The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Donald Trump Jr. Addresses Deep State Double Standards

Donald Trump Jr. is Executive Vice-President at the Trump organization. He’s the host of the “Triggered” podcast on Rumble!

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Know what I’m finding, I’m finding a lot of us on the conservative side of the ledger, we’re having a hard time grasping that we are losing our country right before our eyes. And of course, it doesn’t help the guys like Barack Hussein Obama and the mainstream press Get out there and say, Well, this is what they say, when they try to stop change. You know, they’re they’re saying you’re losing your country and they’re gonna tell you we’re evil and that we want to sexualize children. Then when they do these things, then they say I’m just a conspiracy theory, folks. 120 5 million plus now for sound of freedom. Americans are buying it. But the left wingers the minute you start questioning them. Then they start saying, Oh, just a bunch of conspiracy theories. And I think it was, it was Rob Finnerty of Newsmax who said, You know what, we need to come up with new conspiracy theories, because all of our old ones have come true. And he’s right. And I think it’s our side that has because most of us are kind and decent people. I think we have the hardest time coming to grips with the fact that there is true evil, and that the left wing is the sponsor of evil that anybody who dares to call himself an American could be this evil. But it is happening. It is happening and we’ve got to call it out. The FBI. Let me let me tell you about what was published over the weekend. This is an opinion piece from Andrea pick EOD. Pick God Bear Bear, FBI attacked Catholics. And now it won’t even let us know what it did. Traditional Catholics targeted for going to the Latin Mass and FBI won’t release the memo. This is of course, Christopher Rea, who got up on Capitol Hill and is justifying withholding this information about what one of his field offices did to Catholics. Actually, it’s not just one of his field offices. It seems to be an undercurrent, with all of the people who descend from his leadership, anti religion and anti faith bigots who like in the finest tradition of Marx, and Stalin, want you to worship government, not God. Let me read from this piece. Catholics in the United States are being maligned by the federal government, and it’s time to address what has become a serious challenge to religious freedom. Recently, members of the House Judiciary Committee questioned FBI director Christopher Rea, about an FBI memo from the Richmond Virginia Field Office targeting us Catholics who are drawn to the traditional Latin Mass for those of you who are not Catholics. Traditional latin mass is there’s a high and there’s a low mass, I have only been to one of each in my entire life. And I’m a practicing Catholic. I’m a Vatican two baby. And whereas I don’t subscribe and go to the Latin Mass, my god daughters family, they go to the latin mass. And whereas I don’t go there, to partake in the in the traditional Latin Mass, I fully support it. I as a traditional Catholic, a devout Catholic, I should say, want to know and want to have that resource to understand the roots of the Catholic faith. There was a reformation that happened called Vatican to a graduated from this this old style latin mass into the new mass. It was supposed to be more conversational, more welcoming, and, to a degree, many of us weren’t offended by what Vatican two did but some. And I think there’s some, there’s some value to this said the Vatican too watered down the faith took us away from the underpinnings. And a lot of people in the church hierarchy at the time said okay, well we understand that. So, you know, the traditional Latin Mass was allowed to continue. Enter Pope Francis. Pope Francis has declared war on the traditional Latin Mass because he’s a communist. Pope Francis is a communist, he loves communism. He believes that Catholicism and, and faith is communism, he sees a lot of parallels. It’s a complete bastardization of the faith in the gospel. But whatever. I as a practicing Catholic with an eye toward God and trying to explore and find my own faith in my own way back home to God can see what what this man of the earth and he has his mind set on the politics of this earth, not of saving souls, Pope Francis is doing and he seems to have a lot of allies in the left wing FBI. The commonality between Pope Francis and Christopher Ray and Christopher Ray’s lieutenants in his FBI is they’re all anti religious. And I know it’s, it’s kind of maybe controversial for me to say, but it seems that Pope Francis is more devoted to things of this earth, rather than things that are dedicated to spirituality. And his support for communism, from his youth into his papacy, I believe is evidence of that. So anyway, the memo claimed violent extremists have sought out and attended Catholic houses of worship, and suggested tripwire or source development within churches that offer the Latin Mass and radical traditionalist Catholic online communities. This is what the FBI wanted to do. They wanted to put infiltrators inside of the Catholic Church. And Christopher Ray says, Well, I condemn that. And then Congress says, well, let’s see the memo. Let’s, let’s see, and get these people who put together this memo. Let’s let’s have them come up and explain themselves. Why they targeted traditional Catholics. And Christopher, I said, Well, we have this ongoing personnel matter, you see, so I’m not going to turn over any documentation. I’m not going to turn over my lieutenants who were quite he didn’t say this, but this is what I feel quite likely acting on Christopher Ray’s orders on the download, you know, target those traditional Catholics who put God before government. It’s folks, it’s the worst. It’s the worst things we heard about the Soviet Union. It’s what’s happening in traditional Communist China today. No religion has allowed. Anything that allows any American citizen to put a higher principle other than whatever government tells you to do. Is, is bemoaned besmirched and targeted. So they can dissuade you from worshipping God don’t worship God anymore, because we’re going to call you a radical we’re going to storm your house, you know, like, like they deal with that. That father of seven that Catholic father of seven, they stretched the law. They stretched the law and the judge admonish the FBI and Merrick Garland, the pukes department of injustice. They said this was this you stretch this law to go after one of your political enemies, a devout Catholic father, the father, by the way, was defending his 12 year old son from a nutbag abortionist who got in his son’s space and started pushing his son around. So he defended his son. And then Merrick Garland and Christopher Rea, when after the father raided his home, a family of seven with armed FBI agents, Gestapo like Stalinist Nazi esque tactics. And now they refuse to let us know what they did, because they’re not transparent. Because they are liars. And they don’t want to be called out on their lies. And they don’t want to have more fuel for people like me and people like you to say, I don’t want to fund this crap. I don’t want to fund people who are targeting my rights and liberties, my traditional rights and liberties as an American. I don’t want to do that. Tucker Carlson a couple of weeks back he was speaking at a talking point USA forum. He said something, this goes back to what I was originally talking about how our side cannot fathom what is being done to us. We can’t fathom that somebody who dares call themselves an American could fall this far. But it’s not that hard folks. The allure of power. The Temptations, if you will when give the biblical theme here going, the temptation of Satan. It’s It’s intoxicating. Christopher rea has caught it. Merrick Garland every frickin Democrat in this government has caught it. Mitch McConnell John Cornyn, these Republicans have caught it. Oh, we want big Government we just think Republicans can run it better Screw you. Every conservative knows that it is best not to give government more power lest it be abused. That’s a Chris Salcedo show axiom. You should memorize it and it should guide everybody in this country in your voting patterns. It is best not to give government more power lest it be abused. And there’s Christopher rea. And there’s Merrick Garland, proving the Salcedo show axiom one of them. Tucker Carlson speaking about here in modern day America, just like in the Soviet Union, just like in modern day China, that it is not, it is not the lies that are punished, whether it be Merrick Garland’s lies, Christopher Reyes lies Joe Biden’s lies. It is those telling the truth about those lies, who get punished. What’s scary, and what will elicit a response are true things no one is punished for lying. People are only punished for telling the truth. You could literally you can literally wake up tomorrow, move to the Bahamas, study fake cryptocurrency. He’s talking about Sam Venkman fried this cat, who by the way, has his left wing defenders out there to fraud a million investors around the world have billions of dollars under saying you could and I’m not recommending it. No to the FTC not recommending but you could do that. Or you could get caught. People might have like a balanced view of you. It’s really smart, good guy got a little over his skis as we say. Like I’m not gonna hate on him. Right? We all make mistakes like Who here raise your hand if you haven’t defrauded a million investors with a big cryptocurrency? Okay, there are some there are some. You cast the first stone then you see this is this is what the left wing does. This is what they do to us. They say well, your your man is flawed. Thus we can excuse all of these big by the way Sam bank been free to left wing donor. A Democrat donor hates President Trump so naturally, all of his illegality and bilking millions out of out of their out of their savings, all that can be excused. That’s cool. Because he was doing it for the right reasons. He’s a left wing nut job. He wants to enslave millions to an elite class. Net. Okay. And this is exactly and but if you go out against sandbank been freed oh, wait a minute, you must be a right winger. If if you support sound of freedom, the film that highlights the the left wings sex slave trade, which they have their policies have bolstered and nurtured and, and made even exponentially worse into America on that southern border with their policies down there. If you if you say I think you know, diddling children is is wrong. Oh, you must be a right winger, you must be a conservative. And it’s these people are sick and twisted, folks. And the minute we say that, Oh, conspiracy theorist those kinds of crimes, which is to say actual crimes, like burning down buildings, impoverishing people, starting totally counterproductive wars, we can’t win that kill a lot of our citizens leaving the border open. So 7 million people can walk across. Those are not small things. That’s like, it’s not all like forgetting to fold your napkin correctly. Thanksgiving, those are like actually kind of world historic crimes, never punished. What are the crimes that are punished thought crimes, thinking the wrong thing, having the wrong beliefs, saying unapproved words saying unapproved words thinking unapproved thoughts. If you think that it is wrong of the United States government in a violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution for the FBI to set its sights on a particular faith to take it down because it’s a political obstacle to those in power. If you question that, oh, then then you are the problem. It isn’t the fact that we have a bunch of Marxist Leninist inside of the FBI who have sold out this country stealing our money to advance a left wing, anti constitutional anti freedom agenda in this country, turning the FBI the once trusted law enforcement agency of this of this country into a Staci like outfit. No, no, that’s, that’s not the problem. The problem is you if you oppose it, Tucker is 100% Correct. He’s turning into a bit of a philosopher and even more so than he was when he was at Fox. But I think this firing from Fox up maybe has awakened a different part of Tucker Carlson that maybe we we weren’t privy to maybe it was because Fox News was reining him in on on far too many occasions. And now we’re starting to to get the full force and wisdom of Tucker Carlson unplugged. I mean, that’s just my sense. And by the way, coming up in a podcast, the next podcast will probably detail exactly what’s been going on over at Fox and where their priorities where they’re putting their money, where their heart is. We’ll get into all of that. But in the meantime, a conversation with Donald Trump Jr. and the growing inequities inside the United States, as our once trusted institutions are now in it for the Democrats of the Democrats and by the Democrats, and anyone who challenges or thinks differently than that, than they are public enemy number one. 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But, you know, we learned the Department of injustice in the IRS was slow walking the Hunter Biden probe the GOP revealing of in five months. They did more than the FBI did in five years. And we learned that any pathways from from hunters massive tax evasion that led back to Joe Biden was stopped the investigation was stopped by the DOJ question. You think you or your siblings would have received similar treatment from the IRS and the DOJ? Yeah, I think I’d be in Gitmo by now. You know, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is going on. I mean, honestly, when you start seeing what I saw yesterday, even this the some of the testimony this week, they impeached my father, for what Joe Biden did. I mean, there’s no other way of saying it, that’s what they did. It was clear corruption. It’s been out there. He’s on video verifying it. And if they cared anything about the rule of law, rather than a one sided, two tiered justice system that we’re witnessing, they would have done something about it. But you know what, if you’re a Democrat, you can get away with it. You’ll have the full weight of government, you’ll have the full weight of big tech, you’ll have the full weight of media running cover for you. And the rules just don’t apply. It’s not the same. See, I want if I did want, if I did 1% of the hunter stuff, it would be the biggest story in the world. Sure. It would be disqualifying to my father, and rightfully so. And yet you have the world’s most famous crackhead taking millions from China, billions from China, actually, millions from Ukraine, millions from Russia and our press isn’t even willing to ask. Hey, do you think our policies over there right now when we’re on the brink of world war three, do you think maybe they’re influenced by, they have more information. I mean, it’s lunacy. All right now you’ve got Putin saying that every ship is a target in the Black Sea and you’ve got Joe Biden sending American made cluster bombs over there. These two left wing leaders are putting the world at the brink of war. Let me let me just buttress what you said in case any of you left wingers out there are saying that Don, Jr. is playing with the truth here. No. Joe Biden actually admitted to doing what President Trump was falsely impeached for listen to this. They walked out to Prescott said nice, and I’m not gonna we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. He said, You have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said I said call him. I said, I’m telling you not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I look guys, I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of got fired. So there you go. He’s admitted. He’s admitted on tape to doing what your father was impeached for. And that took me right into the other breaking news yesterday, from Chuck Grassley revealing that FBI documents say that a Ukrainian oligarch was coerced by then VP Biden, and his his crackhead son Hunter, and he has the tapes to prove it your reaction? Again, I can only imagine what else is out there. You don’t think the Chinese were running a similar operation? You know, the Chinese aren’t like us, right? There are many things but they’re not stupid. They don’t invest $1 billion into an unknown entity. Like Hunter Biden, they don’t do ESG practice whether they’re not they’re underrepresented by crackheads. So they need some more crackhead representation than they give them a billion dollars. Imagine what they have. Imagine what they have on hunter with the trips that even whatever he was doing over there that they can hold over the Biden’s. And you have to ask because Joe Biden has been running in America last operation, everything breaks for China, everything seems to go that way. And again, you have to ask why this stuff in Ukraine is happening. I imagine that’s small potatoes relative to what China a was capable of doing in terms of running, sort of, you know, the operation and the setup. And I bet the money, the money, and the numbers are much bigger because they have a lot more to gain than anything you could possibly do with Ukraine. So none of this shouldn’t surprise us. We’ve been saying this now for years. It’s clear. It’s clear as day the numbers are out there. The whistleblowers are out there yet. Now I’m watching the Democrats. I remember there was a time not that long ago when my father was president where any whistleblower I guess as long as they were against Trump was beyond reproach. They were angels, you know, vindman, the Chelsea, who was offered the Defense Secretary position and Ukraine was trying to run a, you know, a military operation there for $12 million. Isn’t that a grifter? I remember when he was beyond reproach, he could do nothing wrong at all nonsense. It turns out to all be BS, but that didn’t matter. They got what they wanted. That’s what we’ve seen across the government if they get what they want. If the truth comes out two years later, they don’t even care because there’s no accountability. He is the host of triggered the podcast on rumble Donald Trump Jr, executive vice president at the Trump Organization, the latest indictment on your father, I don’t know how much. I mean, I’m not sure how much what kind of a law background you have. Or you’ve talked to some folks but this is how I see it. They are all the talk of insurrection and all the talk of which was it was not it was a riot. But it wasn’t an insurrection. All of this talk about that, and your father being the leader of it, that they come out with these indictments and one of them is a a post Civil War statute that they’re going back to charge your father with. I mean, my impression you tell me if I’m right or wrong, is that they are stretching the law to such a degree. It rivals what they did that Catholic father of seven that a judge admonished the Biden regime over saying, How dare you do this to a citizen just to lash out at Catholics? Is that what they’re doing to your father with his latest indictment? Well, I mean, I think all of them have shown to be just that way. I think what they’re trying to do with that sort of post Civil War era thing, you know, it’s sort of contrary to like, let’s call it like, the DeSantis influencer thing. They want to run against Trump. So they’re trying to make them popular by indicting on with no, they’re trying to use a civil war statute is they’re gonna say, Hey, if you took part in an insurrection, you’re not able to run for office. Again, they’re trying to stop him from running for office because they understand that Donald Trump is the only guy that will actually take on the swamp. Donald Trump is the only guy that will actually push back and do something and now that they’ve gone after him for years, they have gone after his family now that he’s had four years in office to actually figure out where those things are to your team and an outsider without that sort of intimate knowledge. Now you can actually do those things really effectively. That scares the hell out of the swamp. That’s what they’re definitely afraid of, because they understand that the power In everything that they’ve derived and how they’ve weaponized our systems against their citizens for their own well being, that that’s at risk, and they’re going to do whatever they can to prevent that from happening. I wasn’t going to ask you about this, but it just popped into my head, so I might as well, as you know, 2020 Republicans voted to shield Adam Schiff from a hefty $16 million accountability, after it was proven by the Durham investigation that he weaponized the Intel Committee lied, used his imprimatur use the imprimatur from his position as chairman of the Intelligence Committee. And he used it against Americans and and your father. And then 20 Republicans said no, no, no, we can’t hold them accountable. Aren’t those Republicans the problem? Yeah, I mean, listen, I take that one. Personally, I was one of the people he used it against. I mean, it remember I remember pretty clearly watching him numerous times say that. I personally had committed treason against the United States of crime punishable by death. So not exactly insignificant. I was in the, you know, House Intelligence Committee where they were questioning me I believe I did about 10 hours of testimony before them, you know, for treason. If I would have lied, if I would have said something, you know, again, you can be, you know, struck McCabe, Brennan, Comey, you can lie before these institutions and nothing happens to you, right? As they very clearly did. For me, it would have been different. You know, I remember getting out what my lawyers couldn’t have their phones in the room. I couldn’t have a phone to the room. I couldn’t have access to it. And I remember getting out that evening at about eight o’clock at night. And I go, and I checked Twitter at the time, and I’m scrolling through and oh, well, nine o’clock. Well, you know, at the first bathroom break, here’s what’s going on in the room. Hey, 11 o’clock, one o’clock. And then the emails leaked. Remember that WikiLeaks email? Yeah. I’m like, Wait, that’s weird. You had you had Donald Trump Jr. had the WikiLeaks stuff days before? No, they didn’t. They took the there was like dated June 14. Okay, they deleted the one in 14. So it looked like I had it on the fourth instead of the 14th. And stuff leaked on like, you know, the 10th, or whatever it was. So it looked like I had it six days before rather than four days after the rest of the world because some random guy spammed, like Trump. Org emails, and, and actually got my email, and so it ended up in there. That’s the kind of stuff that this guy did. He weaponized that remember, he’d seen the evidence, we heard him say that he’d seen the evidence. So you know, you assume that the head of the Intelligence Committee, well, maybe there’s something there. That was election interference. They use that to weaponize the midterms and try to make it seem like there was actually something there. I mean, these are things that if a Republican did, there’d be criminal charges, they’d be thrown out of Congress. I mean, I love that Anna Polina Luna got him centered. And he’s certainly deserved that, but he deserves a lot more that belongs in jail. No, absolutely. The American people, he spent $50 million, you know, around this investigation on plus the waste of time, energy that was not devoted to things that actually matter, or that would actually benefit the American populace. You know, the media went along hook, line, and sinker, big tech went along hook, line and sinker. And he’s very proud of what he did. He tells us this now because again, there’s no accountability. If you’re a Democrat, you can get away with outright. You got to be a thorn in the side of the Republicans by spending millions and taxpayer dollars by wasting time energy by lobbying, by trying to throw innocent people in jail. It just says a scumbag. But you know, that’s, that’s okay. There’s no consequences and shame. And now we can all see the game, we can all see the game. They wouldn’t they wouldn’t allow you. They wouldn’t allow your lawyers to have any devices that could go against their narrative, not news. It was narrative that they wanted to put out about you to discredit you. And the fact that our own government that you and I financed through our taxes, participated in that mob, like crooked activity explains everything to me of how corrupt this, this federal government is, because it’s been infiltrated infected by Democrats, folks, we’re talking to Donald Trump Jr. Executive Vice President at the Trump Organization, the name of the podcast on Rumble is triggered. I’m dying to know what you thought about RFK yesterday getting the the Trump treatment. What do you think? I mean, you know, I actually had a rather busy day yesterday, so I’m not fully caught up on what happened. I saw some of the testimony, I saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you know, another bureaucrat that, you know, that can get away with it, trying to censor someone, you know that and that’s what it is, you know, the Democrats, they’re always accusing us of doing the things that they’re actually doing, right? Because Republicans don’t want graphic pornography in preschools, they’re, they’re banning books. And I’m like, Well, that was banning your book. We just don’t want to show it to children in school, like, What are you talking about? But again, that doesn’t stop the media from say they’re censoring. But when you actually try to censor someone who has an opinion, from a respected American family, and, you know, all of a sudden, you know, it’s not a problem, that kind of censorship is fine. So they can say whatever they want, they can lie that cannot be censored. And if you do, there’ll be consequences. But anyone else that they don’t agree with, they can censor. I mean, they are bullies. They are, you know, they want full control of everything. They don’t want any power, they don’t want you to be able to think for yourself. And if you do, you’re not only will be censored, but you’ll be cancelled. It’s it’s a disgusting thing that’s going on, but then they accuse the Republicans of doing it, because, you know, a couple parents were really concerned about graphic graphic details in the, you know, sexualizing our children. That’s supposed to be great, you know, we should have lots of porn into elementary schools, according to the Democrats, otherwise, your banning books like, these people have lost their minds. This is not a Democrat party that resembles anything, any of the core values of that party in their past, you know, John F. Kennedy today would be all right. You know, he’d be a Nazi, according to now, but that’s everyone’s, you know, everyone’s All right. Everyone’s a racist, everyone’s a Nazi, if they don’t, you know, if you just don’t blindly go along with whatever their new narrative and that narrative is ever changing. It’s degenerating on a daily basis. I mean, these are sick people at this point. But, you know, and that’s not to say that all Democrats are that way. I mean, I know I’ve you have great hard working blue collar Democrats in America. The problem is they just don’t have anyone that represents them. Sure. It doesn’t buy into that stuff, because they can’t win elections, they’re not going to get the Soros funding, or the LA funding within New York funding that they need to win if they don’t buy into, you know, three year olds should obviously be able to go get a sex change operation without parental consent, because their teacher convinced them that, you know, they were the opposite sex for about three seconds. Like, who wouldn’t let the child make that decision? I mean, surely they can’t buy a pack of cigarettes for another 15 years. But I mean, no, but this these are their Hills didn’t dare you say that as a 20 year old man can’t decide he’s a woman has to be the most dominant swimmer and female collegiate swimming, like, you know, they’re doing it every day. That That leads me right to, to another Hill, they’re dying on the sound of freedom. That That movie by Angel studios, a movie that’s been made for five years finally comes out. It’s just past $100 million at the box office, the runaway summer hit. And the Democrats are trying to say we don’t want you to see this because we’re trying the Democrat Party is trying to normalize sexual relationships between adults and children, to the degree to where now the DOJ is scrubbing their own website of sex, child sex trafficking info, because they don’t want the American people to know, this is this is your Democrat Party, the party of of diddling kids. Ya know, it’s so much worse than I actually had mentioned the podcast, I had Tim Ballard on my podcast last night. So go go check it out on rumble. Tim is the subject over the movie, he’s the investigator that started finding these things. And to tell you just how depraved they are, I have a little bit of a history, I made two calls to the White House, basically, you know, trying to push some sort of policy, you know, when my father was in there, one was to stop like the Pebble Mine because I didn’t want to ruin Alaska’s Bristol Bay. And the other was, I had met Tim Ballard in like 2015, or 2016. And we became kind of buddies. And he started explaining just how bad the situation is, you know, it’s a problem, but you just don’t understand how big a problem is. You don’t understand the volume. And so I was like, Hey, guys, you should meet this. And my father does. You have a meeting with him? And he’s like, Oh, my God. And so he formed the Council put him, put him on it, and funds it with like $300 million to end child sex trafficking. And the left loses their minds. This is like, that’s when I realized how far gone they were. I mean, I figured this is a 100. I didn’t even think it was a political issue. Because like, how could it be? It’s like one plus one is two, but apparently math is raised to now. But I figured like this is no obviously other than other than the pedophiles themselves, like, everyone should be able to get on board with this. And I was apparently wrong. And they went nuts. And it’s why they’re trying to cancel him now. It’s why they’re trying to say it’s Q anon. I mean, what’s I mean, are we pretending this isn’t a real thing? I know, we pretend like the humans that he saved and this is just one of many missions, but the movies about, you know, they they’re alive. They’re they’ll talk about it. They’ll tell you exactly what happened. And there’s 10s of 1000s of children like this in the list wants to say it doesn’t happen. They want you know, minor attracted persons differently. You know, Wisconsin 100% of the Democrats sign on our law. It says that you can’t discriminate in hiring pedophiles. I mean, think about that, like you went to preschool you can’t discriminate in hiring against obviously, you know, on race religion, you know, now we want to add, you know, sexual attraction to minors as something you can’t discriminate against. You got Washington State 100% of the Democrats sign on if you don’t allow your child to to go and get a sex change operation vivo, you know, they’re gonna keep them away from you. They’re gonna kidnap your child, because you don’t allow them to be influenced by some freaking lunatic. That’s where we are insane. It is they want us doing it every day. And it’s like people are pretending like it’s not happening. I’m like, just listen to what they’re doing. Look at this is not like random, you know, some pedophile lunatic, this is the state legislature in the states, like these are, these are real politicians, powerful people in their states. And they they’re normalizing this stuff. They want it to be okay, they want to lower the age of consent, like and of course, minors. I mean, where does it end? I mean, other than obviously, where does it end? But it’s like, you’re telling me, you know, you’re not allowed to use the word groomer because like, Well, what else could it possibly be? That walks like a duck and talks like it’s probably a duck folks. They want to serve up our children like some sort of buffet and and I think that the American people even dare I say, even Democrat voters are not willing to go down this road. So you answered my last question. Which what is the latest episode of triggered about it’s about Tim Ballard and I hope folks will will look it up trigger that’s a podcast on rumble and Donald Trump Jr. He is the one that produces that he’s the executive vice president at the Trump Organization. Man, we missed you. It’s so great to catch up and I hope you’ll come back soon. I’ll do that man. Thanks a lot. Have a good one. That’s going to put a wrap on this edition of The Saucedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, check out a couple of websites if you will. Texas., Texas That’s where you find enterprising journalism you’re not going to find anyplace else in Texas and the stories they cover impact Texas and beyond there. Also visit Chris That’s where you can find me the Chris Salcedo shows on KSC V and Newsmax. Also check out all of our social media hookups there, including the brand spankin new locals, Salcedo storm Hangout, if you’ve not seen how we use the Hangout. It is basically your ability to influence not only the Chris Saucedo shows on, on radio and on television, but also this podcast Salcedo store and podcast. So if you haven’t checked it out, please do at Chris Until we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government rather it is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. You made this happen all your friends seated together ready for the game. Vivid seats makes it easy to get great deals on great tickets while making you the MVP. Vivid seats real rewards for real fans get tickets now. We made USAA insurance to help you save. Take advantage of discounts when you cover your home and to ride. Discover how we’re helping members save at restrictions apply

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