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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Beijing Biden's Broken Border B.S.

Chris Cabrera, is the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council.

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Title 42 is gone.

And we just learned that Beijing Biden and his administration wanted to release illegal aliens into the United States with no court dates and with no methods to track them. Now we’ve had a federal judge step in and say, No, you can’t do that. No, we’re not we’re not going to allow you to do that Beijing Biden. You’re just not going to be able to release individuals into the United States. And basically say, oh, no, you know what, we don’t want to know who they are. We don’t want to keep track of them. We’re just going to let them in. They can be gang members, they could be foreign military, which I’m going to get more to here in a minute. They could be Narco terrorists, they could be gang members, we we just don’t want to know who they are. And we don’t want you Americans to know who they are, until they’re either breaking into your home or killing your family. And that’s up. That’s Joe Biden’s way of approaching things. Now on 100. My orcas was asked about this this weekend. Here’s what the puke had to say about all this basically, respectfully disagree with the judge, the White House accused him of sabotaging your efforts to control the border. That was something we heard from the press secretary, really, whatever. So let me get this straight. They are controlling the border by apprehending illegal aliens and then letting them loose into the United States with no promise to appear in court, and no way to track them. That’s Joe Biden’s way of controlling the border. So basically, the way the Democrats and the socialists approach illegality is they say everything that is illegal is now legal, because we deem its own because we like all the chaos. So thus, there’s no more illegal immigration. And you’re really getting in the way of solving the illegal immigration problem. Judge says Beijing Biden, we want to make illegal activity illegal.

You know, it’s kind of like saying, you know, what we want to we want to solve the murder rate problem. The murder rates been screaming through the roof since Democrats took over and George Soros funded DBAs started letting loose criminals. So the way we solve the problem is we just make murder illegal. And then everything’s cool. Right? No more murder, because it’s legal now. Good grief. He responded to that in his ruling quite harshly. This is Judge T. Kent Weatherall took issue with that with that characterization. And he said, quote, this ignorant and dangerous rhetoric ignores the fact that the evidence presented in this case shows that the chaos that the President acknowledged has been going on at the southern border for a number of years is largely a problem of the defendants the administration’s own making. If it is sabotaged for a federal court to tell the federal government must comply with the law, then so be it. So what do you say to judge whether all, and this is the way Democrats roll? us having to comply with the rule of law? We just disagree. We you’re sabotaging our efforts to turn America into a socialist communist paradise. We respectfully disagree with the judge’s interpretation of the law, his characterization of our actions and we, I, intend to litigate the matter and I defer to the Department of Justice in that regard. Such a puke, such a puke, by the way. I know many of you really are taken aback. I’ve gotten an email from folks saying, you know, Chris, you you’ve got to stop referring to these Democrats is the socialists and Marxists and communists. They aren’t there. They just have a fundamental difference of opinion with Republicans and you conservatives, to which I say, Huh, the former Alexandria Ocasio Cortez aide, Justine Medina, has quit AOCs office and is now working as a New York communist party boss. That’s right, a party boss, for the Communist Party of America. What are the great rush limbaugh used to say? Don’t doubt me. This is who these people are. This is why I object to them. This is why I have a fundamental rejection of who the Democrat Party and who they are, what their ideology is. Senator Ted Cruz also disagrees with the socialists of the Marxist and the communist in the Democratic Party. And by extension disagrees with the with the press who are carrying the water for the aforementioned communists. Here is Ted Cruz, going head to head with a basket of bias press reporter, the Republican members that are here today, what have you all done to help Joe Biden and Okay, alright, so that’s a ridiculous and silly question. Yeah, it is. Hold on a minute. So what have you Republicans done to help Joe Biden usher in millions of illegal aliens? What have you done to help him? Why aren’t you helping Joe Biden usher in millions of illegal aliens? Why aren’t you doing that? I mean, what a stupid and vacuous question. But notice how the reporter accepts the illegality that they believe they they believe that if you’re somebody from a foreign country, you have every right to come to America whenever the hell you want to. No other country on the planet is burdened with such idiots as those people in the press. But Ted Cruz was having none of it commend you for being the media and telling it Democrat policy. So let me ask you something. Come on, man that’s been going on for 20 years. Okay, let me let me ask you for 20 years where the hell have you been? It’s been going on for a half century, Republicans and Democrats colluding to stab the American people in the back on illegal immigration. The laws are vacuous. I grant you. And Republicans just thought well, the Democrats would never ever my good friends. The Democrats would never ever ever turn anti American.

Yeah. How’s that working out? Mitch? How’s that working out? John Cornyn. Let me ask you something. What rate of illegal immigration do we have in 2020? But you have to know anything. I asked you a question in office. Do you know anything? How long have you been in? I’ve been in office 11 years now. Okay. The counselor in multiple admits except you’re okay. You don’t get to argue with me. You asked your question. You asked your question. You don’t get you want to hold a press conference? You can do it over there. Yeah. You know, and you know what, that’s the thing. Yeah. You keep on complaining about Joe Biden. But what have you done? What have you done? They ignore the Trump presidency. They ignore President Donald J. Trump and what he was able to accomplish on the border with the media and full rebellion and pulling for illegal immigration with the Democrats in full rebellion and pulling for illegal immigration. And some Republicans like George Will, the Wall Street Journal, the folks over at Fox and Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn pulling for illegal immigration? You want all the press conference? You could do it over there? How are you? So hold on, I’m gonna answer his question.

The talking point of the Democrats, which this media reporter happily parents, is, gosh, the problem can’t be fixed. There’s one little problem with that it is an utter and complete lie in 2020. The last year of the Trump presidency, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years, you ask what have I have done, I’ve championed the men and women of border patrol I’ve championed securing the border I’ve championed remain in Mexico, and we turn this problem around and solved it. And we went from Joe Biden inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years, and the first day in office, he made political decisions to cause this problem, and you should be ashamed of yourself because you’re a reporter and you’re not reporting facts. You’re telling lies. That’s right, because you’re a Democrat. And that’s all Democrats do is traffic in lies, folks the day before. Title 42 went away. I interviewed Chris Cabrera from the national border patrol Council. And I asked him about what was going to happen with the morale of the of the Border Patrol is he was stunning accuracy. Since we now know we’ve seen the chaos that has erupted since Joe Biden the Democrats assassinated title 42 and with it the last vestige of pro American border policies. Chris Cabrera visits the Salcedo store podcast next. And now a word from our sponsor, a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood, and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax genital mutilation is happening Texas kids, these abusive medical practices are being pushed by the radical woke leftist in our state. You can go to Texas to learn more and get real news for real Texans. Chris Cabrera. He is the vice president of the national border patrol Council. Chris Welcome back. Hey, thanks for having me. pleasures all mine, sir. Title 42 is going away. And well give us the view from 1000 feet up. What is it going to look like? Well, it’s already a mess. I mean, I was working out there last night. And it hasn’t even lifted yet. And it’s just a mess right now. There’s, there’s people everywhere coming across huge numbers were stretched in. We haven’t even hit the magic day yet. And it’s already it’s already chaos down here. I’m hearing that close to a million people are waiting on the other side of the border to bum rush the border. As soon as title 42 goes away. And I guess we should we should talk about what title 42 is. The men and women of the Border Patrol we’re using title 42 to basically thwart the Democrats open border agenda. And now they’ve successfully gotten rid of it. So that means you you have no legal predicate to stop illegal immigration. Am I reading that? Right? Yeah, I mean, we have a way to do it, we can still stop it if they’re willing to enforce it. As far as Title eight goes toward title eight as far as the law is concerned, however, we get overrun with with so much that they end up just releasing people into the country because they they need to create space for more people coming in. And I think one of the one of the lesser known places right now that’s probably gonna get hit pretty good is San Diego.

You know, here in Texas, we have a river boundary. So people are going to come in droves, but at least there’s a river as a natural barrier over there. There’s nothing then from what I’m hearing tuwana is stacked up ready to just make a rush right across the border as soon as the 42 lifts. Yeah, I understand. And as a former San Diego and I just gotta say that those folks they voted for this. They deserve it. Nobody in Texas voted for this. Nobody in Texas voted for this this lawlessness and chaos. Let me give an example about the lawlessness I’m talking about. The night before last and El Paso Department of Homeland Security and the CBP announced a quote targeted enforcement operation on an illegal illegal and illegal alien encampment there. The national border patrol Council, you guys, you rip this clown like behavior saying quote, nothing like publicly announcing that dangerous people will be arrested while warning them ahead of time exactly where to run and hide to avoid arrest. This entire operation is a sad joke and another pandering PR stunt. So, in other words, our government warned the criminals that the government was coming so the criminals could disperse. And then to add insult to injury Mr. Kabila they, they canceled the operation anyway and never and never went to round up the illegals. This under Democrats this government is a joke, isn’t it? You know, you know out here in Brownsville, there was an area where the state of Texas put some concertina wire up to prevent people from crossing and the city of Brownsville went ahead and tore that concertina wire down and made it a gravel pass and entryway all the way up to a processing area. So it’s just it seems like we’re working against ourselves. It is just one big joke. They they’re not taking this seriously.

And there’s a lot of innocents that are caught up in this, you know, little kids that are being forced to come along that some of them don’t make it from from heat related injuries or whatever along the way. Right. And you know that the death toll on the border from the illegal aliens the Democrats say they care about the death toll has skyrocketed under these Democrat policies from this administration. Chris Cabrera is the vice president of the national border patrol Council and you took me right where I wanted to go. Because there’s so much traffic and because the administration didn’t want to have AOC down there crying at one of these facilities about kids in cages, Mr. Biden because he’s an incompetent boob and the Democrat Party because they’re full of incompetent boobs, they lost 85,000 illegal alien children, I have no idea where these 85,000 illegal alien children are. And then to boot the illegal alien children that we are keeping track of the US government. According to whistleblower testimony, Mr. Cabrera is delivering these children into the hands of known criminals where they’re being delivered into slavery, and work details and sex slavery. Our own government now is partner to this. Can you give a reaction what what are the rank and file think about being forced to be a party to basically being pimps for these illegal alien children? We know it’s, it’s sickening. I think I speak for the entirety of the Border Patrol when they when I say that it’s sickening to, for this to be even happening in this day and age.

The promises made by this President have gone completely off the rails and what he’s doing and by default, what he’s not doing and allowing to happen. Just just, it’s just not right. I don’t think it’s caring and compassionate for Democrats to deliver children into sex slavery. I don’t think it’s caring and compassionate of Democrats to lose track of 85,000 children.

Have you seen AOC? Crying anywhere? Have you seen any Democrats showing up and, and crying at the the children being delivered into into slavery and a sex slavery? Have you seen hide nor hair ever? No, you know, you know, Democrats, they don’t come down when, when it’s like this. They don’t want to see it, yet. They have all these opinions on how it should be fixed. And I think if you understand why Border Patrol agents are so against what’s going on right now, and so adamant that this border needs to be secured, is because of what we see with these children. And if they secure this border, obviously, it, it solves that issue that they’re not coming through here. They can’t come through here. There’s no loophole for them to exploit. And that means these kids aren’t going to have the things that they’re that they’re they’re destined for right now. Chris Cabrera is our guest right now folks with the Border Patrol Council. I’m going to play. I’m going to play Governor Greg Abbott and what he said in response to title 42 going away. And I want to get your response because he got very specific on some numbers. Let’s listen, we’re here today, because of the impending end of title 42 policy. With a violent administration, ending California to this Thursday, President Biden is laying down a welcome mat to people across the entire world, saying that the United States border is wide open, and it will lead to an incredible amount of people coming across the border illegally.

President Biden’s over border policies is going to cause a catastrophic disaster in the United States. According to the administration itself, they anticipate about 13,000 people coming across the border illegally, every single day. Now, let’s just take that lowball estimate 13,000 illegal aliens a day across that southern border over the next couple of years, we did the math, that’s 9 million more estimated illegal aliens coming into the United States and added to the six and a half million illegal aliens we already have. Joe Biden’s legacy will be the importation of 15 million illegal aliens into the United States. And I hear that’s a lowball number. Where where are you at with that, Chris? Yeah, I think that number is going to be eclipsed real quick.

For instance, right now we’re seeing last count, I think 8900 a day. And that’s while wild title 42 is still in play. So we’re seeing at 900 A day that that 13,000 is is not far off from there.

I don’t see that number holding up for not even the first 24 hours understood. So I guess that begs the question, what are the state’s going to do and Texas has has said they’re going to put together a task force a tactical Task Force. But what we’re having a hard time determining is whether or not that task force will be able to stop illegal immigration. Have you heard is is Texas finally drawing the line saying that we’re going to get involved and stop illegal immigration or will they just be basically policing the illegal aliens once they get in here to make sure they don’t break any Texas laws? You know, that’s that’s the That’s the million dollar question. I don’t know. I don’t know if they have the authority to do that. But I do know the governor of Texas will, will do everything he can as far as stopping them from from gaining entry, which, you know, unfortunately, this the state of Texas obviously is going to be stuck footing the bill for this, which, which isn’t right, because it is it is a federal issue. And the federal government should be doing their job and taking care of it. It just it’s insane that the border states are having to foot the bill for something that the federal government is required to do. Well, the last question that I have for you is what basically I’ve been asking this of you the last couple of years, or during left wing administrations, the national border patrol Council is, is in charge of making sure that your members are taken care of to the greatest degree possible. What is the morale like for men and women who took a job to protect America and knowing that Beijing Biden’s administration and frankly, some complicit Republicans, like John Cornyn, who fully funded this lawlessness? What is the morale like of the Border Patrol, knowing that your own government is betraying the oath that you all swore? When you know, it’s bad today, it’s going to be even worse tomorrow. I got an email from a supervisor today telling us that, you know, be prepared to, in short, get ready for babysitting duty. So you have morale is bad today, it’s going to be worse tomorrow. And even worse a week from now. You know, I guess we’ll see how this plays out in the next 2448 hours, but we’re not too hopeful. That’s the Democrat way, my friends turning our men and women in law enforcement and those charged with keeping us safe into glorified babysitters for illegal aliens, seeking to violate US law. Chris Cabrera, the vice president of the national border patrol Council, appreciate the visit and tell all the folks that that will hear our voice. We’re with them and we’re doing the best we can to defeat these leftists who are who are compromising our nation and compromising their health and safety, by the way. All right. Thank you. We appreciate you. And that does it my friends for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor visit a couple of websites for me willya, Texas, Texas enterprising journalism in particular what’s happening in the Texas legislature with the session going on and the well what many are saying will be the obvious special session because it doesn’t look like the house is going to be able to get half of its work done than it should be accomplishing right now. The other website I want you to pay a visit to is Chris CHR is Sal ce You go there to track down the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast on the TNT Radio Network worldwide. Also check out the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV four o’clock Eastern until five, Monday through Friday. Until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth, meaning its value. We don’t measure that worth by how much power is stolen by an out of control and lawless government. We measure that worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends.

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