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DOJ vs "We The People."

My focus over the last couple of years has been the government and the abuse of government have we the people in particular since the 2020 election, we have it pretty much sustained. Because we can show that, for example, in Pennsylvania, when the governor made a decision about election law to accommodate the China virus when the state Supreme Court made a decision to modify election law in Pennsylvania to accommodate the China virus that they did so in violation of the Constitution. 

There’s only one entity that could do that. When Georgia said that they were going to cave in to Stacey Abrams, when when the roughest burger, the Secretary of State there and the sitting Governor Brian Kemp said Oh, Stacey Abrams is mad. So let’s go ahead and ignore election laws. To placate Stacey Abrams. 

When Jocelyn Benson did her shenanigans with signature verification in Michigan what when Wisconsin pulled it shenanigans, those states they made modifications to election law outside of the Constitution outside of the rule of law. Now, how do we know that that was the wrong thing to do? Because we have examples. First off, we have the state’s election clause and the US Constitution, Article One, Section four, the times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature there have. That means that governors can’t make those changes. That means that state Supreme Courts can’t make those changes. That means that only the legislature’s of each of the individual states can make those changes. 

Now, some of the Democrats said, well, that’s just impossible. Well, no, it’s not impossible. They did it. During the China virus out there in Nevada, Nevada’s legislature convened, they came up I don’t agree with them, but they came up with a whole bunch of China virus extensions and accommodations in the rule of law as it pertains to the elections. The legislature did it. They passed the law, it was signed into law by the governor there and it was implemented. That’s the right way to do it. Now, because they couldn’t get those changes from the legislative bodies inside of the various states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia. And in Pennsylvania, the governor’s and a supreme courts decided to do it, or the Secretaries of State decided to do it, which was beyond their authority beyond their power. 

So that has just been one of the abuses of government. And, frankly, the lawlessness of government that I’ve been focused on. Another bit of lawlessness has been the weaponization of government, as it pertains to the law. And we’ve seen glowing examples of this, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the Department of injustice from many of the alphabet agencies. 

The DOJ, in particular has been most egregious about this, in particular as it pertains to individuals getting close from Congress and their investigation. As to Joe Biden in revealing what Joe Biden has done with foreign nationals money, meaning accepting a lot of money from foreign nationals, his family, his crime family, for something, something’s he had to do something for that money. 

Now look, Hunter Biden, the International Man of Mystery, contrary to what Joe Biden would say, him being the smartest man, he knows which, frankly, given the makeup of the Biden regime, that may be true, but nobody on God’s green Earth looks at Hunter Biden and says, Oh, the crackhead is somebody who is going to demand a payday for his skills from foreign oligarchs and Communist China and others who have been flooding money according to bank records into into the Biden’s coffers. 

Some of those coffers. overseas bank accounts, doesn’t that say an awful lot about Democrats who complain constantly. No other rich people are paying their fair share. And here are the very same Democrats, the very same rich Democrats who are setting up overseas accounts, we can only assume to hide where that money came from, and also to hide from the tax implications. 

That’s why Hunter Biden was investigated for violating several IRS statutes. And why David Weiss, who is now a special prosecutor was taking a five month investigation and turning it into a five year investigation because we really don’t want to see what’s going on with Hunter Biden in his finances because they point back to the big guy. So naturally, that’s why the DOJ has to attack Trump because they want to keep the focus on Trump to keep it off of Beijing. Biden 

Will discuss with a couple of high powered attorneys about this strategy and the corruption of the DOJ coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast.

Folks, let me give you an idea of how the other side is bastardizing the rule of law. I was just reading on Twitter, some I got into it with some left winger and one person responded that that John McCain could get a fair trial in Washington DC because he was a decent man. And I said, Hey, am I mean I was thinking Hey, dummy, but I just said the idea the subjective idea of who is decent and who is not entitling one to a free and fair trial of a fair and speedy trial. That that is exactly what the rule of law was set up to thwart. Because my idea of a decent guy in your idea of a decent guy may be different. Beijing Biden thinks that Ji Jinping is a decent guy. And but I think that Joe Biden is a degenerate. 

The conservative knows that everybody deserves a law, a trial consistent with the rule Law charges consistent with the rule of law, regardless of how you feel about them. leftists say less than a way to run a government. Anybody who opposes us ought to get the you know, the rough ride treatment. That’s how they think. And that’s what we’re up against. 

I am not a lawyer. I don’t even play one on television. But let me bring on some folks who come on to television and and play in my sandbox, and they are lawyers. Joe Digenova, former United States Attorney for Washington, DC and Victoria duensing, former chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee. Hey, guys, good morning. 

Good morning. 

Good morning, 

Scooter. Libby was a really decent guy. 

That’s what I heard really decent guy. But he got the he got the rough ride treatment. I mean, this is this, this idea of where the left is taking justice in this country being subjective to who you are, is exactly what the founders wanted to avoid. So let’s talk about Trump’s case first. And I mean, I’m loathe to do it, but it is getting the majority of headlines. So Victoria, I’m going to ask you to go first, the Trump tweet over the weekend, you come after me, I’m going to come after you. Now, of course, this is exactly what we’re talking about. The left wing said, Oh, he’s attacking the judge, or he’s attacking the prosecutors bribe. But people like me, whoa, wait a minute. He’s in the middle of a political campaign. He could have been very well talking about those inside the Republican field, who are having a heyday with all of this. And isn’t this the problem with having trials like this cases like this in the middle of a political campaign? 

Well, Jack Smith is using it as a route to go in and try to impose what is basically a gag order on Trump. They say, Oh, this is a new gag order. It’s just a protective order. But no, he’s trying to make sure that Trump cannot talk about any evidence in the trial. That gets pretty bad, especially when you have Jack Smith, who wrote a speaking indictment, page after page is going after Trump. And now Trump’s supposed to be quiet. Are you kidding me? 

No, I’m right there with you. And Joe, they waited two and a half years for this because it’s politically timed to happen right in the middle of a primary, they waited for that trigger. And now they want to cram everything in before the next election. I asked this of an attorney yesterday on the show, how is this not election affair interference by the DOJ? Well, I don’t think there’s any doubt that it is. 

And I think the way it’s been planned, the way it’s been drawn out the way it’s been time underscores precisely that fact. And every time as you have pointed out relentlessly on your show. Every time something happens to Biden it is followed by some increased pressure on Trump or a superseding indictment, or an arrest or a search warrant or something else. It is patently obvious that the reason for having 250 years of not indicting presidents, even after they have left office, is that when you do that, you immediately raise the specter that it’s being done for political reasons. And in this case, it is patently obvious that it’s being done for political reasons, because the former president isn’t running for the presidency, again, against the person who runs the Justice Department. And the notion that Joe Biden has spoken with garland about this case is ludicrous. He doesn’t have to speak to him to speech to other people. And then goes back to garland. For example, there’s that 2022 article in New York Times, which has gone unnoticed, for quite a while, in which Biden is reportedly screaming at his staff, how angry he is at guard garland for being judged like and wants him to act more like the prosecutor. thing goes Jack Smith gets appointed. 

Exactly. And you know, what, folks, as as Joe just said, that’s in the New York Times hardly right wing Central. You know, there’s been a lot made from those who are doing legal analysis, and asking the question, What crime and this particular and dive into the third indictment? The second in federal court? What particular crime is, is President Trump even accused of Victoria Can you tell anybody? 

Chris, I’m so glad you asked that because I’ve got a term for you to use. And that is Jack Smith, legal pervert. And I just posted it on substack he looks Yes, but No, but it no, it’s actually got a cleaner definition. It means someone who distorts with the original meaning of a conduct. And that’s exactly what he did. For example, He accuses he uses the obstruction wall to go against Trump. I’m gonna get too down in the weeds, weeds, but this is a law that’s called the Enron law because Arthur Andersen employee II destroy documents when Enron was under federal investigation. And so it was written to say, you can destroy or conceal or mutilate any document. And Jack Smith uses the term or, or any otherwise obstruct innocence official proceeding. But in lieu of a Latin rule, it means you have to for statutory interpretation, take the meaning of the general term or otherwise. And it’s modified by all the specific terms, like conceal mutilate. And so do you see how he stretched the law? How distorted it for all these 

all these indictments have done that Victoria all the mutilating a document except Well, look at what New York did look at what elven Bragg did I mean, that that is that is manipul I mean, heat, and we’ve we’ve made a lot about this. He took a misdemeanor, that his statute of limitations expired and made it into a federal felony. I mean, that’s, as I said, through unicorn poop and fairy dust jokin. Have you been able to track down what law is Trump actually accused of violating? 

Well, he lays out the statutes in the indictment, but they are all misapplied. I cannot see where President Trump has violated any of the laws that He is charged with in the indictment over the January 6 matters, and it’s pretty clear that the Jack Smith is a his most important job right now is to smear Trump before the next election. That’s why he has held two press conferences where he has taken no question, but has laid into Trump and described him in the worst possible terms. And then at the end of each press statement, he says he’s presumed innocent. I mean, it is such a joke. And it is so transparent, what he and garland are doing. I can’t figure out what law Trump has broken. And Victoria has got it right. Jack Smith has done it he has stretched the law. He has even stretched  reimagined the law is redefined statutory definition to cover something that the law doesn’t cover. Now, I don’t expect the judge in DC hanya chuckling to grant any of the motions that trumps people with file change of venue, recused herself motion to dismiss, has a mission. She is a left wing nut. She’s on the warpath, she’s going to quote get Trump and she intends to run roughshod over him and his lawyers. And she intends to have this trial way before the election. So he can be sentenced and imprisoned before the election. 

Yeah, she’s an activist. Absolutely. And I’m reminded of what they did to that Catholic father, the Catholic father in Pennsylvania, who defend out Yeah, yeah, he defended his son from a left wing, pro abortionist, and the Justice Department because they wanted to go after a Catholic because they wanted to make an example out of somebody who stood up for life. They stretched the law and the judge, not this particular judge that we’re talking about in Trump’s case, but another judge who had integrity said you you miss apply the law, you stretch the law and shame on you and the government of trying to do this. And that’s exactly what I believe happened. 

Guys, we’re talking to Victoria toensing. And Joe Digenova. Trusted attorneys that have been part of the national fabric for many, many moons honored to have them their legal analysis and their and their friendship. Newt Gingrich jumped on Fox and said, his evaluation of what Merrick Garland is doing, opens him up to some some legal exposure here. I want to listen to newts rationale. And then Victoria, I’ll ask you to comment was Attorney General John Mitchell for obstruction of justice. 

And I am absolutely certain that the current attorney general Merrick Garland is in grave danger of being charged with obstruction of justice, and with having destroyed the system. And then I think the current Congress, frankly should be right now. subpoenaing all the documents between Smith and garland? Because I think garlin has been directing this. I think the timing is weird. As you know, the other night, we waters put up a chart that showed something happens to Hunter, the next two to two or three days something happens to Trump, something happens to Hunter, the next two or three days something happens. This is so blatantly disgustingly political, but it has no business being in the Department of Justice. 

Joe, you were talking about this and what Newt was drawing a parallel was to all of the the individuals the higher ups that went to jail during the Nixon affair, and he’s saying that that is just as crooked in the in the Biden regime. What’s your take on that? 

Well, I think you’re absolutely right. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Justice Department now under Merrick Garland, with the with the AVID assistance of Christopher Rea, and incompetent corrupt FBI director who’s definitely being used for political purposes, I don’t think there’s any doubt that Garland has lied about the fact that he’s not been communicating the wall at the White House. There have been communications both direct and indirect with him. He’s just wine. I can’t imagine how somebody who’s been a federal judge like Garland has, can be so incredibly untransparent about his performance. He has lied repeatedly about what he does and what he doesn’t know, this is. This is remarkable. Clearly during an impeachment proceeding, or an impeachment inquiry, she’d be one of the key witnesses in the by Chris Eastman. 

Yeah, go ahead. 

Let me add one other aspect to that, for the obstruction of justice is essence doesn’t have to be the lying against Trump. But the protection of Hunter Biden. 


That plea deal wasn’t made without Merrick knowing about it. 

Yeah, the blanket the blanket immunity, that I mean, that that is, that is absurd. 

You I don’t remember way back when that was announced. And I kept saying every time I did appear sounds like where is the plea agreement? Where was the plea agreement? There’s something wrong here. Because the plea agreement is usually filed with accounts the person is going to, you know, and just on a personal note, right, Merrick Garland authorized to search warrants for me 

for you and I know, 

target when I was not a target of an investigation. That’s illegal under the Justice Department rules. Well, if the Republicans let me just say quick answer, then I’m going to move on to Beijing Biden, because it’s a perfect transition. You guys, if you’re if you’re if the Republicans don’t use Garland’s conduct that Newt Gingrich just outlined as as a method for articles of impeachment against garland isn’t really the Republican Party just going along to get along and not really worth it? 

Oh, you’re talking about MIT and your good friend John Cornyn again? 

Yeah, those guys, those guys. Yeah. And if they don’t, if they don’t use I mean, everything that Garland has been doing as an affront is as a cancer eroding the fabric of this country. Now let’s pivot if we shall guys, to, to Biden, the left is saying Victoria, there is no evidence that Joe Biden broke any laws violated any is Victoria, is that true that there is no evidence that Joe Biden has done anything wrong. 

But that’s how the left operates? Chris is a you well know, they that they repeated. The media will repeat it. And then it becomes Russia, Russia, Russia, right. That becomes the truth. And I bet she would go out in the poll right now you’ve got 50% of people that think Russia helped Trump win 2016. And so it works. It’s a technique that works, nothing, nothing to see here. Okay. 

Well, one of the things is, first of all the evidence against Joe Biden at this point now, and I’m keeping a running resume of all the key facts is now three single spaced type pages. The evidence against Joe Biden is so, so massive, that he violated the law, that he took bribes, that he has money that has been made, because of him, for the families, that they have committed a series of corrupt acts over a number of years. It’s just beyond dispute. And that’s why the house has to begin an impeachment inquiry against Biden. And I believe that they will do so because if they don’t, they’re going to lose the house because they didn’t do it because the base will abandon them. And as for the Senate, with corn and McConnell, they hate Trump. They don’t want to do anything to help them. They all in the Senate leadership hates Trump, they will be useless, even though we know we’ve never get a conviction in the Senate. The truth is that I would venture to say that at least a third of the members of the Senate in the Republican caucus vote to acquit Biden if he’s impeached. 

I think so too, I think so too, here’s Ted Cruz. 

When I asked him this question, listen to me if it is true, as the ft 1023 alleges that Joe Biden solicited and received a multimillion dollar bribe from a foreign national for a official conduct when he was vice president, the United States that absolutely the House of Representatives should impeach him and the Senate should convict him. And I’ll note, Chris, you know, the past impeachments we’ve had there been big debates about whether something constitutes a high crime or misdemeanor. That actually doesn’t matter here because the text of the Constitution provides that impeachment lies for treason, bribery, or other crimes or misdemeanors, if if this evidence demonstrates that Biden committed this conduct, he wouldn’t be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, he wouldn’t be impeached for bribery. 

I specifically enumerated grounds for impeaching and removing the president Victoria, he’s got a point it is in the text of the founding document itself, the word bribery. 

Absolutely all that they were all like Ted Cruz. We’ve known him for many, many years. We helped support him before he got elected the first time. He’s a well known person in the legal community in Washington. And and as he said, There is thing in the text in since Biden’s being accused of bribery. How can any honest Democrat even say nothing to see? 

Sorry, you said honest and Democrat in the same sentence? I just. I mean, I didn’t know. Yeah, I’ll take that show on the road. That is funny. Joe, last last question. foreign foreign overseas bank accounts, the Republicans say they’re going to unveil that sometime this week. Goodness knows when. But let there’s two sides of this politically, here’s Joe Biden, in his political party, constantly moaning and complaining, the rich don’t pay their fair share. And now the leader of the Democrat Party, may be revealed, according to what the Republicans are saying that he has overseas accounts is the one one reason why you have an overseas bank account. So there’s the political peril that Beijing Biden is in? What about the legal peril of overseas business accounts for a man like Joe Biden? 

Well, there’s no doubt that there are overseas accounts, because that’s the only reason you would have a 20 plus shell company to launder the money. So there’s no doubt that there are going to be overseas accounts. And that will be the coup de gras, because that will then show that they were hiding funds, in addition to the lies. And let me just underscore something else. All these people who’ve been changing the Biden story from I didn’t know anything. We never talked about it. I was never in business within. Okay, I went through a few meetings, blah, blah, blah, every lie that Joe Biden told publicly about his relationship with his son, and the bribery is in is admissible evidence against him. But here’s the most important part. Every time he told a lie, that was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, and it restarted every statute of limitations on every offense involved. 

That’s, that’s huge, because as you know, the Democrats have a nasty habit of running out the statute of limitations. Of course, they resurrected against Republicans like Alvin braggin. But But Democrats use that as an excuse, oh, sorry, you know, are bad but we’re not going to be held accountable. That that was what Durham did. He allowed the Democrats to get away with by letting the statute of limitations expire. Joe Digenova. And Victoria toensing. guys appreciate the legal analysis. As always, 

We’re always here for you, Chris. And that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast where we are always here for you as well folks, visit a couple of websites Texas Our partners in this venture, helping you folks stay in touch with what’s happening in Texas, and how what’s happening in Texas can impact you folks who aren’t living here they actually impact a lot of folks around this country. Also check out Chris and newly minted Chris We have refurbished it. It is brand spankin new wire there you can drop me in an email you can drop me a voicemail, you can check out all of our social media hookups and find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and also on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock in the afternoon until five until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. Its worth is measured by how much power is reserved for we the people stay safe out there my friends. 


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