is we have to stop the transfer of our wealth to a country, which is using the money we give them, to build up their military and to attack American. That’s exactly my point. And again, what not to gently push back on this idea of not completely decoupling. It is insane, in my opinion, for us, as Americans to finance in any way to finance a genocidal racist regime, a slave state, that is using the profit that we give them, whether it be trinkets or whether it be technology, it doesn’t matter to me, they take that profit, and they build bullets and missiles and guns to kill us. So I don’t want to fund that is is that wrong? For me as an American? I think you are, you are spot on. And this notion of conceiving the Biden administration of kind of minimizing the balloon and minimizing the soldiers in Cuba, minimizing all this stuff, look at either he hasn’t come to the conclusion that China is the serious issue, that you and me and all of your listeners, and most Americans believe, yeah, come to that conclusion. Or he’s playing a different game. He’s got some of the things he’s got or he’s compromised, if he could. The polling shows that Americans know that he got the name quid pro Joe for a reason. He’s been sucking up to China and as we are now finding out according to FD 1023 allegations that he’s been taking money from communist China he and his cokehead son, so it is entirely plausible ambassador that he is that he is compromised and delivering for the his favorite country, China, not the United States. No, look, I This is going to be a very, maybe uncomfortable question. I have my opinion, but I want to get yours. are companies that do business in communist China? Are they patriotic? Or are they at all concerned about human rights? So firstly, and even if you can’t, you can’t really, it generalize there are some there are there are some that aren’t. But the kind of flavor of your question is, where are big multinational corporations? patriotic? Okay, that’s the question. And in my judgment, the answer is probably in most cases, no, that is look at I look at it this way. It’s up to the government. It’s up to the voters to put people in office who will write rules. And those rules will dictate how businesses make money. So look at businesses go, am I happy that they go out and do this stuff? No. But it’s our responsibility as policy makers to write rules, so they can’t make money doing it. And that, and that is something that the Congress got to do. And of course, the problem you have, there’s nothing like that’s gonna get passed upon. We have the current administration in the White House, but big business is not patriotic, they would kind of in most cases, and they would kind of argue that well, that’s not really their job. Well, yeah, I understand they’ve got to deliver for their shareholders. But I think that this, this idea that that the these American companies who are able to amass such wealth courtesy of the American system, that they have no loyalty to the United States of America as citizens and and our ideals, which we kind of, typically most Americans, unless you’re a Democrat, looks down on slavery, looks down on genocide, looks down on racism. I think that that these these, these people are poor, corporate citizens, my guest, folks, Robert light Heiser, he’s the former US Trade Representative for the Trump administration, the new book, no trade is free, changing course, taking on China and helping America’s workers. You write about how today the US high tech imports from China are on the decline? I would say that’s a good thing. And business across the country, businesses across the country are questioning the long term wisdom of producing their products in communist China. What do you think the primary reasons for this shift? Are? Is it? Is it geopolitical? Or is it the instability that we’re feeling all over the place with the supply chain and such? So the principal reason what started this shift? was Donald J. Trump, period. He’s the first person that took them on so we put in place over a period of time, tariffs, big tariffs, on $370 billion was their imports, including all the kind of made in China 25 stuff, the big tech stuff. Let me just give you an example. Chris, we put a 25% tariff on Chinese cars coming into the United States. Right now those Chinese EVs are flooding Europe and UK coming to the United States, because we put tariffs on him. So by putting tariffs on him by taking them on by by limiting exports of technology, what we did is we told the American business people and multinational corporations, you think you have a stable situation operating in China? You do not? We’re changing the rules. And before you make another billion dollar investment, realize that you might not get the benefit of that. So that’s the number one thing let me say the number two thing is, the President of China is more and more obviously, a communist more and more obviously, totalitarian. So he is, he is turning the screws on these businesses. He’s asking for more investment, but he’s making it harder and harder and the business people are realizing holy goodness, we’ve got a different deal than we thought, well, yeah, the problem. So it’s what Trump did, is she himself being being more Chinese being more and more aggressive and more communist and taking away the benefit from from these people? Look, here’s a principle that I think your people have to know. We have all these business people that make some money in China, okay. Yeah. Every one of them that makes $1 In China, it’s the Chinese Communist Party that letting them do it. As soon as they think it’s not in their interest. China will stop for a second. Thank you. I have some examples in the book washable, well, that’s a communist. That’s what communists do. The idea that any American businessman or businesswoman was stupid enough to believe that you could trust a communist? I mean, the Republicans, I guess there are Republicans in this country that trust Democrats. So I mean, I guess I guess I guess it’s it’s a part of human nature, but a business person gets out there and says, Oh, yeah, I can trust Communist China controls to the communist regime. Dr. Fauci says he, he trusts the communist regime, look with that goddess. So I just think it’s foolhardy and stupid of people who are in charge of millions, billions of dollars to sit there and say, oh, yeah, I’m gonna bank my country in my country and my company’s future on relying on communist it doesn’t make any sense. Mr. Lyte. hyzer. I, I wanted to ask you about about this, the brain power to decouple in this country? I mean, I know that the President Trump started this process. Do you think that we have enough competent people in government to separate from communist China without ruining our own economy in the process? Okay, for sure, Chris, it’s going to be a phased in thing. But but it’s not even just remember, it’s not just so the answer is yeah, in my opinion, but if you can even that, there’s also there’s plenty of smart people in Japan. There’s another word for it. So we’ll go to Japan, they’ll go to Korea. Yeah. Go to a variety of places. So the answer is yes, we can phase in a decoupling and do it successfully, folks. We’re having a conversation with Robert light Heiser, He is the former US Trade Representative under President Trump. And the name of the book is in it’s one I’m going to recommend because I think if if communist China’s malign activity, and their slavery, their barbarism wasn’t enough to get you to recognize the threat they are to us. Maybe the pocket book will be enough. No trade is free changing course, taking on China and helping America’s workers. Last question I have for you Ambassador is this, it seems the United States whenever we join an organization with the word world in it, we get screwed. Like, for example, the World Health Organization, they take our money, and they take their orders from communist China. And they want to you know, now take over our the sovereignty of this country whenever there’s a so called pandemic, and so to is it with the World Trade Organization, tell the folks why? Well look like I’m not a fan of the World Trade Organization is it’s, it’s, we need a place to negotiate. Okay, that’s fine, but we don’t need a place to litigate. And that’s what that’s become. It’s not fair, America loses more cases and the Trump administration people don’t read up on evidence. We shut it down. We didn’t approve any of the judges. So with the whole thing doesn’t function anymore. We shut it down. It’s what for President Trump’s big accomplishments. That’s great. So again, it’s unfair. Whenever you give the world a say and how America is run, the world likes to screw America. And that’s, that’s all well and good if you’re a citizen of another country, but citizens of America expect our politicians to you know, look out for us, that’d be great. That’s kind of why we elect them. Robert light Heiser, the name of the book, no trade is free changing course taking on China and helping America’s workers. Great. Thanks, Chris. Bye. 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