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FBI's Illegal Targeting Of Catholics

Sebastian Gorka is the host of America First, on nationally syndicated talk radio. He is the host of the gorka reality check on Newsmax. He’s a former Trump official and trusted conservative.
Logan Church is the national political director for CatholicVote. Logan has been an emerging leader in the campaign world, having worked on over a dozen campaigns, in six states. Logan has dedicated her career to electing quality candidates to public office.

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As you all may or may not know I, I am a practicing Catholic. I’m a devout Catholic, I’m a believer in in God and Jesus Christ. And I think the Judeo Christian ethic which has built what we are in this country with as built Western civilization is important because of these ideals that we hold dear. That man, we believe in the Judeo Christian tradition is supposed to serve God. And that there’s really only one master of the universe. There’s only one master of our of our ultimate destiny, and that is the Almighty, and those who are Christ believers believe that the only way to reach the father is through the Son, Jesus Christ. And it has informed the way that we people in this particular Western culture, have defined our relationship to government, which is to say that legitimate government protects individuals rights and liberties that were not gifted by government, but were gifted by God. 

We believe as those in the Judeo Christian tradition, that the rights and liberties that we enjoy as human beings are inherent and are supposed to be preserved for every human being, and that only legitimate governments and only legitimate governments preserve those rights. And that is how the United States of America was predicated, and how we, I believe, built the most successful country in human history. Now, as you might imagine, this gets in the way of communist brutal dictatorships and other forms of government out there that are illegitimate. I think it’s important for every American to understand communist China’s government is illegitimate. Cuba’s government is illegitimate, Venezuela’s government is illegitimate. Why? Because it doesn’t protect the God given rights that are inherent to every human being. 

Our country was founded on protecting those rights, saying only legitimate governments, only a government that can be considered legitimate guards those rights and liberties and shrines them into our into our founding document and enshrines it into our, into our traditions. And that is something communist country, socialist countries, dictatorships, they don’t do. Everything is in service to government, everything’s in service to the king or everything’s in service to the dictator. And that’s why they are antithetical to Americanism, those types of governments. 

So you can understand why I am upset about headlines like this religious group blasts FBI memo, they’re unconstitutional ever to surveil Catholics. Now many of you might be saying, well, wait, this is this is an old story. This is a we all know about the field office in Richmond, Virginia, targeting and putting up that memo calling Catholics extremists why because they believed in the sanctity of life. And there were some other things they said in the memo. They labeled Catholics as as extremists as white supremacists. And they said that they were anti immigration which is not true. Which is not true. 

This is the Antifa model folks being adopted by your FBI. Basically what they say is, well, we’re gonna make up a whole bunch of crap about Catholics and say, Oh, because we think they’re white supremacist that gives us the right to violate their rights. So Antifa does the same thing by declaring all of the people who oppose their Marxism and their socialism, declaring them fascists. So if we declare them fascist, then we get to kick the crap out of them. Right. 

So to is it with the FBI, but we were told by Christopher Rea, under oath, I might add, that this was an isolated incident. This was the Richmond Virginia office. And it did not expand any further and there’s an there’s ongoing investigation. Of course, Jim Jordan wants to know, well, why won’t you let us talk to the people who instituted this, this one time breach this very small breach, according to the FBI director? Well, it turns out, it wasn’t just the Richmond office. Turns out that it spread far and wide across the country, to other bureaus to other field offices. The organization, Catholic vote, referenced a less redacted version of an FBI document released by the House Judiciary Committee that revealed involvement from the Bureau’s Portland and Los Angeles offices in this initiative. And I’m wondering if we continue to do digging, how many more FBI offices were predicated on what I believe is unlawful bigotry, what I believe is a targeting of a protected class, a protected religious class, the breaking of law by the FBI. 

Again, of course, you all know, they broke the law repeatedly, and their misrepresentations before the FISA court. Now we come to find out that an FBI that has no conscience and FBI that seems to be devoid of service to the American people is also an FBI that can target an entire class of religious people. And they do so with impunity, and they do so without any conscience. Or maybe they do, because that’s why Christopher Ray perjured himself when he said, Oh, this was just the Richmond Virginia office. No, he knew it stretched far beyond an edge and I like to know how far beyond and at this point, I believe it is beyond debate. The FBI cannot be salvaged. Now that it’s been determined. They are full of hatred and bias against people of faith, Christ lovers. 

More on this with two guests. We’ve got Logan Church from the aforementioned Catholic vote, and a visit that I had on KSC V was Seb Gorka, the one and only coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Chris Sebastian Gorka, host of America first on nationally syndicated talk radio. He is the host of the Gorka reality check on Newsmax. He’s a former Trump official, and a trusted conservative friend said welcome back.

 Hey, great to be back. 

Well, I thought you might want to weigh in on a story that broke yesterday. It turns out that Christopher Ray testified under oath on Capitol Hill saying, yes, it was just that one field office in Richmond, that was irresponsibly and grotesquely targeting Catholics. Turns out that was a lie. It was widespread to several field offices across the FBI your reaction? 

Yeah, I mean, this is just another reason why this individual should be impeached right now. He lied in front of Congress. He perjured himself, but I’m a Catholic. And when he was asked by Jim Jordan, what is the FBI doing writing threat assessment, targeting, quote, traditional Catholics to go to Latin Mass? He said, oh, oh, that’s a one off that. Oh, that’s just one field office in Richmond, Virginia. That’s just some crazy analyst. Well, now we know that that was a lie to the FBI in Portland, the FBI in Los Angeles, was working with the Richmond office. So this was an across nation FBI tactic to target Christians. And this is I mean, this guts me to say this, because, you know, before I joined the administration, I worked very closely with the FBI, my wife and I had the only external contract and provide al Qaeda and ISIS training to the bureau. I literally traveled about 20,000 miles a month, and I trained 1000s Chris, literally 1000s of special agents, intelligence analysts, and the SOS support staff for the Bureau and today as the as the son of those who escaped the communist regime. We have a police state in America and the FBI is Biden’s Gestapo, whether they’re reading a president’s home, going through his wife’s wardrobe, telling his attorneys stand outside the building are not allowed to come in as we raid the president’s residence, or whether they’re going with 20 agents with loaded and fours busting down the door of Mark house in Philly, because he’s a pro life preacher and doing that in front of his seven children. God bless, Mark, you know, defeating the DOJ in court, but the FBI is just a police force working for the Democrats. 

Right, exactly. Right. And you know, the judge in that case, admonished the DOJ for stretching the law, to make it apply to Mr. Houk and his and his family of seven. lambasted them for doing that just so they can make a political statement. But you’re absolutely right. The FBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Socialist Party, to the point to where they have adopted the Antifa tactics. They say traditional Catholics are white supremacists. So that gives us the right to violate their constitutional rights. I mean, Antifa goes around calling us Nazis. So it gives them the right to kick the kick the garbage out of us. Ray lied under oath. And I think he did. So to keep targeting a protected class, which is religious affiliation. Isn’t aren’t these folks in array and the for covering it up and the folks who had undertaken this? Aren’t they guilty of violating the rule of law and targeting a protected class? 

Oh, without a doubt that guilty of both swearing everything they said they would defend and represent when they became, you know, FBI agents. My buddy called Serafin, one of the brave few FBI whistleblowers, you know, he told me I wasn’t aware of this, that, you know, the FBI badge is really small. If you compare it to local or state badges. It’s actually you know, like, almost half the size. I mean, he used to have a saying, what, why is the FBI badge so small? It’s because we don’t hide behind it. Well, that FBI is gone when I trained at the Quantico Academy. There was a massive plaque on the wall in the main training facility where they swapped out the letters Federal Bureau of Investigation for fidelity, bravery integrity. Now they have no bravery they have no integrity and their only fidelity is to the Democrat party to Biden, Merrick Garland isn’t even Merrick Garland Merrick Garland he is, you know a meat puppet you will watch him testify and you think he should be in some old people so meeting you know applesauce with Joe. You know the people who are really running the show out here the deputy AG Lisa Monaco these the people who ran things for Obama, and now they’re running running things under the under the cover of Biden but but no, this the Afghan look when I was 23 years FBI veteran on my show, who says who We can’t save this when you’re Dan bond Gino, good buddy of mine Secret Service agent former NYPD says dismantle it. This is unsalvageable. But you know, the three main missions of the Bureau counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and you know, federal crimes like kidnapping and bank robbery, they should be given to other agencies like the US Marshals, and the whole entity has to be dismantled because you can’t you can’t fix this, Chris by, you know, changing out the people on the seventh floor of the Hoover Building. The whole entity is rotten when you’ve got more than 30,000 people doing the political police work of the Biden administration, and you’ve got less than 20 whistleblowers. If you can’t salvage this organization.

Sebastian Gorka, our guest right now here on the Chris Salcedo show, Seb, the DOJ also may follow fall in that category that you’re articulating right now. They tried to sneak in an unprecedented in for you Democrats out there unprecedented means it’s never happened before unprecedented immunity deal for Beijing Biden’s crackhead son so that all of his dirty dealings could never be traced back in an investigation to Joe Biden. They were stopped by one judge, and it’s just it just galls me that that that was the only safety valve we the people had. But what’s your take on the DOJ? 

Well, yeah, God bless jobs. No, right. I mean, I mean, look at that. I mean, how arrogant Are you? Not only does the DOJ prosecution team act as if they’re past part of Hunter Biden’s defense team? They give him a universal blanket immunity agreement. And they try and hide it from the judge. I mean when this deal? I mean, absolutely. Unbelievable. And then his defense team, a member of the defense team, calls up the court the day before, I’ve got it right here, right in front of me. I had my poor engineer printed out. There’s a member of a hunted by his defense team calls up the clock with the clerk of the court and says, Oh, the 800 page, amicus brief that details all of the crimes of Hunter Biden, we want that removed, and she’s impersonating a Senate staffer, and she gets caught because she doesn’t steal the phone number. And the clerk decides to call her back. And it’s a member of the team, the defense team working for Hunter Biden impersonating a Senate staffer. I have it in front of me 800 pages of an amicus brief, they tried to deep six, the day before the trial, it tells you everything you need to know whether it’s defense team working hand in glove with the prosecution, whether it’s main DOJ whether it’s the FBI, this is the most important reason why you have to vote for President Trump. There’s only one person, one person out of 330 million, who’s only eligible to serve one four year term as president, everybody else from that fat disgrace Chris Christie to that, that now, you know, self disgracing backstabber, Mike Pence, every single one of them can serve two terms. So what happens if they win? And they put their hand on the Bible? At 12 o’clock on January the 20th? What is the one thing they’re gonna want? Chris, the one thing they’re gonna want is to get reelected. President Trump can’t get reelected, which means he doesn’t have to compromise doesn’t have to play footsie with the rhinos or footsie with the Democrats onto the table. He can come to the stinking city where I am with a flame thrower and each hand and burn the corruption to the ground.

Which, you know, the corruption does deserve that. And, you know, I was I was struck by a couple of things you said about that attorney. She was a part of the, as you rightly point out, the Hunter Biden defense team, she impersonated a GOP staffer, and she hasn’t lost her law license, even though I mean, she’s just has


No onsequences because when you’re a Democrat, and in this regime, you can lie you can cheat you can break the law with with impunity.

The DOJ lawyer, Clyde Smith, who was the only for this low level flunky, who’s the only person John Durham had the balls to indict. This individual on the orders of the DOJ literally forged a CIA document about Carter Page on the Trump campaign per se. The documents that he has been covertly helping the FBI to identify and neutralize Russian intelligence assets in America, which is what he did. That’s what Carter Page did as a loyal American graduate of the Naval Academy. The clients with the DOJ lawyer forged the document to say the opposite. That Carter Page is in league with the Russians. He forged a classified federal document what happens to him in a DC court. He gets a slap on the wrist. What is the 40 hours of community service? Thinking scumbag is back in good standing in the DC bar? 


Of course he is because that’s the low standards of the DC bar. Seb Gorka is our guest right now, folks. And the last question I have for you. It’s kind of it’s kind of encompassing. I just wanted to take it wherever you want to go with it. And it has to do with the evidence, the mounds of evidence of corruption of Joe Biden and selling out our nation’s interests for foreign cash and the indictment after indictment sham indictments against President Trump. The Biden’s get in trouble Trump gets indicted. It’s this is the pattern we’re seeing. And it’s it’s amazing to watch. What is your view from 30,000 feet up on this? And by the way, we got to throw in rising poll numbers for President Trump. 

Yeah. I mean, President Trump, what has he done to social week ago after the DC arraignment? He said, Well, I did is was a lot more like a lock in. You know, this is this that I agree. I mean, the American people see through what the DOJ and the FBI been doing. We have, look, Biden should never have been allowed to run for president he shouldn’t have been allowed to run for county dog catcher, when he actually showed himself for the racist bigot that he is when he tried to take down Clarence Thomas, when he was head of the Judiciary Committee when he was the architect of the high tech lynching to destroy trans promise. Why? Because he’s a black man who dares to be a conservative dominated Supreme Court. Biden is a racist, a bigot, and he’s also corrupt. But when you see, here’s a simple question. This this time is received 10s of millions of dollars from China from Russia from Ukraine from Romania. Chris. What for? What what is the serve? 

Right? I

s Hunter Biden’s design of crack pipe. In his recommendation for which Russian hole to bed tonight? What is the service? What is the product? The Biden get? For 10s of millions of dollars? We’re just curious. 

Well, the brand according to Devon Archer, is Beijing Biden in access to America’s government. And that’s what the Democrats say is no evidence the Democrats at CNN to Sebastian Gorka, where can folks find all of your great shows? What is the website that you are sending people to? Well, my website is at SeB But where we’re everywhere that matters is putting my name said broker Sebastian Gorka on Twitter through social Facebook Instagram you name it and also got a substack new articles every week by me access to me at Sebastian 

Mr. Brother, thanks very much for appearing today. I appreciate it. 

God bless you and the listeners. 

Logan Church’s national political director for Catholic vote. Logan has been an emerging leader in the campaign world, having worked on over a dozen campaigns in six states and Logan has dedicated her career to electing quality candidates to public office and boy could we use them? Logan, welcome back. 

Hi, thanks for having me back on.

The pleasure is all mine. The FBI now is targeting Catholics, Christopher Ray testifying on Capitol Hill that it was just the one field office in Richmond. But now we find out it was more expensive spanning across the country and multiple offices, your first reaction? 

Well, I think Catholic vote had a a sneaky suspicion that it was more than just one rogue agent as he likes us to believe when he first testified, which is why we continue to push our lawsuit against the FBI just to receive some level of transparency about what’s really going on. So at the end of the day, when I say that we’re shocked, no are disappointed. Absolutely. 

Well, and that leads me to remedy because here we are we people out there who are Christians or Catholics can see that an FBI that would get out there and accuse those in the traditional Latin Mass of being racists and being white supremacists. And being all that they had this litany of descriptors to those who attend the latin mass. And it seemed as a predicate to saying, you know, what we can do whatever the hell we want to them. That is dangerous. And it’s, it’s right on the level of Antifa. I mean, I had to ask who’s running the FBI and antifa? 

Right. Well, I think this is just really proven to us that the FBI isn’t any longer the establishment that kept us safe. Now, they’re, I mean, their priority seems to have shifted to targeting parents, concerned parents at school board meetings, pro life activist and now traditional Catholic. It starts to make you wonder, you know, what’s the point of the FBI? 

Well, I think the point of the FBI as it’s currently arrayed is to serve the Democrat party to be the enforcement arm of the Democrat party and to  move any impediment to the Democrat party in their socialism and their communism out of the way of the Democrat party so that they, they can facilitate their takeover of government and the stealing of our rights? That’s what it seems like to me. And frankly, the Catholic Church was hit, which is before Pope Francis has been stalwart, and over 2000 years of teachings and unwavering in their support for life in such a stands in their way is Am I wrong to conclude that’s what’s going on here? 

No, absolutely. I would say that this attack that we’re seeing against Catholics throughout the nation throughout the world, largely stems from the fact that the Catholic Church has been the sole battling force against the erosion of culture throughout the USA and further. So yeah, I would say the Catholic Church stands in the way of so many initiatives that we see from the radical left and potentially now it appears to be their watchdog, the FBI. 

Yeah, and not even so much a watchdog. They’re an attack dog. And that’s the idea Logan that the FBI says, Yeah, let’s let’s let’s an initiative, a multi office agency initiative to target Catholics that it wasn’t just one harebrained harebrained idea from one Marxist in the bureau, it was several of them. And Sebastian Gorka told me this morning, that that he believed that the FBI is unsalvageable, that once the FBI has dedicated itself to eradicating rights, rather than preserving them to attacking the innocent, rather than defending the innocent, it’s over. What do you think? 

You know, I would say that you can clean house just about anywhere, but it would need to be a big housecleaning, if you will. I mean, the FBI is going to have to overturn an incredible amount of staff and priorities just to earn the trust back of the American people. At this point, I, you know, the FBI would spend half of the time, you know, attacking the individuals that have been attacking Catholic churches as they are trying to find something that isn’t there in the radical Catholic masses. You know, maybe we’d have some peace there. But instead, they’re using their time on all the wrong thing. So I agree to some extent, it’s very concerning. And it’s going to take a lot of time to earn trust that.

Right. I mean, I can imagine what the folks in in Nazi Germany felt when they saw the the agencies that were allegedly founded to protect them, turn against them. I can. That’s exactly how I’m feeling now with the current FBI, Logan church, national political director for Catholic vote. My next question is, where are the I mean, I know Catholic voters stepping out I know, Catholic League is stepping out that the lay, the laity is stepping up to defend the faith. You know, what’s missing? And you know where I’m going with this, Logan? Because you’ve been on several times with us. Where, where are, where’s the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Where’s the Vatican? Where are those who are supposed to be defenders of the faith? Where are they? 

Right. Yeah, you know, I certainly would like to hear more. I can’t say that it’s not coming. I know that a lot of organizations like to sit and wait for the details to come out. Which is understandable. Because you do want to know the whole story before you start snapping but I will say, you know, as Catholic Votes mission is to give an amplified voice for Catholic lay people in the public square and help educate, empower lay people to understand the power of their voice. That’s something we’ve done across the board with campaigns, ballot initiatives, policy in DC and issues that exist. So category is going to continue to go our section of the arena to make sure that topic voices are being heard. And that’s a guarantee. 

Well, you know, I gotta say, Logan, it’s not like this is a new phenomenon. It’s not like now like the story is brand spankin new and people haven’t had time in the church to digest it. I mean, it’s been out there, and it’s been an attack. And now we’ve learned the attack is deeper and more extensive than we ever thought. And that should be sending shockwaves to those who say, we’re a defender of the faith. And right when it’s not coming down from the bishops, and it’s not coming down from the Vatican. It’s worrying to a guy like me, Logan church, if folks want to check out Catholic vote, and how they can help you guys get out your mission, complete your mission, where can they go? is the best place to go check out what we’re getting involved with. We are getting involved in plenty of states in the next two years, both on the campaign side and with several ballot initiatives that are coming down the pipe. So if you’re interested in getting involved, go to Send us a message. I’ll reach out to you and we’ll find a place for you. 

Logan church. Thanks very much for the time. 

Yeah, thank you. 

That puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast visit the brand spanking new Chris folks it is it is shiny it is moving it is. I’m so tickled about the redesign and I’m hoping you guys will drop me some feedback. You can still leave me messages there and you can still drop me a voicemail if you wish. So head there and do so once you’re at Chris You can also figure out how to find the Chris Salcedo shows on Newsmax and on KSEV that’s talk radio KSEV in the morning in the afternoon on Newsmax TV. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends 


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